Account Based Analytics, Buyer Intent Data Secures $100 Million Series D at $1.6B Valuation to Make World-Class Go-To-Market Accessible to All Secures $100 Million Series D at $1.6B Valuation, the leading go-to-market (GTM) solution for sales and marketing teams, announced today that it has raised $100M in Series D funding led by Bain Capital Ventures (BCV), with participation from existing investors Sequoia Capital, Tribe Capital, and Nexus Venture Partners. Following the company's Series C in March 2022, this investment brings the company's total funding to approximately $250 million while nearly doubling the valuation of the company at $1.6 billion.

The company has grown revenue 9x over the last two years and currently serves over three million GTM professionals at over 500,000 companies from startups to global enterprises including Qualtrics,, and Census. This cash injection will allow it to more than double employee count to continue building the next generation of GTM.

Sales today is more challenging than ever before. The traditional go-to-market tech stack includes disparate tools that are complex to set up, difficult to integrate, cost-prohibitive to most businesses, and most importantly, offer no intelligent end-to-end GTM guidance. According to Salesforce's 2022 State of Sales Report, sales teams use an average of 10 tools to close deals and reps say they're only spending 28 percent of their week actually selling, with the majority of their time consumed by other tasks like deal management and data entry.

By building sales intelligence, engagement, and execution workflows on top of Apollo's proprietary B2B buyer database, Apollo enables sales and marketing teams to operationalize their go-to-market strategy, generate pipeline, win deals, and improve team performance with AI-driven GTM guidance — all in one streamlined platform.

"In line with our mission to make world-class go-to-market solutions simple and accessible to all, we have experienced unprecedented product-led growth during a time of economic uncertainty," said Tim Zheng, Co-Founder and CEO at Apollo. "Our investors, led by Bain Capital Ventures, bring a new level of sophistication to the table that will accelerate's journey from startup to scaleup. We look forward to expanding our offering for sales professionals to effectively target, engage, and convert buyers into long-lasting customers."

Some of the world's largest and most influential enterprise organizations trust to connect and convert quickly and efficiently with key decision-makers to unlock more revenue. is now the No. 1 ranked Sales Intelligence and Sales Engagement solution on G2, empowering sellers to find and prioritize prospects who are actively looking to buy.

"Tim and the Apollo team have built a remarkable B2B platform that we believe will redefine the next generation of go-to-market sales," said Merritt Hummer, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures. "Once companies experience Apollo's buyer database coupled with powerful automation tools for lead generation and beyond, they're hooked. We see the company providing the foundation for GTM teams everywhere in the future, driving direct sales at an unprecedented scale."'s success and position in the market has led to an influx of world-class tech talent, recently adding Leandra Fishman as Chief Revenue Officer from Intercom and SendGrid/Twilio, Dzmitry Markovich as SVP of Engineering from Dapper Labs and Dropbox, and Shek Viswanathan as a Chief Product Officer from Qualtrics. Having more than doubled headcount in 2023, plans to grow to 1,000 team members by 2025 across engineering, marketing and sales, design, product, legal, and people operations — an increase of 122 percent. The company is remote-first, employing 450 team members who are fully distributed across 30 countries globally. Apply to join the team today.

  • " has built the ideal unified GTM platform — from data to engagement to deal execution to forecasting — and is in a fabulous position to combine Generative AI with their B2B buyer database to optimize and ultimately re-invent sales software." Sonya Huang, Partner at Sequoia Capital

  • "It has been a privilege for us to be part of's journey since inception and see them disrupt the sales-tech space. is democratizing access to intelligent go-to-market software globally. It's becoming one of the most ubiquitously used platforms across categories.'s intuitive self-serve product along with user-friendly pricing has helped expand its reach beyond sales professionals and tech businesses. We love the team's obsession with delighting users and maximizing consumer surplus. The new round will help the company further invest in R&D and make its product even more powerful." - Abhishek Sharma, Managing Director at Nexus Venture Partners

About is the leading go-to-market solution for revenue teams, trusted by over 500,000 companies and millions of users globally, from rapidly growing startups to some of the world's largest enterprises. provides sales and marketing teams with easy access to verified contact data for over 270 million B2B contacts, along with tools to engage and convert these contacts in one unified platform. By helping revenue professionals find the most accurate contact information and automating the outreach process, turns prospects into customers.

