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Contentgine Unveils Its Revolutionary Content Indication Platform (CIP)

Contentgine Unveils Its Revolutionary CIP
On February 17, Contentgine unveiled its revolutionary Content Indication Platform known as ‘CIP’ to facilitate business-to-business marketing and sales teams across 120 major product categories. It is an online SaaS platform that provides access to Contentgine’s proprietary first part account intent and content insights. They allow for prioritization and expansion of target account lists, and content consumption intelligence.

CIP collects one billion engagement signals quarterly from content interactions with the world’s largest B2B library of more than 500, 000 case studies, ebooks, and whitepapers to deliver advanced market intelligence. CIP gets insights into personalized content consumption patterns of tens of millions of professionals and creates smarter target lists, better prospect engagement and higher performing content.

"There is a vast amount of actionable information on CIP for marketing and sales organizations to help drive opportunities and return on investment," said Tim Ribich, chief product officer.

"There is a vast amount of actionable information on CIP for marketing and sales organizations to help drive opportunities and return on investment," said Tim Ribich, chief product officer. "This information includes which prospects are most active in a specific product category, the specific research behaviors within those prospect accounts, and which content is performing well in the market. These insights ultimately give teams a deeper understanding of product categories and a broader set of data to enhance their lead generation programs and hone their marketing efforts."

Chief Operating Officer Paul Hong said, "Our express goal is to make CIP the premiere marketing intelligence platform for business-to-business marketing and sales professionals. The corpus of data that we create when our Perpetual Engine® methodology serves content from our library to interested prospects gives us information that no one is able to provide at this scale and depth."

Hong added, "Our CIP platform holds great promise for accelerating insights for content marketers that we are now sharing with the industry. For example, we just announced our "Content Top 5" series in which each episode reveals the top five performing assets in a particular product category. Content marketing expert, Robert Rose, is hosting the series and the analysis is eye-opening."

Several strategic clients are already using CIP, and it will be rolled out to Contentgine customers this quarter.



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Highspot Launches Highspot Copilot for Sales Enablement

PR Newswire | October 23, 2023

Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases sales productivity, today announced its Fall '23 release, delivering Highspot Copilot, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant that accelerates companies' ability to equip, train, coach, and analyze revenue teams' execution. These new capabilities come as adoption of Highspot continues to accelerate worldwide, with the platform connecting more than 15 million users in the past 12 months. Businesses worldwide are prioritizing sales productivity, driving investment in sales enablement. According to research from Gartner® "The sales enablement subsegment grew strongly once more, rising 35.7% in 2022, after growth of 19.7% in 2021" (Market Share Analysis: CRM Sales Software, Worldwide, 2022, Oct. 2023. Gartner is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.) Highspot is accelerating the adoption of sales enablement technology by offering new generative AI and analytics capabilities, as well as expanded technology integrations that give customers a unified platform for defining, executing and measuring their strategic growth initiatives. Ease of use, governance and high adoption rates are key reasons why companies including Baker Tilly, Deluxe, Qualtrics, Ritchie Bros., and more have switched to Highspot. Sales productivity is a consistent board room topic but until now, sales enablement often hasn't been, said Robert Wahbe, CEO, Highspot. Today, that changes. Highspot Copilot injects powerful and easy-to-use generative AI capabilities into our unified platform, which, when combined with new analytical depth on leading indicators of success, empowers enablement teams to turn go-to-market strategy into revenue outcomes. Highspot Copilot turbocharges velocity and impact of enablement programs Generative AI is poised to take sales enablement to a new frontier of efficiency and impact in consistently turning businesses' growth initiatives into revenue performance. Highspot Copilot is a digital assistant that will help salespeople, marketers and enablement practitioners to: Automate:Generate accurate content descriptions, meeting summaries and action items, and much more in just seconds. Advise:Easily assess seller skills, delivery and readiness at scale with analysis of real-world sales meetings. Co-Create:Deliver personalized emails, digital room experiences and tailored meeting preparation documents with a single button click. Answer Anything:Leverage instant answers to questions in natural language based on your Highspot content. Initiative Scorecard drives growth initiative success by analyzing leading indicators in unified view Strategic growth initiatives – from launching new products to entering new markets – have historically been measured by lagging indicators, such as pipeline conversion and win-rates, which limits success and hinders agility. Highspot's new Initiative Scorecard shares the leading indicators of success for revenue teams, helping companies analyze the impact of enablement programs. This technology breakthrough unlocks new insight into how an initiative is performing to drive effective C-level strategy. Highspot's recently released Meeting Intelligence capability – which works with Gong, Microsoft Teams and Zoom – delivers meeting transcriptions, rubrics, summaries and more, and provides a key data source for the Initiative Scorecard to show how the initiatives perform in buyer conversations. Expanded Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration Highspot is delivering many new capabilities that improve its existing Dynamics 365 integration, including Engagement Genomics – AI-driven inferencing that automatically relates sellers' shared content to the appropriate accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities in Dynamics 365, delivering a complete picture of influenced revenue for content, plays and initiatives. In addition to bringing the entire breadth of Highspot's platform to Dynamics 365 users, the company is also expanding integrations across the broader Microsoft ecosystem, from Microsoft Teams to the Azure OpenAI Service.

