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The importance of relevant and personal content in account-based marketing

June 11, 2019 / Ruud Buijserd

Many B2B marketers are already working on some form of account-based marketing or are considering implementing it. A shift can be observed: the goal is no longer a large amount of leads, but rather specific people within target accounts. To achieve that goal, good and relevant content is very important. Content can support the approach of account-based marketing, because with the right content you as a marketer are better able to reach the goal: the interest of that one person within that organization. And that's how you do it. Moving the focus towards account-based marketing starts with the realization that marketing is aimed at a specific group of people at a company and not at a large group of often unrelated prospects. This is where personalized content comes in. By showing unique and relevant content to each target account, you improve the customer experience and marketing results.