About Bain Capital Ventures

Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) is a multi-stage VC firm investing across four core domains—fintech, application software, infrastructure, and commerce-tech. Leveraging the unique resources of Bain Capital, we deploy targeted support at every stage of the company-building journey. For over 20 years, BCV has helped launch and commercialize more than 400 companies including Attentive, Bloomreach, Docker, DocuSign, Flywire, LinkedIn, Mirakl, and Redis. You can follow us on Twitter @BainCapVC.



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Acxiom's Expertise Accelerates the Value of AI for Marketers

Business Wire | October 30, 2023

Acxiom, the customer intelligence company, unveils its AI investment to help the world's leading brands implement Salesforce AI technologies. Acxiom's AI expertise can help brands deploy Salesforce Einstein and Data Cloud to boost the strategic value of their data, resulting in data-driven customer insights and business outcomes for marketers. As a Salesforce partner, Acxiom provides end-to-end solutions spanning strategy, technology, and data, enabling clients to strategically implement, operate, and optimize Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud. Acxiom’s team of certified Salesforce professionals can help marketers implement Einstein for: Personalization: Tailoring content for precision engagement and guiding product recommendations, next-best actions, and focused campaigns. Data Analysis & Insights: Accelerating data processing and analysis through deepcustomer intelligencefor spot-onaudience insightsand data-driven decisioning. Customer Segmentation: Applying advanced algorithms to fine-tune audience segments based on criteria ranging from demographics to purchasing patterns. Customer Support: Offering always-on chat assistance to elevate customer satisfaction by reducing response times. Marketing Optimization: Utilizing real-time analytics to refine message delivery, analyze engagement metrics, and pinpoint the best times for communication. Marketing Automation: Streamlining tasks from data preparation to campaign rollouts, ensuring efficiency and consistency. As an integral part of modern business operations, Acxiom is proud to collaborate with Salesforce, said Chad Engelgau, CEO at Acxiom. Our clients trust us to maximize the value of their martech investments. Intensifying our focus on Salesforce's AI capabilities underlines this promise. Salesforce recognized Acxiom with a 2023 Partner Innovation award for its work serving travel industry clients within the Salesforce ecosystem. Acxiom also recently became one of only four Salesforce partners worldwide to achieve Full Stack certification on Salesforce's Marketing Cloud. About Acxiom Acxiom partners with the world's leading brands to create customer intelligence, enabling data-driven marketing experiences that generate value for people and for brands. The experts in identity, the ethical use of data, cloud-first customer data management, and analytics solutions, Acxiom makes the complex marketing ecosystem work, applying customer intelligence wherever brands and customers meet. By helping brands genuinely understand people, Acxiom enables experiences so relevant and respectful, people are willing to explore new brands and stay loyal to those they love. For more than 50 years, Acxiom has improved clients' customer acquisition, growth, and retention. With locations in the US, UK, China, Poland, and Germany, Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom LLC and is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (IPG). For more information, visit

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RollWorks Introduces 'Hot Contacts,' a New Sales-Ready Lead Category

