AdDaptive Named a Contender among the top B2B Advertising Solutions

AdDaptive | August 08, 2022 | Read time : 06:00 min

AdDaptive a Contender
AdDaptive Intelligence, the leading provider of account-based advertising and analytics, has been named a Contender in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Advertising Solutions Q3 2022 report. The evaluation analyzed the 14 most significant B2B advertising solutions across 28 criteria spanning current offering, strategy, and market presence.

AdDaptive earned its highest scores in the criteria of product vision, market approach, innovation roadmap, and cross-channel capabilities. AdDaptive also received the highest scores possible in the business publications and creative development criteria, and among the second highest scores in the commercial model criterion.

"AdDaptive is a good fit for B2B organizations with in-house media teams and media agencies with B2B clients," Forrester stated in the report. According to the evaluation, "AdDaptive knows how complex and sophisticated B2B advertising can get…"

AdDaptive's leadership team believes this solidifies the company's position as an experienced, consultative partner to B2B agencies.

"We're thrilled to be recognized among the 14 top B2B advertising solutions in the industry," said Kevin O'Malley, Co-Founder at AdDaptive.

"We're thrilled to be recognized among the 14 top B2B advertising solutions in the industry," said Kevin O'Malley, Co-Founder at AdDaptive. "We take pride in our ability to adapt with the market while staying true to our mission of connecting brands to their B2B audiences at scale with superior accuracy. Having our key capabilities evaluated is validating and we believe it supports our focuses on transparent analytics, diversified data sources, and a full-funnel marketing approach."

And B2B marketers agree: The evaluation stated that "the AdDaptive team received high marks from reference customers…."

"Over the last decade, our platform and strategy have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers," added Patrick Shea, Co-Founder at AdDaptive. "We've boosted our analytics offering, expanded our cross-channel capabilities, and enhanced our inventory sources and media activation methods based on an alignment of our audience's needs and our mission. We're excited for the next phase of B2B advertising, as we build our data portability offering and advise clients on the best way to use our comprehensive analytics to generate positive business results."

AdDaptive is proud to be recognized as a "profitable, self-funded B2B advertising solution…" Per the report, "AdDaptive users can create and manage simple B2B audiences from first-party data and a selection of firmographic attributes and predefined lists."

O'Malley and Shea believe this supports AdDaptive's stance as a leading cookieless ABM solution with a variety of B2B audience building and targeting options. Customers can then report back at the company level and use analytics insights to improve subsequent campaigns and increase ROAS.

Forrester also noted that "AdDaptive's users can already target more than 40 million large and small businesses, and its agency customers deploy advertising campaigns for 33% of Fortune 100 companies and 144 B2B subindustries each quarter."

AdDaptive is excited to continue exceeding expectations for B2B agencies and advertisers.

Access the Q3 2022 Forrester Wave™:  B2B Advertising Solutions report here. For more information about AdDaptive's account-based advertising and analytics platform, visit

About AdDaptive
AdDaptive Intelligence is the leading provider of Account-Based Advertising and Analytics. Deploying display, native, video, CTV, and audio campaigns for B2B audiences, AdDaptive's proprietary technology bridges offline and online data, optimizes ad campaigns, and provides transparent B2B analytics to help clients reach the accounts that matter most. The result is the industry's most accurate and strategic B2B ABM solution. For more information, visit or follow AdDaptive on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


In an increasingly competitive mobile marketplace, differentiating value-added services for the general audience has become next to impossible.

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Oracle Automates the Tasks Sellers Despise with Next Generation CRM

