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Contentgine Releases "Target Lists, Categories, and Case Study Titles: Three Surprising Results from a Contentgine Data Science Analysis"

Contentgine Data Science Analysis
On January 21, Contentgine announced that it released an analysis of the target account lists (TALs) utilized by a sample set of customers. This analysis yielded three surprising results.

Ben Luck, the company’s chief data scientist, ran trials using Contentgine’s TALs to supplement the TALs from three customers: a digital signature company, a cloud communications company, and a financial ERP company. The first result did not surprise him. Contentgine’s TALs improved the clients’ TAL by creating ten to twenty times more engagement. However, he was surprised by how the Contentgine dataset showed clients missing market segments where they did not expect to compete and how the titles of their case studies and email messages impacted their prospect’s engagement.

"We have perhaps the world's largest dataset of content interactions as a result of our Perpetual Engine," Luck said.

"We have perhaps the world's largest dataset of content interactions as a result of our Perpetual Engine," Luck said. "We email content from our huge B2B content library to 50 million targets a month, and that produces over 1 billion intent signals per quarter. That data can be used to improve a customer's target account list."

"What did surprise me was that our data showed one aspect our clients were missing: market segments where they did not think they could compete. One, for example, focused on small business but we showed them that large enterprises would engage with them as well."

"The last result was the most surprising. In short, how you title your case study or email offer can directly affect whether a prospect engages. There's more to it that the report shows, but in short, the more specific you are in the title of the case study, the less likely you are to get prospects to read it. We were very surprised by that, and it now makes the naming and wording of case study offers in content marketing a new art and science. I am very happy to have made these revelations, as they directly improve our content marketing performance for our clients."

Luck expects to unravel more improvements to their TALs in the near future.



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