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True Influence aims beyond ‘raw volume intent signals’ with InsightBase 3.0 to offer contact-level data

April 04, 2019 / Shane Schick

True Influence on Thursday will launch an upgraded version of its InsightBase tool that will compete with the likes of Bombora in offering intent data to connect B2B marketers  with the exact prospects who are actively in-market for products or services. Based in Princeton, N.J., True Influence will officially announce InsightBase 3.0 at the Martech West conference currently taking place in San Jose, Calif. The product is described as an intent signaling tool that uses the company’s multi-variant True Influence Relevance Engine to identify spikes in company intent using artificial intelligence (AI) such as machine learning and natural language processing to search through more than 6,000 topics. According to True Influence CEO Brian Giese, InsightBase collects raw data from actions people take on the global web including searches, e-mails, downloads, webinar registrations, blogs read, and so on. The contact management process includes identifying all components of a contact ...