Oracle | August 02, 2022

Oracle today announced the next generation of Oracle Fusion Sales, a sales automation application that identifies high-quality sales opportunities and guides sellers to close deals faster. Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Fusion Sales automatically provides sellers with quotes, proposals, and recommended steps to help them increase productivity, close more deals, and instill confidence among buyers. Nearly one third of sellers struggle to close deals and meet quotas, according to a recent study conducted by CRM analyst firm Beagle Research Group in partnership with Oracle. The study, "Does Your CRM Leave Money on the Table," highlights the struggles that sellers face with customer churn and archaic sales processes. In turn, sellers have noted that they are open to greater automation and trust AI to take on greater responsibilities, including qualifying leads (70 percent), identifying priority deals (60 percent), and tracking deal progress (80 percent). "Traditional CRM systems were designed to be a system of record for planning and forecasting versus a tool to help sellers sell more. As a result, sellers spend countless hours on data entry and administration that stunts sales productivity," said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX). "Traditional CRM systems were designed to be a system of record for planning and forecasting versus a tool to help sellers sell more. As a result, sellers spend countless hours on data entry and administration that stunts sales productivity," said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX). "Applying 40 plus years of data and business process expertise, we have done the heavy lifting to engineer the next era of CRM. Oracle Fusion Sales removes the manual steps in the B2B sales process to help sellers close more deals faster and more efficiently." Oracle Fusion Sales provides sellers with: Step-by-Step Guided Processes: Sellers can onboard faster and improve productivity with a guided step-by-step process to help engage with accounts, progress opportunities, and close deals faster. Customers can choose to base the processes on best practices set by leadership or customizable, industry-specific templates. Conversation Ready Opportunities: Sellers can automate the process of re-qualifying and converting marketing leads into opportunities. Connected to Oracle Fusion Marketing, Fusion Sales automatically creates highly qualified leads and then passes them to sellers for follow-up. Automated Quotes and Proposals: Sellers automatically receive initial quotes, proposals, and implementation schedules when opportunities are created. The quotes are automatically updated throughout the sales process as a deal progresses and are based on historical data that includes prior successful deals, a customer's industry, and other account attributes. Intelligent Content Recommendations: Sellers can automatically receive marketing-approved content that is most likely to progress the sale. This saves sellers' and buyers' time at each step in the sales process and puts the right offers and answers to commonly asked questions directly in the seller's hands. Digital Sales Rooms: Sellers can improve the buying experience and better engage buyers by building personalized microsites. Helpful resources like quotes, past contracts, reference stories, and details for past or upcoming Zoom meetings are aggregated to help move buyers closer to a purchasing decision. As buyers use Digital Sales Rooms, sales operations can capture buying signals and other customer engagement data that can inform sales insights, internal training and enablement, and drive future deal success. Advanced Revenue Intelligence: Sales leaders can easily access and report on business trends, spot outliers, and monitor customer sentiment and sales performance with Oracle Fusion CX Analytics. Fusion Sales provides a complete view across the business being able to pull in data from sales, marketing, service, finance, and HR all without support from IT. What Customers and Partners are Saying About Fusion Sales "CRM is an integral tool especially as we sell complex and expensive equipment and software solutions in 180 countries across the globe. We used to stitch together sales insights from an array of applications, Excel spreadsheets, and post-it notes. It wasn't an efficient process," said Samantha Mohr, vice president, inside sales, Ricoh. "Oracle Fusion Sales provides our sellers with a guided experience that focuses their time and improves deal success by delivering better insights to help us adapt to market shifts faster." "Our customers are always searching for new approaches that drive real value and instill confidence in buyers. Oracle Fusion Sales helps solve significant challenges of the B2B selling environment with a boundaryless, adaptable, and radically human engineered architecture" said Andrea Cesarini, Europe Oracle business group lead, Accenture. "Having partnered for over 30 years now, Accenture and Oracle bring unparalleled innovation, industry, and technology acumen to our joint clients." To learn more, please tune into Oracle Live on July 26, 2022, here. Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) connects data across advertising, marketing, sales, and service to make every customer interaction matter. Going beyond traditional CRM, learn about how Oracle Advertising and CX helps businesses improve customer experience and build brand loyalty. About Oracle Oracle offers integrated suites of applications plus secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), please visit us at

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Transmission win B2B Large Agency of the Year at the B2 ANA Awards

Transmission | September 02, 2021

Very recently I wrote a piece that talked about embracing growth and change (whilst ripping off the late great David Bowie). In it, I talked about how much has changed since opening our first US office two and a half years ago, not to mention since I was employee no.4 at Transmission (then Pulse) back in London. Now, just a few months later, Transmission has won a B2 ANA Awards for Large Agency of the Year. For those of you who read my last piece, I am sure it comes as no surprise that the concept of Transmission as a large agency isn’t something we really identify with, so to be recognized alongside some of the agency heavyweights in a globally revered awards category is just incredible. For those of you who didn’t read my last piece, let me give you some context – Transmission is full of bright, passionate marketers who joined the world’s fastest-growing B2B agency in a fast-paced, start-up environment. That passion, dedication, and hands-on culture is one that has remained, and as such the start-up atmosphere is still in the air. This win has truly shown us just how far we’ve come, not just in our eyes, but in the eyes of our industry peers, and given us pause to take stock that we’re no longer the start-up agency we were a few short years ago. The incredible growth and success Transmission has seen over the past few years, in the US and all over the globe, could not have been possible without our clients, partners and of course the brilliant minds of our Transmissioners. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this journey so far and we look forward to taking you along for the ride as we continue to grow. In the words of a much smarter man than I said (and to continue the theme) ‘I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring – David Bowie.

