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Demandbase Recognized as ‘Leader’ in 39 G2 Spring 2022 Categories

On March 24, Demandbase announced that it was recognized as a ‘Leader’ in 39 G2 Spring 2022 categories, including 28 G2 Grids. The G2 Grid reports are based on real user ratings and present the solutions that have satisfied customers the most and have the largest market presence. Demandbase also clinched the top spot in the Enterprise Grid Report for Account-Based Analytics and Account-based Attribution. It was named a leader in the Account Data Management, Demand Side Platform (DSP), Account-Based Orchestration, Account-Based Analytics, Buyer Intent Data, Marketing Account Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence and more.

"We are always honored to be included in G2's Grids because they represent the true feelings of our customers. Watching our rankings get higher and higher each quarter shows that we don't rest on our laurels and are committed to helping our customers improve their go-to-market (GTM) success each and every day. We're excited to see our customers leveraging Demandbase Account Intelligence to reshape how they engage with their customers and prospects, and we are honored that they recognize us by repeatedly sharing their success stories with G2."

Brewster Stanislaw, chief product officer at Demandbase

Demandbase continues to have a favored position in the B2B GTM industry. It is Smarter GTM for B2B brands. It helps marketing and sales teams to get the best opportunities faster and progress them faster by injecting account intelligence into every step of the buyer journey. It orchestrates every action to get the best results.



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Buyer Intent Data

Demandbase Recognized as a Notable Provider by Forrester Research

Demandbase | October 11, 2023

Demandbase has announced being named a recognized provider by Forrester Research in a recent research report. As per the Marketing and Sales Data Providers for B2B Landscape report by Forrester, the modern B2B data provider sector has only a few suppliers with the depth, breadth, and scale of offers to be large business clients' primary data partners. The report provides an overview of the leading business scenarios required in this market, as well as the anticipated capabilities of providers. Demandbase, a market leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market strategies, has announced it has been recognized as a noteworthy provider by Forrester Research in its recent report titled "The Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B Landscape, Q4 2023." The report outlines key business scenarios in the market and assesses providers' expected capabilities. Forrester emphasized that enterprise customers now demand more than just lists from their data providers. They seek partners capable of delivering diverse and extensive data sets, improving internal data quality and compliance, and optimizing operations through integrations, automation, and specific-use case technologies. The report highlights the crucial role of B2B marketing and sales data providers, such as Demandbase, in building and improving the addressable market database. These providers enhance target market definition, refine ideal customer profiles, and boost the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and sales interactions. Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, Brewster Stanislaw, said Data has always been the cornerstone of our strategy to transform how B2B firms go to market. With the explosion of AI, the significance of accurate, differentiated data to train GTM models has never been higher. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Brewster Stanislaw expressed his excitement about being included in the Forrester report. He noted that it underlined the comprehensiveness, remarkable reliability, and AI-readiness of their GTM data. Stanislaw mentioned that this recognition reinforced their ability to meet the unique data requirements of enterprise customers. In order to be quantified for this Landscape, providers are required to offer firmographic and demographic (contact and account) data to assist clients with their B2B marketing and sales databases across various industries. The report highlights that most providers also offer supplementary services such as data enrichment, storage, unification, and additional data types like technographic data, funding data, or intent data. Apart from these core capabilities, Demandbase identified its top three extended business scenarios as target market definition and sizing, data capture/form augmentation, and ideal customer profiling. Earlier this year, Demandbase was recognized in Forrester's Q2, 2023 Account-Based Selling Technologies Landscape and previously featured in Forrester's Q3, 2022, B2B Sales Intelligence Vendors Landscape Report. Demandbase notices these acknowledgments as a testament to the company's extensive range of services.

