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Falkon Rounds Out Leadership Team with New Heads of Marketing and Sales

Falkon | December 05, 2022 | Read time : 04:30 min

Falkon Rounds Out Leadership Team
Falkon, the go-to-market intelligence platform, today announced two additional appointments to its executive team. Shannon Yost recently joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer, and Adam Jay will lead sales as Chief Revenue Officer. The pair are a pivotal add for the go-to-market strategy of the company and positions the organization for sales and revenue growth.

Yost joins Falkon with more than twenty-five years of marketing experience in the tech industry, most recently from San Francisco-based Outlier AI, where she was head of product marketing for the augmented analytics provider. Prior to this position, the Seattle-based, award-winning executive held leadership roles at Skytap, Base2, and Bsquare. Yost is known within the industry for her expertise in marketing data solutions - from edge to cloud-based data storage, to data analytics.

Jay is joining Falkon with more than a decade in sales leadership experience, most recently from Oncue, where he served as the Vice President of Revenue. There, Jay grew the company’s revenue 228% in eight months while simultaneously decreasing churn over 62%. The West Palm Beach executive also is a strategic advisor and active investor in several high-growth startups, as well as an active SaaS investor. Other positions of note include VP of Sales roles at both Reprise and SwagUp.

“We’re looking for leaders that understand the crucial problems we’re solving for revenue teams by bringing sales, marketing, and product data together and making it actionable,” said Falkon co-founder and CEO, Mona Akmal.

“We’re looking for leaders that understand the crucial problems we’re solving for revenue teams by bringing sales, marketing, and product data together and making it actionable,” said Falkon co-founder and CEO, Mona Akmal. “Both Shannon and Adam have deep expertise in creating repeated sales success, and we know their prior experience is a great fit for Falkon’s future growth.”

The addition of Yost and Jay to the team caps off a year of growth for Falkon, which just recently announced $16M in financing led by OMERS Ventures and appointed Rick Negrin as COO.

“The synchronicity of sales and marketing is imperative to the success of an organization,” said Yost. “Falkon delivers separate and combined real-time views into performance, contribution to pipeline, and to the individual customer journey to empower teams with a holistic and comprehensive go-to-market view. I’m excited to spread the word about Falkon and help other enterprises leverage their revenue data effectively.”

“The sales function is one that lives and dies by the numbers,” added Jay. “And when your data is inaccurate, or you just don’t have any - you’re really just playing a high-stakes guessing game. I love that Falkon takes the guesswork out of determining what is working for your sales org and allows you to double-down on the impactful actions. I’m looking forward to helping propel the company through its next phase of growth.”

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About Falkon:
Falkon is the go-to-market intelligence platform that helps teams win more deals through actionable insights and automation that drive operational excellence across sales, customer success, and marketing teams. Used by companies including Icertis, Hiya, SeekOut, Remitly and Zendesk, Falkon was founded in 2020 by Mona Akmal, Aakash Kambuj, and Josh Zana, Seattle-based veteran leaders of high-growth engineering and product teams. For more information, visit


To uncover details about the future of field service, Bain & Company recently conducted a research project comprised of executive-level interviews and an online survey of field service engineers. Bain was able to isolate 20 trends that were essential to the survival of all industrial organizations in the competitive service busi


To uncover details about the future of field service, Bain & Company recently conducted a research project comprised of executive-level interviews and an online survey of field service engineers. Bain was able to isolate 20 trends that were essential to the survival of all industrial organizations in the competitive service busi

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Demandbase Releases Its 2023 C-Suite Go-to-Market Benchmark Survey

