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CaliberMind Launches New B2B Funnel To Track Key KPIs & Trends

CaliberMind | October 19, 2022 | Read time : 04:30 min

New B2B Funnel
CaliberMind, the leading B2B data platform for revenue analytics you can trust, today announces new funnel models and visualizations for new and existing customers. This module, called CaliberMind Funnels, is now available and creates a lower entry point for first-time customers.

CaliberMind’s Funnels are purpose-built for B2B organizations and blend data from every sales and marketing touchpoint so that you can focus on delighting your prospects, improving your success rate, and defending your marketing investment. The new funnel module looks at both sales and marketing data and aggregates key benchmarks at the account level for one go-to-market view. This puts them in an excellent position to answer the question, “Can I see what works at each stage in the funnel?”

“We want to empower and equip revenue leaders to become visionary leaders in the workplace." said Eric Westerkamp, CEO of CaliberMind.

“We want to empower and equip revenue leaders to become visionary leaders in the workplace. They often have crucial data first but need the right tool to harness that information to identify trends before the rest of the market knows they’re happening. Our funnel allows you to leave your system configured exactly as it is today – optimized for people engaging with your brand and flagging them to sales – while providing you with account-based funnel insights your business needs to predict gaps in pipeline and bookings or identify friction points in the buyer journey,” said Eric Westerkamp, CEO of CaliberMind.

How CaliberMind’s Funnel is different
  • No Assumptions- Fixes common issues–such as duplicate records and mismatched lead records–before analyzing your data and acting on it.
  • Account-Based Signals- Looks across the account to determine whether thresholds are met, regardless of who kicked off the engagement.
  • Event-Based Triggers with Process Automation & System Integration - Signals different stages in the funnel to understand where an account is at in the journey and puts all data in one dashboard so that everyone is focused on alignment and velocity, rather than credit and accuracy.
  • Multiple Funnels- Have as many funnels as you would like for a small fee. Measure and analyze different business units or products that create different behaviors in the target audience.
  • Custom Dashboards- Clone existing dashboards and apply different filters or completely build it from scratch.
  • Automate & Activate- Access and use your data how and when you want.
"A big sticking point between marketing and sales is that we use different metrics to gauge whether or not go-to-market efforts are working. Because CaliberMind offers a platform that connects to your key go-to-market tools and organizes the data by person and account, it makes sense that their next move is to help operations teams implement funnels. CaliberMind’s approach will help organizations have clearer insights in a fraction of the time it takes to build it in-house,” said Jess Bahr, CaliberMind Advisor and Head of Performance Marketing at

About CaliberMind
CaliberMind was founded in 2016 with the belief that the value of marketing is more than activity linked to pipeline. Go-to-market leaders are sitting on a mountain of data full of the earliest interactions your brand will ever have with ideal buyers. We make sense of that data so revenue leaders can take their place in B2B as visionaries. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


Having a single platform for payments and payouts has had a significant impact on Freightos’ business by providing integrated products and innovative technology. PayPal’s high-touch customer service team provides a consultative approach across the life cycle of Freightos’ payments portfolio. Just as Freightos helps their custome


Having a single platform for payments and payouts has had a significant impact on Freightos’ business by providing integrated products and innovative technology. PayPal’s high-touch customer service team provides a consultative approach across the life cycle of Freightos’ payments portfolio. Just as Freightos helps their custome

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Vidyard Launches AI-Powered Video Messaging to Transform Sales Engagement

