Contentgine Releases "Target Lists, Categories, and Case Study Titles: Three Surprising Results from a Contentgine Data Science Analysis"

Contentgine | January 24, 2022

Contentgine Data Science Analysis
On January 21, Contentgine announced that it released an analysis of the target account lists (TALs) utilized by a sample set of customers. This analysis yielded three surprising results.

Ben Luck, the company’s chief data scientist, ran trials using Contentgine’s TALs to supplement the TALs from three customers: a digital signature company, a cloud communications company, and a financial ERP company. The first result did not surprise him. Contentgine’s TALs improved the clients’ TAL by creating ten to twenty times more engagement. However, he was surprised by how the Contentgine dataset showed clients missing market segments where they did not expect to compete and how the titles of their case studies and email messages impacted their prospect’s engagement.

"We have perhaps the world's largest dataset of content interactions as a result of our Perpetual Engine," Luck said.

"We have perhaps the world's largest dataset of content interactions as a result of our Perpetual Engine," Luck said. "We email content from our huge B2B content library to 50 million targets a month, and that produces over 1 billion intent signals per quarter. That data can be used to improve a customer's target account list."

"What did surprise me was that our data showed one aspect our clients were missing: market segments where they did not think they could compete. One, for example, focused on small business but we showed them that large enterprises would engage with them as well."

"The last result was the most surprising. In short, how you title your case study or email offer can directly affect whether a prospect engages. There's more to it that the report shows, but in short, the more specific you are in the title of the case study, the less likely you are to get prospects to read it. We were very surprised by that, and it now makes the naming and wording of case study offers in content marketing a new art and science. I am very happy to have made these revelations, as they directly improve our content marketing performance for our clients."

Luck expects to unravel more improvements to their TALs in the near future.


It's amazing how many companies we speak with that are excited and engaged in using buyer intent data for their own demand generation, sales intelligence and churn reduction - yet don't consider sharing the insights with their channel partners.


It's amazing how many companies we speak with that are excited and engaged in using buyer intent data for their own demand generation, sales intelligence and churn reduction - yet don't consider sharing the insights with their channel partners.

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HG Insights Launches Platform 2.0 – With Improved Features To Help Global Companies Optimize Their Go-to-Market Motions

HG Insights | July 25, 2022

HG Insights®, the global leader in market intelligence for technology vendors, has updated its flagship Platform. Platform 2.0 better delivers the actionable insights business leaders need to understand their markets in-depth, make decisions, and Go-To-Market (GTM) with precision and confidence. According to recent McKinsey & Company research, companies using data-driven B2B sales-growth engines report above-market growth and EBITDA increases between 15 to 25 percent.1 Even so, many organizations have trouble deriving meaning from the insights they generate in order to make an impact at scale.2 Regardless of the organization's data maturity, HG Insights Platform 2.0 leverages data and analytics to identify opportunities and enable fact-based trade-off decisions about strategy and investments. HG Insights helps teams develop a data-driven approach to decision-making by improving data insights that impact sales and marketing teams GTM motions. Key new features of the HG Insights Platform 2.0 solution include: Architectural Refresh, from the ground up, enables us to scale up the amount of data we can serve, deliver new insights to our customers swiftly, and serves as the foundation for a new API and native Salesforce integration to be released in Q4 2022. This transformational improvement will benefit our customers by providing even more value, at a faster pace Improved Account Scoring experience improves the ability to prioritize accounts and target opportunities in the market Contextual Intent, a new add-on feature, combines the power of technology install and buyer intent information to create a new scoring and filtering experience for laser-focused company targeting Install Data enhancements improve company hierarchy mapping, granularity of data down to the company entity, and new trending features that capture intensity trending over time Saved Search Lists updates provide the ability to save and upload company search lists for ease of use and an enhanced user experience Improved Company Matching experience, with advanced logic, pairs the entities from your list with the HG Database more effectively than ever before. More matches allow for more data enrichment to supercharge your Go-To-Market strategy Improved Usability Enhancements, working directly with customers through feedback and BETA programs, we have implemented enhancements to support an improved user experience to make accessing insights more intuitive than ever Self-serve Custom Reports delivered via improved automation within Platform 2.0 "The HG Insights Platform goes beyond simple high-level market reports to provide business leaders with actionable insights to make successful Go-To-Market decisions," said Robert Fox, CTO of HG Insights. "Customers are already using HG Insights to allocate resources more effectively, prioritize the right product initiatives, and give their sales and marketing teams the account details they need to pursue the best opportunities—and now we are building on these capabilities with Platform 2.0. I am excited at the speed of innovation the new platform launch unlocks as HG Insights maintains itself as the market leader of technology intelligence." "The HG Insights Platform goes beyond simple high-level market reports to provide business leaders with actionable insights to make successful Go-To-Market decisions," said Robert Fox, CTO of HG Insights “These improvements give a more dynamic experience to our technology install data, and can answer a broader variety of questions about product usage,” said Darcy Moss, Director of Product Marketing. “Data coverage and precision have improved-you are now able to profile installs at a global, country, and city/state level. Intensity Trending and Momentum delivers an improved understanding of technology usage.” Self-serviceable Intent insights A key feature of Platform 2.0 is access to self-serviceable intent insights. Customers can identify accounts with the highest propensity to buy at the correct time, based on current in-market signals by: Targeting accounts that match an Ideal Customer Profile and are engaging with the Intent topics that matter most to the customer Utilize improved account scoring to rank accounts based on the intent signal strength and with fit filtering HG Insights Platform 2.0 is available globally to customers, where data scientists, marketers, operations leaders, analysts, and decision-makers can tap into this intelligence to improve their operational efficiency. Learn more about the HG Insights Platform here. Follow HG Insights on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. About HG Insights HG Insights, global provider in data-driven insights to 85% of Fortune 100® B2B tech companies, is your Go-To-Market intelligence partner. We use advanced insights into technology intelligence on installations, spend, and contract details to provide B2B companies with a better way to analyze markets and target prospects. Our customers achieve unprecedented results in their marketing and sales programs thanks to the indexing of billions of unstructured documents each day to produce a detailed census of the technologies companies use to run their businesses.

