Total Economic Impact Study Finds Demandbase Customers Achieve 367% ROI

Demandbase | April 25, 2022

Demandbase Customers Achieve 367% ROI
Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands, today announces the results of its commissioned Total Economic Impact™(TEI) Study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study's goal is to help enterprise organizations understand the costs, business benefits, and potential return on investment (ROI) they may realize by deploying Demandbase ABX and Advertising Clouds. With the analysis based on a $200 million, 650-employee composite organization, Forrester found that Demandbase delivered 367% ROI in three years, with a net present value (NPV) of $1.94 million, and payback in less than six months. The platform was also found to help increase revenue by close to $1 million and to enable customers to avoid the additional costs of third-party tools.

"We've seen the impact Demandbase Ones has on customers time and again," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase.

"We've seen the impact Demandbase Ones has on customers time and again," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase. "It's really valuable, though, to have a highly respected, third-party research firm like Forrester conduct an independent evaluation of this impact. Their findings confirm what we've seen to be true, which is that our customers' success in sales, marketing and overall revenue is wildly amplified by using Demandbase."

In addition to discovering ROI and revenue potential, Forrester also uncovered further benefits that organizations can experience when using Demandbase, including:
  • Marketing productivity gains — By leveraging Demandbase's Account Intelligence functions, ABM teams saved days determining which accounts were most likely to buy and what content would generate the most interest. As such, ABM teams increased their productivity and improved KPIs, such as a 3% improvement in the close rate for marketing sourced leads.
  • Sales productivity gains — After implementing Demandbase, sales development representatives (SDRs) saw immediate improvements in their metrics, doubling their productivity. One ABM specialist said her team opened 22 new opportunities in just six months.
  • Improved sales & marketing relationships — Interviewees noted that Demandbase drove sales and marketing alignment, with one reporting a 90% adoption rate of account executives (AEs) and SDRs using the tool.

"Historically, one of the most difficult, but necessary, parts of growing revenue is a strong relationship between sales and marketing," says Allison Metcalfe, chief revenue officer of Demandbase. "It's clear through this study that Demandbase not only improves ROI and revenue, but also gets to the heart of an organization by building a bridge between these two essential departments. This creates cohesion and ultimately empowers them to achieve an aligned, optimized go-to-market that puts customers first. This is an incredibly important part of what Demandbase delivers, and what fuels its noteworthy economic impact."

Click here to access the Total Economic Impact™ Of Demandbase: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Demandbase, April 2022, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Demandbase and sign up for the webinar taking place on Tuesday, April 26 in which the Total Economic Impact™ of Demandbase will be further explored.

About Demandbase
Demandbase is Smarter GTM™ for B2B brands. We help marketing and sales teams spot the juiciest opportunities earlier and progress them faster by injecting Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey and orchestrating every action. For more information about Demandbase, visit


Inbound marketing is the opposite of what you may have experienced in the past (unless you literally grew up living under a rock). Marketing in the past relied more on advertising and getting into your potential customer’s “space” when he was looking for you, and in some cases when he wasn’t! Here’s what we mean. This will all sound familiar, I’m sure.

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Folloze Launches Next Generation of Buyer Experience Platform