Business Wire | July 31, 2023

Vidyard, the leading video messaging and communications platform for sales and go-to-market teams, today launched a major update that brings AI to the forefront of its innovation and value creation strategy. Led by its new AI Script Generator, the new release will help more sales professionals and go-to-market teams embrace video as a proven way to stand out with prospects, create new revenue opportunities, and deliver exceptional buying experiences. New AI Script Generator Amplifies the Value of Video Messaging Video messaging is one of the most effective ways for sales reps to earn attention and build trust when engaging with buyers. According to the 2023 Video in Business Benchmark Report, many sales reps are creating hundreds, or even thousands, of videos each year, while others struggle with not knowing what to say or how to deliver an engaging message. Vidyard’s new AI Script Generator tackles this challenge head-on by enabling sales reps to leverage generative AI to craft custom video scripts in just a few clicks. The new solution takes the guesswork out of what to say on video while boosting confidence in the message and the delivery. “AI is opening up incredible new opportunities to boost sales productivity and change the dynamics of buyer/seller relationships,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. “AI-powered video messaging is the first of many AI-powered products to come from Vidyard as we build on our vision to create the future of productive relationships between buyers and sellers. I can’t wait to show the world what we’re launching next.” The value of AI Script Generator extends beyond video prospecting, creating new opportunities to simplify video creation for social media, marketing, buyer education, sales proposals, customer onboarding, and more. “Our customers continue to realize significant value from our growing suite of solutions, including Vidyard Video Hosting, Vidyard Messaging, Vidyard Hubs, and our new digital sales room offering, Vidyard Rooms,” said Jonathan Lister, COO at Vidyard. “AI Script Generator enhances each of these offerings by enabling sales and marketing teams to efficiently expand their use of video throughout the customer lifecycle, leading to more engaging experiences for their buyers and new opportunities for revenue creation.” New Features Enhance Video Creation for All In addition to AI Script Generator, Vidyard has introduced new capabilities to help sales reps and other users create the best possible video messages and screen recordings for their audience. Key new features include: Auto-Scroll Teleprompter:Writing or generating a video script is one thing, delivering it on camera with confidence is another! Vidyard’s new Teleprompter makes it a snap by auto-scrolling your script so you can deliver it with ease and confidence, complete with speed settings to help you find the perfect rhythm. Background Blur:A busy, distracting, or unprofessional background can make recording a great video a challenge. Background Blur enables users to seamlessly blur out their backgrounds with a single click, no green screen or desktop app required. Custom Video Templates:Building on the success of its existing Video Template Library, Vidyard has introduced the ability to create and share custom video templates across a team of users. Each template includes a sample video script, reference video, and best practices for delivery. Custom Video Templates are a great way to inspire users with new ways to use video, while also helping them to deliver it in an engaging manner. AI Script Generator, Auto-Scroll Teleprompter, Background Blur, and Custom Video Templates are now available at no additional charge for all Vidyard Free and Pro users, as well as Business and Enterprise customers. Sign up for Vidyard today to try them out for yourself, and learn more about AI Script Generator at About Vidyard Vidyard is the leading video messaging, video hosting, and asynchronous communications platform for sales professionals and go-to-market teams. More than 250,000 companies use Vidyard to connect with more prospects, humanize their communications, and create exceptional buyer experiences. From individual sales reps to global sales and marketing teams, Vidyard enables any business professional to use online video content, personalized video messages, and tailored digital sales rooms to transform the way they communicate and exchange value with their customers. Learn more about Vidyard and sign up for free at

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HG Insights Launches Functional Area Intelligence, Significantly Enhancing Its Comprehensive One-Stop Technology Intelligence Solution

Business Wire | August 09, 2023

HG Insights®, the global leader in data-driven insights for technology vendors, announced today the introduction of HG Functional Area Intelligence. Functional Area Intelligence adds to the HG Platform’s multi-layered Technology Intelligence approach with location and department data added to existing insights on IT spend, technology installations, cloud usage, intent signals, and contract information. HG Functional Area Intelligence was first made available last year through the HG Universe data subscription. It enables users to better understand technology adoption across teams and locations even down to the decision-maker or key influencer level, which increases Go-To-Market teams’ ability to optimize territories, hyper-target marketing campaigns, and prioritize account plans. Armed with this account intelligence, Go-to-Market teams can develop targeted sales motions with organization, key location, and technology information, enhancing program effectiveness to drive revenue. “HG Insights’ Functional Area Intelligence is a critical part of how we are approaching targeting our accounts. We’re planning on using it to optimize the efficiency of our sales motions by leveraging FAI location and departmental insights. We know that we are making the best use of our time by targeting locations where there are key decision-makers that will fast track our solution to a sale.” - Brent Edmonds, Vice President, Global Field Programs, PTC With the launch of Platform 2.0 in 2022, HG customers have been able to better understand their markets and make wider organizational decisions with precision and confidence. With Functional Area Intelligence in the HG Platform, HG Insights has taken an important step to unify its data insights into a centralized solution to help customers drive market and account opportunities. Additional enhancements are planned in 2023 to create an even more powerful one-stop Technology Intelligence engine for customers. “We have significantly updated our product experience over the last year in order to deliver shorter time to value and greater ease of use and ROI to our customers. These improvements, particularly to Functional Area Intelligence, translate directly to our customer's bottom line, which is especially important when every dollar invested is being scrutinized for maximum impact,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO of HG Insights. “We have seen increased usage of our products and a spike in positive feedback and awards from industry leaders — including being named Leaders in both Sales Intelligence and Marketing Account Intelligence, as well as the ‘Easiest to Do Business With’ by G2. These accolades further validate the fact that our customers are seeing the benefits of our best-in-class Technology Intelligence.” Functional Area Intelligence is available globally to customers through the HG Platform and the HG Universe data subscription, where data scientists, marketers, operations leaders, analysts, and decision-makers can tap into this intelligence to improve their operational efficiency. HG Insights’ Functional Area Intelligence includes: Access to best-in-class quality data: HG’s insights combines Technology Intelligence and intent data with functional area intelligence to provide powerful insights down to the departmental level Insights down to location: HG is the first data provider to uncover organizational insights down to a location and provide Technology Intelligence to target campaigns within an organization Identify decision-makers and influencers: Locate key decision-makers and influencers at specific locations to shorten the sales cycle and improve conversion rates Analyze technologies at the department level: Technology-specific predictions down to the department level to optimize sales motions Trending analysis: Insights by department that track product adoption over time and pinpoint targeting to a more exacting level Optimize sales resources: Efficiently allocate sales resources with up-to-date account intelligence About HG Insights HG Insights, global provider of data-driven insights to 90% of Fortune 100® B2B tech companies, is your Go-To-Market Technology Intelligence partner. We use advanced insights into Technology Intelligence — on IT spend, technology installations, cloud usage, intent signals, functional area intelligence and contract details — to provide B2B companies with a better way to analyze markets and target prospects. Our customers achieve unprecedented results in their marketing and sales programs thanks to the indexing of billions of unstructured documents each day with insights into product adoption, usage, and spend data to build high-resolution maps of activity across a company’s entire digital infrastructure to power business decisions. HG Insights is a registered trademark and service mark for HG Insights, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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Account-Based Marketing Helps Businesses Improve Customer-Centric Experience, Says SoftwareReviews

