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Uberflip Unveils New Demand Solution for Marketers and Adds CMO Elissa Fink as Board Member to Propel Content Experience Growth

October 08, 2020 / AMANDARI KARACA

Uberflip, the leading cloud-based content experience platform (CEP), is revealing exciting details about its focus on powering demand marketing needs, following the refresh and realignment of its brand last month. Two big announcements today include launching Uberflip Campaign Essentials to power ABM and demand campaigns as well as welcoming a new board member, Elissa Fink, who scaled Tableau as CMO before its acquisition by Salesforce last year for $15.7 billion.
“Uberflip has changed the pace at which marketers can execute,” said Fink. “Every marketer needs to invest in accelerating the buyer journey to support marketing, sales, and retention. While content plays a role at every stage, there is not enough priority placed on getting the right buyers to the right content at the right point in the buyer experience. The environment has gone from digital first to digital dominant. The way we map channels to destinations needs to embrace the shift to digital experi...