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Contentgine Releases "Target Lists, Categories, and Case Study Titles: Three Surprising Results from a Contentgine Data Science Analysis"

Contentgine Data Science Analysis
On January 21, Contentgine announced that it released an analysis of the target account lists (TALs) utilized by a sample set of customers. This analysis yielded three surprising results.

Ben Luck, the company’s chief data scientist, ran trials using Contentgine’s TALs to supplement the TALs from three customers: a digital signature company, a cloud communications company, and a financial ERP company. The first result did not surprise him. Contentgine’s TALs improved the clients’ TAL by creating ten to twenty times more engagement. However, he was surprised by how the Contentgine dataset showed clients missing market segments where they did not expect to compete and how the titles of their case studies and email messages impacted their prospect’s engagement.

"We have perhaps the world's largest dataset of content interactions as a result of our Perpetual Engine," Luck said.

"We have perhaps the world's largest dataset of content interactions as a result of our Perpetual Engine," Luck said. "We email content from our huge B2B content library to 50 million targets a month, and that produces over 1 billion intent signals per quarter. That data can be used to improve a customer's target account list."

"What did surprise me was that our data showed one aspect our clients were missing: market segments where they did not think they could compete. One, for example, focused on small business but we showed them that large enterprises would engage with them as well."

"The last result was the most surprising. In short, how you title your case study or email offer can directly affect whether a prospect engages. There's more to it that the report shows, but in short, the more specific you are in the title of the case study, the less likely you are to get prospects to read it. We were very surprised by that, and it now makes the naming and wording of case study offers in content marketing a new art and science. I am very happy to have made these revelations, as they directly improve our content marketing performance for our clients."

Luck expects to unravel more improvements to their TALs in the near future.



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Demandbase Recognized as a Notable Provider by Forrester Research

Demandbase | October 11, 2023

Demandbase has announced being named a recognized provider by Forrester Research in a recent research report. As per the Marketing and Sales Data Providers for B2B Landscape report by Forrester, the modern B2B data provider sector has only a few suppliers with the depth, breadth, and scale of offers to be large business clients' primary data partners. The report provides an overview of the leading business scenarios required in this market, as well as the anticipated capabilities of providers. Demandbase, a market leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market strategies, has announced it has been recognized as a noteworthy provider by Forrester Research in its recent report titled "The Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B Landscape, Q4 2023." The report outlines key business scenarios in the market and assesses providers' expected capabilities. Forrester emphasized that enterprise customers now demand more than just lists from their data providers. They seek partners capable of delivering diverse and extensive data sets, improving internal data quality and compliance, and optimizing operations through integrations, automation, and specific-use case technologies. The report highlights the crucial role of B2B marketing and sales data providers, such as Demandbase, in building and improving the addressable market database. These providers enhance target market definition, refine ideal customer profiles, and boost the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and sales interactions. Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, Brewster Stanislaw, said Data has always been the cornerstone of our strategy to transform how B2B firms go to market. With the explosion of AI, the significance of accurate, differentiated data to train GTM models has never been higher. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Brewster Stanislaw expressed his excitement about being included in the Forrester report. He noted that it underlined the comprehensiveness, remarkable reliability, and AI-readiness of their GTM data. Stanislaw mentioned that this recognition reinforced their ability to meet the unique data requirements of enterprise customers. In order to be quantified for this Landscape, providers are required to offer firmographic and demographic (contact and account) data to assist clients with their B2B marketing and sales databases across various industries. The report highlights that most providers also offer supplementary services such as data enrichment, storage, unification, and additional data types like technographic data, funding data, or intent data. Apart from these core capabilities, Demandbase identified its top three extended business scenarios as target market definition and sizing, data capture/form augmentation, and ideal customer profiling. Earlier this year, Demandbase was recognized in Forrester's Q2, 2023 Account-Based Selling Technologies Landscape and previously featured in Forrester's Q3, 2022, B2B Sales Intelligence Vendors Landscape Report. Demandbase notices these acknowledgments as a testament to the company's extensive range of services.

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Demandbase Gets Named 2023 ABM Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Demandbase | November 06, 2023