PR Newswire | August 04, 2023

As digital adoption and economic uncertainty continue to grow in 2023, the importance of account-based marketing (ABM) to drive personalized customer experience is soaring. From the booming digital transformation sector to global events shaping consumer behavior, ABM is helping to improve the CXM experience, target key accounts, and go beyond speaking to the decision maker. To assist organizations in selecting the best ABM strategy and creating better alignment between the sales and marketing teams to positively impact customer experiences and revenue, SoftwareReviews has published its latest industry resource, Build Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy. According to the firm's research, there are over six decision makers on average within the buying committee. SoftwareReviews cautions that it is important to not pass up the opportunity to involve all the decision makers with an intentional ABM strategy. However, many marketers face challenges in developing their ABM strategy, including a lack of core capabilities to support ABM strategies and inadequate tools. "A successful ABM strategy begins with aligning sales and marketing efforts to create an ideal customer profile (ICP) and develop personalized programs with high-value accounts," says Julie Geller, principal marketing research director at SoftwareReviews. "ABM is typically used in businesses that are ready to mature their inbound marketing programs, looking to enhance their cross-sell and upsell efforts, and needing to alleviate strain on their sales team." SoftwareReviews' research further explains organizations of all sizes face implementation challenges when adopting ABM. These hurdles include unclear starting points, limited personalized content, insufficient historical data, and inadequate tools and processes. The firm also reveals that, unfortunately, many marketers unintentionally complicate ABM implementation by skipping fundamental steps and focusing on MarTech platforms. However, the research shows that by investing time in building robust foundational capabilities, organizations can significantly improve measurable results from their ABM strategy and achieve comprehensive effectiveness in their ABM initiatives. By adopting this approach, organizations can effectively target and cultivate relationships with high-opportunity accounts. Organizations that continually enhance their capabilities are able to swiftly identify and address any gaps, resulting in accelerated growth and the generation of invaluable growth insights for sales, customer service, marketing, and the leadership teams. The firm explains that an effective and impactful ABM strategy can be a powerful asset in managing complex customer relationships, and selecting the appropriate ABM approach that aligns with an organization's unique needs is crucial. SoftwareReviews recommends three types of ABM approaches marketing leaders should consider: Foundational ABM: Using programmatic platforms to enable activations like targeted advertising at scale and one-on-one email sequences with minimal personalization. Advanced ABM: Moderately customized programs for accounts with similar business challenges and needs by building a customer-centric experience. Transformative ABM: Highly customized programs for individual accounts geared to grow relationships through private events, ambassador programs, and one-on-one meetings, etc. "Many companies feel that ABM requires a high level of complexity and the use of AI platforms to achieve measurable success; however, this is just one approach. The beauty of ABM is that it is a scalable strategy, and if you have a solid enterprise inbound program in place, you should not encounter significant barriers to employing an ABM strategy," explains Geller. There is a correlation between the success of each level of ABM maturity and various factors, including available resources, business needs, and the presence of foundational elements within the organization. SoftwareReviews advises in the resource that the goal is not to employ a complex program or include all levels of ABM strategy but rather to select the most feasible for an organization. Blueprints are the firm's proprietary methodology for technology and marketing initiatives. The Build Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy blueprint, available to download, offers marketers and their organizations comprehensive insights into various ABM strategy types, instructions, tools, and project artifacts, as well as an ABM Maturity Diagnostic Assessment, for establishing a solid foundation for ABM. About SoftwareReviews SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, empowers organizations with the best data, insights, and advice to improve the software buying and selling experience. For buyers, SoftwareReviews' proven software selection methodologies, customer insights, and technology advisors help maximize success with technology decisions. For providers, the firm helps build more effective marketing, product, and sales processes with expert analysts, how-to research, customer-centric marketing content, and comprehensive analysis of the buyer landscape. Media professionals can register for unrestricted access to research across software, IT, and HR and over 200 industry analysts through the firm's Media Insiders program.

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