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Demandbase Recognized as a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Account-Based Marketing Platforms

Gartner Magic Quadrant
On January 7, Demandbase announced that it was named a Leader by Gartner in the first-ever Magic Quadrant™ for Account-based Marketing Platforms for 2022. In addition, Demandbase was the only vendor among seven to receive the highest scores in all three use cases in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Account-Based Marketing Platforms report.

"We're ecstatic to be a leader in the first ABM Magic Quadrant," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase.

"We're ecstatic to be a leader in the first ABM Magic Quadrant," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase. "Achieving the highest scores for all three ABM Use Cases is a testament to the powerful way we're helping our global customers acquire, retain, and expand the accounts that matter."

Demandbase’s ABX Cloud solution has enriched the sales and marketing teams of its clients to plan, execute and measure account-based strategies.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant report gives detailed insights into the ABM market and evaluates seven ABM vendors objectively. It also sheds light on the role of ABM in the B2B market today, the importance of ABM solutions, and how they can enhance the relationship between marketing and sales departments to optimize their performance.

In Gartner’s detailed companion report, the 2022 Critical Capabilities for Account-based Marketing Platforms, Demandbase topped the list of vendors with respect to new account acquisition, account retention, and account expansion.



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Teradata, ActionIQ Partner on New Offerings for VantageCloud Customers

Teradata | October 09, 2023

Teradata and ActionIQ announced a new joint offering for marketing and customer experience activations for VantageCloud customers. With this, the two businesses intend to democratize enterprise customer data access and give technical teams more authority. This partnership aims to safeguard future acquisition marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty, and enhance business team retention. Teradata and ActionIQ has announced a new collaborative solution tailored for marketing and customer experience activations among Teradata VantageCloud customer. This integration, seamlessly blending VantageCloud and ActionIQ capabilities, is fully operational and available to customers. This partnership displays Teradata's open ecosystem and strong alliance with ActionIQ, using their combined expertise in marketing and advertising technology to enhance customer experience initiatives. The collaboration between these two companies strives to make customer data accessible across the entire enterprise, granting technical teams greater control. By integrating Teradata VantageCloud's unified data approach and advanced analytics with ActionIQ’s cutting-edge customer experience applications, businesses can achieve a holistic 360-degree view of their customers. This approach enables more meaningful engagements and the delivery of superior customer experiences. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Teradata, Lisa Stewart, said, The partnership between ActionIQ and Teradata is a win for customers interested in enhancing their customer experience (CX) and driving profitable growth. [Source – Business Wire] She stated that, with ActionIQ's expertise in marketing and advertising technology for customer experience, combined with Teradata's complete cloud analytics and data platform, companies can unlock the full potential of their customer data, accelerate time-to-value, enhance agility, and deliver exceptional CX. With Teradata VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform alongside ActionIQ, businesses can accelerate innovation, make better decisions, and enhance customer experiences, especially for AI and ML applications. ActionIQ's distinctive composable architecture provides marketers with easy-to-use, self-service data access while driving queries into VantageCloud for optimal performance, security, and enterprise scale. This setup allows business teams to directly access data in a controlled manner, facilitating self-serve use cases through smooth integrations with various channels. IT and data teams benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and hassle-free integrations, freeing up resources for more strategic tasks. This partnership is crafted to future-proof acquisition marketing strategies, boost loyalty, and enhance retention efforts for business teams. Tasso Argyros, CEO and Founder of ActionIQ, mentioned, Teradata's unmatched legacy in data analytics and ActionIQ's marketer-friendly customer data platform (CDP) position us to redefine customer experiences. [Source – Business Wire] He further added that their shared vision is to empower businesses, facilitating faster innovation, better decisions, and genuine customer connections.

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RollWorks Introduces 'Hot Contacts,' a New Sales-Ready Lead Category