Demandbase, an AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM) leader, has been named a leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Platforms. The recognition is based on Demandbase's completeness of vision and ability to execute and follows being named a Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for ABM earlier this year. Demandbase's CEO, Gabe Rogol, attributes the recognition to product innovations and positive customer reviews. Demandbase, a pioneer in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), announces its recognition as a leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Platforms. This honor, which follows a comprehensive evaluation of nine vendors, is a testament to Demandbase’s comprehensive vision and its ability to execute effectively. Earlier this year, the company also received the Gartner Peer Insight Customers’ Choice for ABM. Gartner defines ABM platforms as software that empowers B2B marketing and sales teams to implement ABM programs at scale, including account selection, planning, engagement, and reporting. These platforms facilitate the creation of target account lists by integrating first- and third-party data. Additionally, they may engage audiences by activating channels such as display advertising, social advertising, email, and sales engagement, using a combination of native capabilities and integrations. Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase, expressed his praise for the innovations the team had worked on by exclaiming, We are honored to be recognized as a leader in the Gartner ABM Magic Quadrant once again this year. We believe this recognition is a reflection of the dedication and effort we’ve invested in our product over the past year, including innovations in connected TV advertising, non-English intent, new integrations, continuous improvement of our account intelligence, the release of workspaces for enterprises, simplified dashboards, UI improvements, and more. We also believe this recognition mirrors the consistently positive reviews we receive from customers through Gartner Peer Insights and on G2. We extend our gratitude to Gartner, our customers, and our entire team. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] According to the Magic Quadrant report, the essential capabilities of ABM platforms include: Account-level intent data (proprietary and/or licensed) to understand customer behavior and buyer interest. Multi-channel campaign orchestration and activation drive engagement and progression in the buyer’s journey. Monitoring accounts and measuring analytics to quantify progress and performance across channels, campaigns, and programs On the downside, Demandbase may face stiff competition from other vendors in the ABM market, such as 6sense, Terminus, and Roll Works. It may need to invest more in product development, marketing, and customer support to maintain its leadership position and customer satisfaction. Additionally, it may encounter challenges in integrating its platform with other systems and data sources, such as CRM, marketing automation, and analytics tools. On the upside, Demandbase can leverage its recognition as a leader and a customer’s choice to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It can also showcase its product innovations and customer reviews as proof of its value proposition and differentiation in the market.

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Drift Introduces Drift Engage to Help Businesses Capitalize on Anonymous Website Traffic

PR Newswire | October 04, 2023

Drift, the buyer experience and Conversational AI company, today announced Drift Engage, a first-to-market product powered by Lift AI, that uses machine learning to score visitors' real-time site behavior, even for visitors who are 100% anonymous. This collaboration with Lift AI delivers on a strategic partnership to enhance customers' experiences, and reinforces Drift's commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI-driven results. With 98% of website traffic labeled as anonymous, companies struggle to generate pipeline from all of their website visitors, even after making significant investments to drive traffic to the site. ID Reveal tools help, but they can't identify all traffic, especially in a remote-working world. Until today, customers using these tools have been missing out on 70% of their website traffic, even with data enrichment tools in their tech stack. Drift Engage is the only solution that can automatically deliver relevant chat experiences based on real-time buyer intent scoring, which identifies and measures both known and anonymous visitors' site engagement in real time. It instantly provides the right chat experiences for customers that convert high-intent website visitors into loyal customers, ultimately increasing sales velocity and conversion rate. Since early 2020, top brands like Loopio and Intelex have used the Lift AI technology behind Drift Engage to generate a dramatic increase in conversions, pipeline, and revenue, and now all Drift customers can leverage this fully integrated technology. Today, we are deepening our strategic partnership with Lift AI to help every Drift customer turn first conversations into enduring relationships with AI-powered personalization, said Scott Ernst, CEO of Drift. Drift Engage is perfect for businesses that invest in bringing traffic to their site, but lack the visibility to convert visitors into leads. It helps capture buyers when they're already shopping, increasing conversions, sales velocity, and revenue by fast-tracking high-intent visitors to sales. Features of Drift Engage include: Real-time buyer intent scoring:Identify and measure each visitor's site engagement in real time via Live Chat or Prospector Real-time playbook targeting:Deliver the most relevant chat message/playbook based on a buyer's real-time engagement on your website CRM sync:Seamlessly add a contact's Drift Engage score to Drift leads within any CRM that Drift integrates with Audiences Summary Data:Sort site traffic by low, medium, and high intent to review playbook performance and optimize conversions Lift AI provides a proprietary cloud-based scoring AI model that integrates via a JavaScript snippet on business websites to measure real-time intent. Drift makes it possible to action these scores and surfaces intent data within its buyer engagement platform. "By joining forces with Drift, we're leveraging the power of our AI solutions to illuminate the full potential of conversational marketing on business' websites," said Don Simpson, CEO of Lift AI. "With our existing customers who are using Lift AI and Drift, we're seeing 9x conversations turn into pipeline with our real-time scoring technology. This is just the beginning—we're certain that solving for the gap of anonymous visitors will be a major unlock moment for B2B marketers and sales reps using Drift." Customers already using Drift Engage see 3x more ROI, 10.6x more pipeline and 2.1x more opportunities than the median Drift customer. To learn more, please visit About Drift Drift®, the buyer experience and Conversational AI company, inspires businesses to create more engaging customer experiences, one conversation at a time. Drift helps thousands of customers across the globe translate conversational data and buyer behavior into deeper relationships, more pipeline and more revenue. A pioneer in Conversational Marketing, the company was founded in 2015 to help remove friction from the B2B buying process. As buyer expectations continue to increase and AI becomes central to empowering meaningful customer journeys at scale, Drift is disrupting the category it created. Its human-centric, AI-powered platform listens, understands and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations at every touchpoint. Drift is creating a world where AI works for humans to turn conversations into relationships. About Lift AI Lift AI identifies the buying intent of every website visitor in real time, even those that are completely anonymous, enabling websites to trigger the most effective conversational marketing conversion tactics before the visitor leaves the site. The Lift AI proprietary machine-learning models are based on 18 years of experience, billions of data points, and real-time behavioral analytics, working out-of-the-box to deliver a dramatic increase in sales efficient pipeline from conversational marketing in just 90 days.

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