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The primary goal of an industrial content marketing strategy is to get your company noticed and grab the attention of potential customers. To do that, you have to differentiate yourself. But, of course, your competition is trying to accomplish the exact same thing. So with everyone striving to stand out, how do you actually get that done? You need the right approach to digital marketing, and you need to tailor your efforts to match your unique goals and needs. But what does that entail? When you have a strong brand, all other aspects of industrial marketing become a lot easier. When a prospect knows your name and what you stand for, when they directly associate you with the products or services you offer, you’re already a step ahead. Nothing about the name McDonald’s suggests hamburgers, and nothing about the name Geico suggests insurance, but these household names automatically elicit thoughts of the products offered by these companies. And even more importantly, thoughts of the products can bring to mind the name of the company that provides them. READ MORE