Folloze | June 13, 2022

Folloze, the easiest and most powerful buyer experience platform for B2B marketers, today released Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0, including a new experience engine and several other key features. The latest version unlocks powerful design tools and data insights to easily create content-rich, relevant experiences for an engaging and connected buyer journey. Now all B2B marketers can build rich experiences, in a simple, no-code environment, to engage buyers throughout their journey. Buyer-Centricity Key to Accelerating Growth in a Digital-First Marketplace B2B buyers are more comfortable than ever guiding their own journeys, and many say they are open to making purchases in excess of $500,000 via online sales channels. Furthermore, Gartner predicts that 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will be through digital-only channels by 2025.* Yet, despite ongoing digital transformation initiatives and the best of intentions to address these changing behaviors, few marketing teams can effectively execute and deliver connected, relevant and personalized buyer experiences across any channel. As a result, B2B vendors risk higher costs and rates of churn, and slower growth. The latest Folloze platform supports marketers with key buyer-centric features that are essential for B2B businesses and agencies to remain competitive and grow in today’s digital-first marketplace where buyers aren’t engaging with sales reps. “We rely on Folloze to easily and quickly launch buyer-centric online experiences that build our brand and generate demand,” said Chris Zegal, SVP of marketing for commercial real estate finance firm Walker & Dunlop. “We can personalize by individual client account, segment, geography, or a topic of interest — and better yet, the platform delivers real-time insights into buyer behavior. As a marketing leader with a lean team, I am always looking for tools to help us be more agile and insightful. Folloze does just that and has become an essential platform in our marketing technology stack.” With a new Experience Designer, marketers have better tools than ever at their fingertips to build the campaigns that will drive their business's bottom lines. “I love the design capabilities of the new release,” said Angie Assennato, Digital Marketing Manager, at TierPoint. “There is much more flexibility, and the increased customization options will make our Boards much more impactful. Our entire marketing team — and the business — will benefit from the ability to elevate the quality and content of campaigns.” Better Tools to Build Better Buyer Journeys The launch of Folloze Buyer Experience Platform 3.0 levels the playing field, making easy and powerful tools available to any marketer to simplify and improve their ability to engage buyers in a digital-only marketplace, at any point during the buying journey. “From the inception of the company, our mission has been to change the game in the way that B2B Buyers are empowered through their journey in a digital-first world,” said David Brutman, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Folloze. “This new release is putting the power in the hands of all marketers to create engaging, buyer-centric experiences — and it’s powered by unique behavioral data insights to deliver a complete journey.” New capabilities of the upgraded platform include: Experience Designer: An easy, intuitive, and powerful design tool that any marketer — with any level of tech expertise — can use to build comprehensive digital destinations across a variety of any interaction types, throughout the buying lifecycle. Gallery and Templates: B2B experience templates and a section gallery that can be used with the Experience Designer and accelerate campaign creation leveraging best practices. Branding: New branding tools to ensure all experiences are designed based on approved corporate branding guidelines, and avoid compliance and inconsistency issues. Content Presentation and Intelligence: A flexible content layout framework that takes the buyer journey from boring to bold by enabling marketers to create, optimize, and present consumer-driven, content-based experiences. AI-powered Personalization and Recommendations: Leveraging AI to analyze buyer engagement — ultimately empowering marketers to quickly personalize and optimize digital experiences and boost outcomes at every stage of the buyer journey. Behavioral Intelligence Data: Buyer engagement and content-consumption analysis tools to better capitalize on the deep behavioral insights of specific buyers and buying groups across target accounts. Extensibility Framework and Software Development Kit: New features enable the creation of virtually any custom experiences with no limits to creativity. About Folloze Folloze, the easiest and most powerful B2B Buyer Experience Platform, is used by B2B marketing, sales, and revenue teams. Requiring no code, Folloze empowers any marketer to easily build data-driven, highly engaging, personalized content destinations across the entire B2B buyer journey to drive deeper account engagement and revenue growth. Top B2B brands, including Oracle, Google Cloud, Cisco, Autodesk, MetLife, and UL trust Folloze to boost customer engagement, revenue growth, and expansion across their target accounts. To learn more, visit

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Intentsify Launches New, Enhanced Website

Intentsify | May 23, 2022

Intentsify, the Intelligence Activation Platform and Demand Activation Programs provider, today announced the launch of its brand-new website, designed to streamline and enrich the site visitor experience. “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the completely redesigned Intentsify website. The new site aims to serve every web visitor, whether they’re in the market for buyer and account intent data, advanced intelligence activation tools, demand gen programs, or simply seeking to expand their knowledge via our comprehensive B2B marketing and sales resources.” David Crane, Vice President of Marketing With a clean, modern layout punctuated with customized images and graphic elements, delivers an exceptional user experience. The website introduces several new features to help facilitate access to both product information and educational resources, including universal sitewide search, advanced blog topic and keyword filters, and an all-new media library. Additionally, the new Intentsify website features a refreshed mobile experience to make browsing on the go a breeze. The site also links to a dedicated careers portal with improved search functionality, allowing job seekers to filter by job type and location, as well as view remote versus in-house opportunities. About Intentsify Intentsify arms B2B organizations with the buyer and account intelligence, as well as the activation tools and programs, required to deliver GTM strategies that increase pipeline and accelerate revenue creation. Intentsify’s Intelligence Activation Platform layers, cross-verifies, and synthesizes multiple data sets to provide the broadest, most accurate view of buyers' and accounts' online research activities. The company’s Demand Activation Programs convert buyer and account intelligence into meaningful engagements, boosting efficiency across each customer-facing team, improving the buyer experience, and scaling pipeline value and velocity.