RollWorks | September 20, 2023

RollWorks released Hot Contacts, a unique feature that supplements the marketing qualified lead (MQL) list with sales-ready prospects. The company has distributed more than 1.5 million sales-ready leads to its beta customers since March, each receiving an average of 200 leads per quarter. Hot Contacts enables marketers to define 'sales ready,' ensuring high-quality sales leads and marketing qualified leads. RollWorks, a well-known marketing platform catering to B2B marketing and sales, has introduced Hot Contacts, a distinctive feature that provides marketers with an ongoing list of sales-ready leads, which supplements the conventional marketing qualified lead (MQL) list. Since its beta launch in March this year, RollWorks has successfully provided its customers with more than 1.5 million sales-ready leads. On average, each beta customer has received an additional 200 leads per quarter through this feature. Hot Contacts offers an innovative solution for marketers seeking to broaden their pool of sales-ready leads without the need for increased budgets or additional resources. It accomplishes this by identifying high-fit leads that have demonstrated their readiness for sales engagement through website visits and ad clicks. With Hot Contacts, marketers can tailor their definition of 'sales ready.' This customization ensures that the leads sent to the sales team are consistently of high quality. This approach complements the traditional marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which primarily rely on form submissions for qualification. By incorporating various buying signals to identify engaged prospects, both before and after form submissions, RollWorks streamlines the lead identification process. This allows marketers to discover more members of the buying committee, engage with prospects earlier in the buying journey, and maximize the effectiveness of their existing programs to achieve their lead objectives more efficiently. Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing at RollWorks, said, For far too long, a whole subsection of leads in the B2B space was being completely overlooked due to the inability to track them, but now with Hot Contacts, we’ve put an end to the archaic ways of generating leads. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Cerretani further mentioned that instead of only looking at form completions, they were expanding their focus beyond form completions to include individuals' online behavior and ad engagement. This expansion led to the creation of a completely new category of sales-ready leads. She expressed excitement about being their customers' exclusive provider of this unique solution. Hot Contacts uses RollWorks' ability to de-anonymize prospects who meet the sales-readiness criteria, which considers factors such as suitability, ad interactions, and website engagement. It retrieves information about contacts from Salesforce or Hubspot CRM. This dynamic collection of sales-ready leads contains essential contact information, including names and titles. In addition, it provides context by indicating the event type, visited URL, or ads viewed, as well as the last engagement date. This extensive data gives sales teams the necessary insights to personalize their outreach effectively. With Hot Contacts, marketers gain the ability to identify highly engaged contacts who are more likely to make a purchase. This empowers sales teams to prioritize these engaged leads and tailor their outreach strategies for faster sales cycles and improved closure rates.

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Teradata, ActionIQ Partner on New Offerings for VantageCloud Customers

Teradata | October 09, 2023

Teradata and ActionIQ announced a new joint offering for marketing and customer experience activations for VantageCloud customers. With this, the two businesses intend to democratize enterprise customer data access and give technical teams more authority. This partnership aims to safeguard future acquisition marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty, and enhance business team retention. Teradata and ActionIQ has announced a new collaborative solution tailored for marketing and customer experience activations among Teradata VantageCloud customer. This integration, seamlessly blending VantageCloud and ActionIQ capabilities, is fully operational and available to customers. This partnership displays Teradata's open ecosystem and strong alliance with ActionIQ, using their combined expertise in marketing and advertising technology to enhance customer experience initiatives. The collaboration between these two companies strives to make customer data accessible across the entire enterprise, granting technical teams greater control. By integrating Teradata VantageCloud's unified data approach and advanced analytics with ActionIQ’s cutting-edge customer experience applications, businesses can achieve a holistic 360-degree view of their customers. This approach enables more meaningful engagements and the delivery of superior customer experiences. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Teradata, Lisa Stewart, said, The partnership between ActionIQ and Teradata is a win for customers interested in enhancing their customer experience (CX) and driving profitable growth. [Source – Business Wire] She stated that, with ActionIQ's expertise in marketing and advertising technology for customer experience, combined with Teradata's complete cloud analytics and data platform, companies can unlock the full potential of their customer data, accelerate time-to-value, enhance agility, and deliver exceptional CX. With Teradata VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform alongside ActionIQ, businesses can accelerate innovation, make better decisions, and enhance customer experiences, especially for AI and ML applications. ActionIQ's distinctive composable architecture provides marketers with easy-to-use, self-service data access while driving queries into VantageCloud for optimal performance, security, and enterprise scale. This setup allows business teams to directly access data in a controlled manner, facilitating self-serve use cases through smooth integrations with various channels. IT and data teams benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and hassle-free integrations, freeing up resources for more strategic tasks. This partnership is crafted to future-proof acquisition marketing strategies, boost loyalty, and enhance retention efforts for business teams. Tasso Argyros, CEO and Founder of ActionIQ, mentioned, Teradata's unmatched legacy in data analytics and ActionIQ's marketer-friendly customer data platform (CDP) position us to redefine customer experiences. [Source – Business Wire] He further added that their shared vision is to empower businesses, facilitating faster innovation, better decisions, and genuine customer connections.

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