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Top accounts lose millions of followers in Twitter purge

July 18, 2018 / b2bmarketing

Influencers, politicians and celebrities have seen a huge drop in followers after Twitter slashed millions of suspicious accounts from their site. The social media platform said it took the decision to build ‘trust’ and help tackle fake news and ‘bots’ on the site. The locked accounts were those which appeared to have unusual activity such as a large amount of unsolicited replies or mentions. While the average Twitter user lost around four followers, some took a harder hit. The biggest losers Twitter itself was the most affected by the crackdown, losing 2% of its total followers overnight, around 7.7 million, while tech executive Elon Musk saw the smallest dip, 0.3%, or about 71,000 followers. YouTube also saw a loss of 2 million followers following the cull, while Barack Obama lost more than 2 million of his 104 million followers.