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Account Based Data

Momentum ITSMA Introduces a New Book on Dynamics of Buying Cycles

Momentum ITSMA | September 13, 2023

Momentum ITSMA has announced the launch of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' The company's ABM Benchmark Report, created in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, aims to achieve a 55% annual growth in account revenues. The reader will explore strategies for establishing trust, leveraging customer insights, and creating a personalized value proposition that truly resonates with their target audience. On September 12, 2023, Momentum ITSMA, a global B2B growth consultancy enabling companies to achieve market-beating performance by growing, winning, and retaining valuable client relationships, has announced the release of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' Written by Alisha Lyndon, the Founder of Momentum ITSMA, the book presents a novel viewpoint on the functions of marketing and sales in developing long-term strategic client relationships. It promotes a strategy that is advantageous to both the company and its clients. Account-based marketing is of the most important importance and relevance at present. Momentum ITSMA's ABM Benchmark Report, in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, showcases that ABM has a proven track record. On average, it enables businesses to achieve a remarkable 55% growth in annual account revenues. Moreover, ABM contributes to a significant 71% expansion in account relationships and a 34% enhancement of reputation inside accounts. Alisha Lyndon, Founder of Momentum ITSMA, mentioned, ABM is about people, not personas. It is about accounts, not markets. It means shifting your focus from the broadcast of 'let me tell you why we're great' to the value of 'we see your problems and the opportunities for growth. Let us help you get there'. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The author stated that the book had been written for executives, sales, and marketing leaders with the aim of fostering a mutual understanding of their roles throughout the buying cycle. Additionally, it aimed to assist them in recognizing obstacles to purchasing and attending to client needs before, during, and after the buying cycle, added Lyndon. In ‘The ABM Effect,’ Alisha Lyndon draws on her extensive experience to outline successful strategies that unite sales and marketing teams. These approaches empower them to not only acquire but also retain and expand strategic accounts. Delving into the evolving dynamics of buying cycles, the book distinguishes effective practices from ineffective ones. It provides readers with a well-defined framework for navigating these dynamics effectively. Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Vice President, Salesforce, stated, Customer trust is hard won, and easily lost. Having worked first hand with Lyndon, she knows what it takes to build trust, reputation, and relationships with key accounts. This approach works. This book provides valuable insight for anyone in sales or marketing leadership looking to outperform their competition. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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Targeted Account Strategy

Anteriad Receives 2023 Cloud Computing Stratus Accolade

Anteriad | September 25, 2023

Anteriad has been presented with 2023 Stratus award for cloud computing, recognizing innovation in cloud technology. Anteriad's cutting-edge Anteriad marketing cloud solution propels it to stratus award win. Industry-leading data empowers b2b marketers: Anteriad's precision and global reach applauded. Business Intelligence group acknowledges Anteriad's role in advancing cloud infrastructure. Anteriad's AI-driven marketing technology puts b2b marketers at the forefront of innovation. Anteriad has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing by The Business Intelligence Group as a testament to its innovative approach to harnessing cloud technologies. This annual business award program recognizes organizations, products, and individuals that excel in delivering distinctive solutions that leverage the power of cloud computing. Anteriad's exceptional achievement stems from its cutting-edge Anteriad Marketing Cloud solution, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of B2B Marketers. This accolade underscores Anteriad's commitment to advancing cloud-based solutions and highlights its pivotal role in driving innovation within the industry. Anteriad empowers the B2B sector with industry-leading data characterized by purpose-built, highly trusted, compliant, campaign-ready attributes and global reach. This unparalleled offering provides B2B marketing leaders with unmatched depth and scale, coupled with hyper granularity, ensuring precision and effectiveness in their campaigns. Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer of Business Intelligence Group, mentioned, Anteriad is one of the leaders in the cloud, helping to develop the infrastructure we need to store and host the data and applications driving our society. We are so proud to recognize all of the winners in this year’s award program. [Source – GlobeNewswire] Ken Lordy, Chief Product Officer at Anteriad, expressed their excitement at winning a Stratus Award for Cloud Computing for their Anteriad Marketing Cloud solution. He highlighted how their fusion of extensive, high-quality data and AI-driven marketing technology positions their B2B marketing clientele at the forefront. Lordy emphasized that Anteriad's technology capabilities, shaped by the demands of contemporary B2B marketers, form the bedrock of their global offerings. Anteriad Marketing Cloud's robust solution empowers customers with exclusive, pertinent B2B data and invaluable insights into their target prospects. A pathway to remarkable enhancements in lead quality, precise identification and expansion of buying groups, amplified pipeline performance, and, most significantly, the cultivation of new business opportunities. Additionally, Anteriad's extensive, diverse, and deeply sourced intent data has proven instrumental in the success of campaigns spanning email marketing, demand generation, and programmatic channels.

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