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ActiveCampaign Exceeds 180,000 Customers, Gears Up for Next Phase of Growth

ActiveCampaign | August 01, 2022

ActiveCampaign, the leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), has surpassed 180,000 global customers, making it the largest provider of CRM and automated sales and marketing. To enable the company’s continued momentum, ActiveCampaign made two recent leadership appointments. Industry tech veteran Sameer Kazi was appointed as president, and Kelly O’Connell was elevated to senior vice president of platform strategy. The company also hired Kai Ichikawa as its vice president of product marketing to support ActiveCampaign’s product growth and innovation. The company’s growing executive leadership team and continuous product enhancements are fueling the growth of the businesses they work with. In early May, ActiveCampaign acquired Postmark, one of the fastest-growing transactional email providers on the market, and DMARC Digests, an email authentication platform that helps improve deliverability. Together, this now one company will unify communication across all channels, powering incredible experiences for ActiveCampaign’s 180,000 customers and the end consumer. One of ActiveCampaign’s values is to iterate everything, always which is consistent with its continuous product updates and added features that make a great platform even easier to use. Feedback from its customers via G2 proves the technology is integral to their marketing needs—from automation to sales engagement to landing page building, customers continue to use ActiveCampaign for all of their marketing needs. The company passed 10,000 reviews on G2 this month, with over 96% of those reviews rating ActiveCampaign 4 or 5 stars, a rare milestone for any company to achieve. G2 has 133,379 products in total on their site and only 17 products have over 10,000 reviews, meaning customers can feel confident in their decision to use ActiveCampaign. The company recently launched a Marketplace Hub with over 2,000 resources, templates and free tools to further support growing businesses. ActiveCampaign now offers growing businesses over 820 automation recipes across all industries, which enable 1:1 customer experiences while simultaneously freeing up team members for more impactful tasks. In fact, according to recent ActiveCampaign data, 44% of CXA users now spend more time talking to customers because of time-saving automation. Additional Q2 2022 ActiveCampaign growth achievements Releasing a reimagined email designer, allowing businesses across the world to build better emails that truly engage their customers. With the ability to design in HTML, save content blocks across campaigns, and automate relevant content, customers will see the real impact of a tailored customer experience. Rolling out that customers will now be able to build their own custom objects directly within the app, no coding required. This new functionality will let users extend contacts, accounts and deals with their own data without needing to go through the API or pull in developer expertise. Releasing a new extended Slack integration that offers businesses of all sizes an affordable way to create a seamless ​​experience across teams. Growing its EMEA team with the opening of its new regional hub in Dublin, Ireland. ActiveCampaign continues to expand in APAC and LATAM as well with growing teams in Australia, Singapore, Brazil and Colombia. Winning the SIIA CODiE for Best Marketing Solution for the second consecutive year. Receiving the title ‘Most Outstanding CX Automation Software Provider 2022 – USA’ from the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards committee. Being named a finalist for The Drum Awards for Marketing and in the Best Health and Wellbeing Initiative category of the Management Today DE&I Leadership Awards 2022. Securing placement in Built In Chicago lists for ‘Best Places to Work (#10 out of 100),’ ‘Best Large Places to Work (#8 out of 100)’ and ‘Best Perks and Benefits (#2 out of 50).’ Being shortlisted in the 2022 SaaS Awards program as a Best SaaS Product for Sales and Marketing. Launching a new data report, finding that consumers want to support SMBs, amid inflation. ActiveCampaign leadership team supporting quotes for Q3 2022 growth “We could not be more excited about our continuous growth at ActiveCampaign and what the future holds for our business and those we work with,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “It has never been more important for brands to connect and engage with their customers in highly personalized ways with a one to one approach to data and messaging.” “We could not be more excited about our continuous growth at ActiveCampaign and what the future holds for our business and those we work with,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “I don’t know how we would function without ActiveCampaign; it truly is the backbone of how we get people to take action and communicate with them on a daily basis,” said Nate Alger, co-founder Spanishland. “Additionally, a large share of our new leads are generated through lead magnets like free transcripts or worksheets, and we rely on transactional emails to deliver that content. With the power of ActiveCampaign and Postmark together, we are confident in the future growth of our business.” “The power of CXA, combined with the consistency of transactional email is unstoppable to helping businesses grow,” said Alka Tandon, Head of Product, Enterprise at Calendly. “This technology enables our joint customers to effortlessly automate their scheduling to drive business outcomes and deliver a best-in-class customer experience, and we look forward to the continued growth of these businesses.” About ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign's category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA) helps over 180,000 businesses in 170 countries meaningfully engage with their customers. The platform gives businesses of all sizes access to 820+ pre-built automations that combine transactional email and email marketing, marketing automation, ecommerce marketing, and CRM for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat and text. Over 70% of ActiveCampaign's customers use its 870+ integrations including Microsoft, Shopify, Square, Facebook and Salesforce. ActiveCampaign is one of only 17 products with over 10,000 positive customer reviews on, also scoring higher in customer satisfaction than any other solution in Marketing Automation, CRM and E-Commerce Personalization and is the Top Rated Email Marketing Software on TrustRadius. Pricing starts at just $9/month. Start a free trial at