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MRP and ServiceNow to Present at Upcoming #B2BMX: Next-Level ABM Conference

MRP, ServiceNow | June 03, 2022

MRP, the only enterprise-class account-based sales and marketing platform, today announced that ServiceNow will present a case study, “Increasing Speed to Revenue with Insight-Driven ABM”, at the upcoming virtual B2BMX: Next-Level ABM event. The session takes place on Tuesday, June 7 from 3:30 – 4:00 pm EDT. In addition, MRP will host “Beyond Intent: Harnessing Next-Gen AI To Advance Your ABM Strategies” on Wednesday, June 8 from 2:15 - 2:45 pm EDT. The interactive strategy session will help enterprise marketers achieve growth and performance from ABM programs in complex operating environments. MRP’s CMO Mark Ogne will share an insider’s view of how to leverage everything from intent data to predictive analytics for a more informed, more connected, more contextual world of account-based intelligence. Drawing on real-world successes of data-first full-funnel engagement strategies, the session will empower attendees to: Pinpoint how today’s intent data can help — and hurt — ABM decisions; Identify actionable insights, and learn what it takes to action it; Gain a competitive advantage with the latest advancements in machine learning; Learn what multidimensional Account Intelligence looks like; Fill current data gaps using advanced account profiling indicators. “Actionable insights are the fuel for high-performing sales and marketing teams. However, too many operate, unknowingly, on incomplete and incorrect information. Confusing best practices drive many to make critical business decisions based on isolated or incomplete data sets,” said Mark Ogne, CMO of MRP. “It’s our mission to give revenue teams the tools and power necessary to make the most-informed decisions and wisest investments. This session offers a crash course in unpacking industry misinformation regarding mass market intent data, and how AI/machine learning and predictive analytics can supercharge ROI from ABM investment.” “Actionable insights are the fuel for high-performing sales and marketing teams,” said Mark Ogne, CMO of MRP. A platinum sponsor of B2BMX: Next-Level ABM, MRP is proud of its ongoing commitment to helping the enterprise marketing community achieve new levels of ABM success. In addition to the session, MRP will offer attendees on-demand access to The Role of ABM Technologies in the Enterprise webinar with Forrester Principal Analyst Malachi Threadgill, which takes place Tuesday, June 7 from 2:30 - 3:30 PM ET, as well as recent proprietary research and an interactive RFP-building tool for enterprise organizations. Marketers will also receive access to the most recent Forrester New Wave™: Account-Based Marketing Platforms, Q1 2022, where MRP was named a leader and recognized for its broad engagement capabilities, global reach, and suitability for large enterprises. About MRP MRP Prelytix™ is the only enterprise-class predictive account-based sales and marketing platform. For organizations that serve multiple partners, lines of business, geographies, or industries, MRP Prelytix empowers sales and marketing teams to simplify their environment’s complexity and produce measurable and high-performance conversion, pipeline velocity and closed revenue. Applying the industry’s only real-time predictive analytics and data management, we fuel over 1,000 ABM engines across six continents to coordinate, execute, and optimize their ABM programs using eight channels produced in 20 languages. Powered by KX, Prelytix sits on top of the fastest streaming analytics database in the world. For more information, visit:

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RollWorks Presents the ABM Lounge at INBOUND 2022