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ZoomInfo Enters into Strategic Partnership with The Trade Desk

ZoomInfo | September 08, 2023

ZoomInfo has announced entering a strategic partnership with global-leader advertising technology, The Trade Desk. MarketingOS, ZoomInfo’s account-based marketing (ABM) platform, offers the industry’s first in-house B2B demand-side platform that focuses on meeting the needs of companies doing true B2B ABM. The integration with supply-side platforms assists MarketingOS to enable customers to buy advertisements through real-time actions for placement in leading business publications. ZoomInfo, an industry-leading go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and increase customer base, has announced a strategic integration with The Trade Desk, a worldwide leading provider of advertising technology. The partnership will enable ZoomInfo to access The Trade Desk’s industry-leading platform. Using this, ZoomInfo expands its omnichannel advertising network in order to gain access to more elite publishers and provides display, video, and audio advertisements internationally for the first time. Bryan Law, Chief Marketing Officer of ZoomInfo, said, Our industry-leading audience creation capabilities are built on the strongest data foundation in the market, and with The Trade Desk expanding our reach, we can now provide the best of both worlds. This partnership opens the door for our customers to scale their audiences and unlock new avenues for customer acquisition. [Source – Business Wire] MarketingOS, ZoomInfo's ABM platform, serves as the perfect central hub for executing B2B advertising campaigns. It provides dynamic intent market signals and exclusive categories of intent data that businesses cannot find elsewhere. The platform features the industry's first in-house B2B demand-side platform (DSP), tailor-made for meeting the needs of companies engaged in genuine B2B account-based marketing. It is carefully optimized to align with crucial account context rather than surface-level insights. The platform offers a streamlined approach by directly integrating with leading exchanges and supply-side platforms (SSPs). This integration empowers customers to participate in real-time auctions for ad placement in leading business publications. On the back end, ZoomInfo seamlessly processes users' tailored audiences and campaign details, initiating campaigns programmatically through The Trade Desk's ad auction process. MarketingOS users can now craft advertising campaigns harnessing The Trade Desk's platform innovation, tapping into its extensive inventory access, which boasts the widest industry reach. This enhanced domestic outreach and the capacity to target fresh international audiences promise improved campaign performance and a better ROI, leading to sustained business growth. Ed Chater, SVP of Global Client Service at The Trade Desk, said, ZoomInfo is leading the way for B2B and ABM via their MarketingOS platform, and we’re excited to see our innovation power their capabilities that harness data and decisioned media buying. This is even more exciting when thinking about the available inventory, including connected televisions, that can be bought programmatically, which can change the way B2B marketers plan and execute their campaigns. [Source – Business Wire] In the realm of B2B marketing, organizations have tremendous opportunities to supercharge their marketing campaigns, which brings them close to the right audience, added Charter.

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MRP Add Enhancements, Identifying B2B Revenue Teams' In-Market Account

MRP Prelytix | October 13, 2023

MRP has announced additional enhancements to its breadth of buying interest data coverage. MRP's simplified approach provides a solution that removes unnecessary complexities, enabling their customers to expedite their journey toward pipeline growth. By integrating tracked engagement with content tailored to buying interests, B2B revenue teams can efficiently allocate budgets and resources. MRP, a prominent global account intelligence provider renowned for driving demand generation for ambitious brands worldwide, has announced unveiling significant enhancements to its comprehensive buying interest data coverage. MRP customers will enjoy an even more comprehensive intelligence-driven demand generation solution thanks to the incorporation of lower funnel buying interest intelligence sources. This enhancement further refines MRP's offerings, ensuring clients receive top-notch solutions tailored to their needs. Through the inclusion of monitored content engagement that aligns with buying interests, B2B revenue teams can enhance their ability to allocate budgets and resources effectively, thus maximizing pipeline creation in a competitive market. Chris Rack, CEO of MRP, said, Current market scenarios are forcing B2B revenue teams to assess and rework their go-to-market motions. Budgets and resources are more limited, making it essential to target the right organization at the right time. I am excited to bring our current and potential customers a different, approach to account-based marketing, focused on identifying buying signals within the noise. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Key benefits and capabilities of MRP's enhancements include: Unmatched breadth of intelligence coverage Explicit engagement propensity Multilingual intelligence Amidst the significant decrease in Martech usage and the realization that marketers are utilizing only a fraction of available technology capabilities, which nonetheless consume a considerable portion of their budget, MRP has strategically redirected and reinvested in its distinctive demand solutions offerings. This strategic move addresses revenue targets and goals across all stages of the buyer journey, ensuring a more efficient and effective allocation of resources. Anthony Iafolla, SVP of Global Sales at MRP, mentioned The rush to adopt 'shiny new tools' over the past years has led to a swift influx of account-based marketing and intent data platforms that have not lived up to their promises. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Iafolla emphasized that by concentrating on implementing demand solutions without the burden of a cumbersome platform, they can expedite their customers' journey to pipeline growth. In a landscape where several marketers struggle to integrate diverse ABM and intent data solutions, MRP's simplified approach provides a solution that removes excessive complexity. This streamlined approach empowers their customers, enabling them to pace up their journey toward pipeline growth.

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