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ZoomInfo Partners with Sales Confidence to Empower Revenue Professionals Through Sales Solutions and Data Privacy Compliance

ZoomInfo | July 06, 2022

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership with Sales Confidence, enabling revenue professionals in the U.K. and worldwide to benefit from ZoomInfo’s top sales solutions and data privacy compliance leadership. As a Sales Confidence Titanium Sponsor, ZoomInfo will make its inaugural appearance at SaaSGrowth2022, Europe’s top business-to-business sales, revenue, and marketing leadership conference, on Wednesday, July 6. The conference aims to expand networks and reimagine the world of sales with more than 1,500 revenue leaders from across Europe expected to attend. Three ZoomInfo leaders – Ryan Oosterveld, Head of New Business in EMEA; Nadeem Khan, Head of R&G in EMEA; and Ali Syed, Head of Enterprise Growth in EMEA – will share their thought leadership as featured speakers at the conference. They will discuss approaches to build scalable, successful sales processes, techniques to succeed when building a winning sales culture, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in sales. “We are thrilled to partner with Sales Confidence and share our vision to elevate sales professionals and equip them to increase revenue,” said Ray Mariano, Senior Vice President of International Revenue at ZoomInfo. “We continue to make investments in Europe, as we expand that market with the best data, tools, insights, and technology in an integrated platform to help drive an efficient go-to-market motion.” “I'm excited to have Zoominfo support the Sales Confidence community,” said Sales Confidence Founder and CEO James Ski. “I'm excited to have Zoominfo support the Sales Confidence community,” said Sales Confidence Founder and CEO James Ski. “As the world leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence they are perfectly equipped to advise, inspire, and support our global community of revenue leaders to drive growth.” In addition, Sales Confidence’s extensive global network of sales and marketing leaders and professionals will enable ZoomInfo to expand its product and data offerings to align with the demands of its present and future European customers. This partnership also opens the door for ZoomInfo to leverage its privacy and compliance leadership by educating sales and marketing teams on evolving privacy regulations around the world, such as GDPR in Europe. ZoomInfo has emphasized its commitment to expansion in Europe this year. In addition to opening its first office in London and building the staff to more than three dozen, ZoomInfo has increased its investment in data quality, added millions of professional profiles to its platform, and hired its first Chief Compliance Officer, Simon McDougall, who formerly served as Deputy Commissioner for the Information Commissioner’s Office. About ZoomInfo ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) is a leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence for more than 25,000 companies worldwide. ZoomInfo’s revenue operating system, RevOS, empowers business-to-business sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting professionals to hit their number by pairing best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy, and depth of company and contact information. With integrations embedded into workflows and technology stacks, including the leading CRM, Sales Engagement, Marketing Automation, and Talent Management applications, ZoomInfo drives more predictable, accelerated, and sustainable growth for its customers. ZoomInfo emphasizes GDPR and CCPA compliance. In addition to creating the industry’s first proactive notice program, the company is a registered data broker with the states of California and Vermont. Read about ZoomInfo’s commitment to compliance, privacy, and security. For more information about ZoomInfo’s leading go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, and how they help sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting professionals, please visit

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