RollWorks | August 12, 2022

RollWorks is bringing ABM to INBOUND! Today, the account-based marketing (ABM) platform and division of NextRoll celebrated its powerful partnership with HubSpot and announced its presence at HubSpot INBOUND® 22, September 6-9, 2022, in Boston. RollWorks has 16 inspiring sessions designed to help B2B teams ABMify their inbound strategies, as well as the first ever ABM Lounge. "We're excited to have such a strong presence at INBOUND this year, which reflects our market-leading end-to-end partnership with HubSpot. Our integration drives account-focused organizations' strategies by enabling teams of all sizes to identify high-fit, high-intent accounts and buyers, reach them efficiently, and measure impact — truly democratizing ABM and illustrating the power of ABM and inbound marketing," said Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at RollWorks. RollWorks ABM Lounge (Level 0, East Side of Boston Convention Center): Inspire your marketing programs, optimize your inbound, and accelerate your impact. Stop by 8:30am - 4:00pm ET to check out the sessions and for your chance to win $25K in RollWorks advertising media credits! Custom design a screen-printed t-shirt or tote bag of your choice, pick up one of our limited-edition ABM hoodies, and grab a coffee and snacks. Schedule a meeting with an ABM expert and learn how to get started with ABM and RollWorks or optimize your ABM program. ABM Lounge special events: Happy Hour: On Thursday, September 8th, from 5:30 - 7:00pm ET, come grab a custom Aperol Spritz or your drink of choice. RSVP for happy hour here. Customizable Donuts & Bottomless Espresso: On Friday, September 9th, from 8:00 - 9:00am ET, join us to celebrate our last few hours at INBOUND with customizable donuts and bottomless espresso drinks. RSVP for breakfast here. 2022 RollWorks + HubSpot Continued Product Innovation Throughout 2022, RollWorks has continued to deepen its commitment to adding more utility in its platform for HubSpot users. This summer, the company launched two new ABM tools: Journey Events for HubSpot®: delivers consolidated account-level visibility within the HubSpot interface to enable B2B organizations to understand what activities are working to drive accounts through the stages of the buying journey, and which activities need to be further optimized. Sales Insights for HubSpot: uses data science to provide a 360-degree view of accounts throughout the buying journey, helping B2B marketers and sales teams to eliminate the guesswork and create timelier and more efficient sales outreach. "RollWorks is a fantastic complement to HubSpot, combining best-in-class inbound marketing and account-based marketing capabilities to effectively grow B2B revenue," said Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot. "RollWorks is a fantastic complement to HubSpot, combining best-in-class inbound marketing and account-based marketing capabilities to effectively grow B2B revenue," said Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot. RollWorks + HubSpot Customer Success In April, the RollWorks ABM HubSpot App achieved a significant milestone for surpassing 500 installs (150% more than the nearest ABM competitor). Global organizations that leverage the combined power of RollWorks and HubSpot include: SnapFulfil: SnapFulfil leveraged RollWorks and HubSpot to launch and maintain a sales-aligned ABM program that generated high-value leads. Within 10 months, the Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS) saw 27% of new website visits come from RollWorks and 4,000 new top-of-funnel leads with a 6% conversion to MQLs. "The prospects generated from all of our marketing activities get pulled into HubSpot automatically, where we then narrow our target list to sync with RollWorks. That automatic bi-directional syncing alone saves us a lot of time on manual input." - SnapFulfil Goverlan: Within 13 months, Goverlan identified 95% of closed/won deals were influenced by RollWorks and generated revenue 15x the initial investment cost—all with a nimble, two-person marketing team. "Things have changed since we started targeting accounts, as opposed to just contacts. We're generating 40-50 demo requests a week thanks to this happy marriage between our HubSpot inbound and RollWork ABM program." - Goverlan To learn more about how the market-leading combination of RollWorks and HubSpot drives even more value for your ABM programs, schedule a custom demo today. About RollWorks RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, offers ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue. Powered by proprietary data and machine learning, RollWorks' solutions address the needs of organizations large and small — from those with best-in-class ABM programs to those just beginning their exploration. By empowering teams to identify their target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program effectiveness in their system-of-record, RollWorks is an indispensable platform for marketers and sellers who believe that an account-based approach is just good business. To learn more visit

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Inbound marketing is the opposite of what you may have experienced in the past (unless you literally grew up living under a rock). Marketing in the past relied more on advertising and getting into your potential customer’s “space” when he was looking for you, and in some cases when he wasn’t! Here’s what we mean. This will all sound familiar, I’m sure.