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The changing face of brand building in B2B boardrooms

transmission | August 10, 2022

Despite historic skepticism from B2B boardrooms, brand building has been going through somewhat of a renaissance over the past few years. For all too long, the B2B marketing function was seen as a cost-center whose existence was to support sales in accelerating pipeline and maximizing ROI. Mentions of brand in the boardroom could be met with disinterest and to a certain extent, fear, driven by difficulties in measuring its impact on the bottom line. The effects of a negligent approach to B2B brand building were clear. In 2019, the Financial Times partnered with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) – a professional institute for agencies and individuals working in the UK’s advertising, marketing, and communications industry – to publish the ‘Board-Brand Rift’ report revealing that over half of business leaders rated their knowledge of brand building as ‘average’ to ‘very poor’. But things are changing. In just a few short years, brand has made its way to the top of B2B marketing leaders’ priority lists. Our ‘State of B2B Brand Building 2022’ research report reveals that 71% of B2B marketing leaders acknowledge that boardroom views of brand building have changed significantly in the last 12 months – with over 60% now believing that brand marketing is a strategic business priority. B2B buyers want more from business: The marketplace has seen a huge shift in B2B buyer behavior driven, in part, by the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerns over public health, the environment, and job security contributed to a climate of fear and anxiety in which buyers looked to make more ethical purchase decisions – turning to business as a bastion of societal leadership. Two years on, B2B buyers are increasingly looking to engage with highly resonant and authentic brands. They want to know that the companies they buy from reflect their own values and whether they contribute to wider society, putting purpose above profit. "COVID-19 has accelerated the need for our brand to have a real and meaningful purpose; one that contributes more to the local community and improves lives. This is what our buyers now expect from us." - Survey response from a B2B marketing leader. B2B brands need a clear and defined purpose to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Brand trust, transparency, and authenticity are all high on the list of customers’ brand selection criteria, and organizations need to respond to match. Thankfully, it seems like they are: Over one-third of those surveyed said they needed to reset their brand strategy and proposition to strengthen the emotional connection with their audience. Competition is at an all-time high: The pandemic, however, was not alone in shaping today’s B2B marketplace. A surge in mergers and acquisitions across B2B industries has intensified market competition, reducing the effectiveness of demand generation campaigns on revenue growth. As a result, B2B organizations have started taking a progressively long-term view of brand. Many are turning to brand awareness campaigns to build memory structures in the minds of prospective future buyers – reflecting Professor John Dawes’ 95:5 heuristic. "We need to keep our company in users’ minds. Creating memorable impressions and standing out from the crowd through our brand is more important than ever before." - Survey response from a B2B marketing leader. However, as brand continues to skyrocket in importance, so does the role of creativity in B2B brand building. Of the B2B marketing leaders we surveyed, 42% highlight the need to better define their brand to help differentiate themselves. Buyers today can be fairly confident that a range of companies can deliver what they require, leaving differentiation to brand rather than a product or service. And this is reflected in how our respondents agree that a shift away from the B2B ‘safe and steady’ approach enables more unique brand positioning and ultimately, improved standout in the hearts and minds of their audience. New approaches, old problems: Perhaps unsurprisingly, shifts in boardroom priorities aren’t without their challenges. While over half of our survey’s respondents said that brand building is equally as important as demand generation in achieving their marketing goals, 40% told us that only 5-20% of their annual marketing budget is allocated to brand building programs. This comes in stark contrast to Les Binet (Head of Effectiveness at adam&eve DDB) and Peter Field’s (a seasoned Marketing Consultant) seminal research piece stating that B2B brands should look to spend 60% of their budget on brand and 40% on demand for optimum effectiveness. For B2B brand marketers to allay boardroom concerns and win increased brand investment, they need to become more market-oriented and talk the language of finance. Providing a clear link between authentic, purpose-driven brand building initiatives, customer acquisition, and increased revenue growth – along with the ability to command higher prices, negotiate better supply chain contracts, and attract better employees – can help demonstrate the commercial value and competitive edge of a brand. Alternatively, B2B marketing leaders can look to relate brand investment to the challenges that keep their CFO awake at night. The B2B Institute’s Jon Lombardo recently spoke on Fergus O'Carroll’s ‘On Strategy’ podcast about the importance of the relationship between marketing and finance. In general, 20% of a company’s stock price is based on short-term cash flows, while the other 80% is based on the long-term. Lombardo argues if CMOs work with their CFO to pair this cash flow-centric view with a customer-centric marketing strategy, they can pave the way for a rebalancing of the marketing budget in favor of brand building initiatives – enabling greater investment in capturing the 80% of future buyers.

