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Advancements in the digital arena are coming so fast that it seems a hard nut to crack to keep pace with these offerings. In case, the scenario seems identical, let me console you, you are not alone. You are among hundreds and thousands of marketers feeling the same. If you are one of the residents of the similar world, I personally welcome you to narrate a story that would help you be a pro at app marketing business. It was in 2017 when there was a massive push in the digital marketing industry. The trends were changed and we were left with a detailed list of added jargons only to feed up those fancy words to our memory. The advent of the platforms like Google, Apple, and Facebook, the three prominent platforms that do affect the trends that shape the digital arena added more to this race. Some new players including Snapchat, Pinterest, and other major platforms used the methods (that I am going to explain further) to remain alive in the battle. READ MORE