RollWorks | September 20, 2023

RollWorks released Hot Contacts, a unique feature that supplements the marketing qualified lead (MQL) list with sales-ready prospects. The company has distributed more than 1.5 million sales-ready leads to its beta customers since March, each receiving an average of 200 leads per quarter. Hot Contacts enables marketers to define 'sales ready,' ensuring high-quality sales leads and marketing qualified leads. RollWorks, a well-known marketing platform catering to B2B marketing and sales, has introduced Hot Contacts, a distinctive feature that provides marketers with an ongoing list of sales-ready leads, which supplements the conventional marketing qualified lead (MQL) list. Since its beta launch in March this year, RollWorks has successfully provided its customers with more than 1.5 million sales-ready leads. On average, each beta customer has received an additional 200 leads per quarter through this feature. Hot Contacts offers an innovative solution for marketers seeking to broaden their pool of sales-ready leads without the need for increased budgets or additional resources. It accomplishes this by identifying high-fit leads that have demonstrated their readiness for sales engagement through website visits and ad clicks. With Hot Contacts, marketers can tailor their definition of 'sales ready.' This customization ensures that the leads sent to the sales team are consistently of high quality. This approach complements the traditional marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which primarily rely on form submissions for qualification. By incorporating various buying signals to identify engaged prospects, both before and after form submissions, RollWorks streamlines the lead identification process. This allows marketers to discover more members of the buying committee, engage with prospects earlier in the buying journey, and maximize the effectiveness of their existing programs to achieve their lead objectives more efficiently. Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing at RollWorks, said, For far too long, a whole subsection of leads in the B2B space was being completely overlooked due to the inability to track them, but now with Hot Contacts, we’ve put an end to the archaic ways of generating leads. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Cerretani further mentioned that instead of only looking at form completions, they were expanding their focus beyond form completions to include individuals' online behavior and ad engagement. This expansion led to the creation of a completely new category of sales-ready leads. She expressed excitement about being their customers' exclusive provider of this unique solution. Hot Contacts uses RollWorks' ability to de-anonymize prospects who meet the sales-readiness criteria, which considers factors such as suitability, ad interactions, and website engagement. It retrieves information about contacts from Salesforce or Hubspot CRM. This dynamic collection of sales-ready leads contains essential contact information, including names and titles. In addition, it provides context by indicating the event type, visited URL, or ads viewed, as well as the last engagement date. This extensive data gives sales teams the necessary insights to personalize their outreach effectively. With Hot Contacts, marketers gain the ability to identify highly engaged contacts who are more likely to make a purchase. This empowers sales teams to prioritize these engaged leads and tailor their outreach strategies for faster sales cycles and improved closure rates.

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HubSpot to Acquire B2B Intelligence Leader Clearbit

CMSWire | November 02, 2023

HubSpot, Inc. (NYSE: HUBS), the customer platform for scaling businesses, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Clearbit, a top B2B data provider, to help HubSpot customers grow with industry-leading customer intelligence. Real-time, unified data is at the core of the HubSpot customer platform. HubSpot unifies first-party customer data and connects it with native marketing, sales, and service engagement tools. With Clearbit, HubSpot will be able to bring rich third-party company data into its system of record, making HubSpot the central source of truth for go-to-market professionals. From tracking website visits to monitoring a company’s news announcements, HubSpot will be able to provide front-office teams the most comprehensive context about their customers and prospects–at a time when it is so critical to identify best fit customers and purchase intent. To cut through the noise with deep relevance, businesses need reliable, high-quality data about their customers. That means enriching your company’s internal customer data with real-time external context, said Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot. Clearbit has made it its mission to collect rich and useful data about millions of companies. HubSpot’s AI-powered customer platform combined with Clearbit’s data will create a powerful, winning combination for our customers. Clearbit helps businesses enrich customer records with over 100+ firmographic, demographic, and technographic data points from public and private data sources including social profiles, company websites, crowdsourcing, and more. Over 400,000 users rely on Clearbit’s robust data across 20 million companies and 500 million decision-makers to identify high-fit prospects, understand purchase intent, and effectively connect with customers. While it has become easier to gather company and contact data over the past few years, it is still challenging for scaling businesses to analyze and use that data. With the combination of Clearbit and HubSpot AI in one platform, HubSpot customers will be able to easily understand their data and pull actionable insights. "Clearbit has always believed that data is fundamental to the best B2B go-to-market teams," said Matt Sornson, Co-Founder and CEO of Clearbit. "By joining forces with HubSpot, the industry's most loved B2B customer platform, we will unlock a whole new level of value for our customers and help all of B2B grow better.” Clearbit has been available to HubSpot customers as part of the HubSpot App Marketplace since 2019. As part of this acquisition, HubSpot remains dedicated to upholding its high standards of responsible data sourcing, transparency, privacy, and security. Upon completion of the transaction, Clearbit will become a wholly owned subsidiary of HubSpot and eventually be integrated as an offering within HubSpot’s customer platform. About HubSpot HubSpot is the customer platform that helps businesses connect and grow better. HubSpot delivers seamless connection for customer-facing teams with a unified platform that includes AI-powered engagement hubs, a Smart CRM, and a connected ecosystem with over 1,500 App Marketplace integrations, a community network, and educational content. Learn more at www.hubspot.com.

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