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Intent HQ Launches AI-Guided Campaign Audience Builder - Audience AI - and Drives 51% Higher Marketing Uplift for Verizon

Intent HQ | September 22, 2022

Intent HQ, the customer AI analytics platform company, launches Audience AI, the first AI-guided dynamic audience builder for telco marketers. Audience AI is designed to help telcos identify new hidden opportunities within their customer base and achieve significantly improved campaign performance. It uses machine learning to find target consumers based on behavioral similarity indicators without needing data scientists or business intelligence (BI) intervention. Intent HQ believes telco marketers are missing out on many new revenue-generating opportunities because they cannot achieve the right level of relevance when it comes to audience selection. Due to a lack of appropriate tools, campaign building takes too long, and existing practices fail to identify the best audiences for each marketing message. These lead times and suboptimal audience selection lead to missed opportunities, greater opt-outs, and customer brand fatigue. Audience AI was designed to solve these problems. Audience AI delivers outstanding revenue growth for Verizon Protect campaign. Audience AI was used by the Verizon consumer marketing team to better target and expand the audiences for Verizon Protect, the company’s leading device insurance product. Protect is offered periodically during time-limited “open enrollment” campaigns and is targeted to customers who had not elected to add Protect at the time of their device purchase. Audience AI achieved outstanding results for the campaign: 51% incremental take rate from the campaign compared to the existing audience selection model $378k incremental revenue generated Three key features of Audience AI As a self-serve audience-building tool for increasing campaign relevancy and ROI, Audience AI offers the following essential features: Simple. Audience AI has an easy-to-navigate user interface. Any member of the marketing team can feasibly turn around effective campaign audiences without the need for specialist support. Responsive. Marketing users can query a range of predictive indicators in real-time to identify their target customers. Audience building has been a complex and time-consuming job that relies upon human intuition supported by data analyst teams. Audience AI makes the process much easier, taking the guesswork out of audience development and saving campaign managers hours of time. Safe. Audience AI bypasses the need for extensive legal approvals by utilizing the Intent HQ SafeSignal engine to deliver privacy-safe audience data. How Audience AI works Audience AI is a machine learning tool that uses behavioral and/or event-based inputs to create an audience ‘seed’. Intent HQ’s proprietary data science algorithms create a viable and relevant campaign audience at a statistically significant scale. What the industry thinks about Audience AI Patrick Fagan, Head of Behavioural Science at Kubik Intelligence says, “Audience AI is the only audience creation solution that harnesses the power of machine learning to analyze weblogs and other behavioral data. This allows telco marketers to build targets of behaviorally similar customers that would not otherwise be easily identifiable. Most importantly, it has full consumer privacy baked into the design.” Andy Herz, Director, Value-Based Marketing at Verizon, says, “We wanted to see if we could take our audience targeting to the next level by leveraging behavioral insights developed with Intent HQ’s platform. Our goal is to create marketing that is so relevant to our customers that they view our messages as helpful suggestions as if we were a friend. Audience AI is helping us do that by giving our marketers fingertip access to human-level insights and making them truly actionable. The results have been exceeding expectations, sometimes by a very wide margin.” See Audience AI in action at Digital Transformation World. Intent HQ will launch Audience AI at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World in Copenhagen, 20 – 22 September 2022. Visit booth 249 in the Quad to see this unique martec solution in action. About Intent HQ. Unlocking customer intent. Intent HQ is an AI analytics platform company that enables service providers, such as telecommunication companies, to leverage previously untapped subscriber data to significantly improve marketing campaign lift and generate new revenue streams through data monetization. Unlocking customer intent, our proprietary privacy-safe platform uses advanced AI and machine learning to draw on detailed insights gathered from diverse behavioral data sets. This allows our clients to take marketing and customer experience to a new level of personalization while completely preserving privacy and compliance. Nominated as one of the fastest-growing companies on the FT 1000 ranking, Intent HQ is a global team of 100+ data scientists, digital marketers, CRM experts, and psychologists with operations in London, New York, Barcelona, and Lisbon. To learn more about Intent HQ and its range of products, go to

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