PR Newswire | August 10, 2023

Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company that uses AI to help B2B organizations hit their revenue goals, today announces the results of its 2023 C-Suite Go-to-Market (GTM) Benchmark Survey in partnership with Demand Gen Report. The survey gathered responses from 200 high-level B2B leaders across marketing and sales to better understand how the industry is changing and the GTM approaches that separate successful companies from the rest. Through this research, Demandbase uncovered how teams are handling the current economic landscape, trends in their technology use, the GTM strategies and practices that are driving growth, and more. "In the year since our last survey, we've seen increased challenges in the B2B industry, but there has been just as much — if not more — progress," says Jon Miller, chief marketing officer at Demandbase. "Many companies are being forced to cut budgets, but our research reveals that tech stacks are the least likely to be cut, demonstrating that teams recognize technology's value in driving efficiency. Additionally, more leaders are viewing GTM through a broader lens than they did in 2022, which is paving the way for greater internal alignment and a more holistic approach to campaigns and tactics. Overall, B2B leaders are recognizing that what worked in the past isn't working today, causing them to place a premium on efficiency and, ultimately, a Smarter GTM™." Important findings from the report include: Key Priorities that Promote Growth & Efficiency Respondents marked customer acquisition and customer expansion as the top two efforts they rely upon most to drive growth. Leaders indicated their top three priorities are improving alignment (66%), increasing win rates (63%), and increasing marketing investments (56%). Leaders were also more likely to cater to self-service needs than laggards, with many reporting they've enabled such options to streamline operations. In particular, they're using demo videos (48%), interactive demos (41%), online calculators (40%), and product tours (39%). An Evolving View of Metrics The primary metrics that marketers are being measured on today include total revenue (18%), marketing qualified leads (MQL) (16%), marketing-influenced revenue (12%), and marketing-sourced revenue (10%). SDR and BDR success is primarily being tracked by activity (35%), opportunities (34%), meetings (17%), and points-based (10%). Internal Alignment Relied on to Increase Efficiency Encouragingly, 52% of respondents reported that they do not struggle with alignment, with roughly half of sales responders saying they're aligned with marketing and roughly half of marketers saying they're aligned with sales. While this shows improvement over last year, it still means that nearly half have work to do in this area that can help drive efficiency and results. Of those who continue to struggle with alignment, their top challenges include looking at different data/operating in different systems (45%), being measured on different metrics (37%), poor handoffs (33%), and lack of communication (25%). These are roughly in line with the primary challenges from last year's study, reinforcing the fact that these issues must be addressed if companies are to achieve greater alignment. The Changing Data Landscape Data has become necessary for nearly all elements of modern marketing, but the survey revealed that practitioners are still facing difficulties with getting it right. Specifically, respondents cited the following challenges: data quality (dirty, out of date, duplicates) (55%), missing or incomplete information (50%), disconnected/siloed data sources (40%), actioning data (34%), and an inability to digest data the way they want (34%). While the first four obstacles were also cited in last year's study, the inability to digest data how they'd like to is a new — and far-reaching — problem brought to the surface this year. Today, third-party data is primarily being used for competitive intelligence (61%), account prioritization (55%), personalizing messaging and outreach (54%), account selection (43%), and timing engagement (28%). This last number reveals that almost 75% of respondents are missing a great opportunity to use intent data to show up at the right time, when buyers are in-market and most likely to buy. Based on the results of the 2023 C-Suite Go-to-Market (GTM) Benchmark Survey, it's clear that successful B2B organizations today are focused on improving their GTM strategies to address the uncertainties presented by an unstable economy. Leaders shared many priorities and approaches, including incorporating third-party data, adopting a singular platform/data source, viewing GTM through the lens of all revenue-generating activities, investing in technology and efficiency, and prioritizing self-service buying experiences. About Demandbase Demandbase helps B2B companies hit their revenue goals using fewer resources. How? By using the power of AI to identify and engage the accounts and buying groups most likely to purchase. We combine your sales and marketing data with our validated B2B data to create what we call Account Intelligence. Better data makes better AI. That's Smarter GTM™.

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Expandi Purchases Account-Based Marketing Platform Jabmo

ExchangeWire | September 27, 2023

Expandi Group, the largest EMEA B2B martech and ad tech provider, today (September 26th, 2023) announced the purchase of B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform Jabmo and all its marketing assets, including the well-known brand. With offices in Europe and the US, Jabmo has powered ABM B2B marketing strategies for more than 50 of the world’s largest manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare organisations. A leading provider of ABM platforms, in December last year Jabmo was inserted as one of the top nine providers in the Gartner® 2022 Magic Quadrant™ for ABM platforms. In February 2023, the business went into administration and Expandi, in July 2023, acquired all assets of the company including the platform. The Jambo brand is now owned by Expandi Group and the platform functionalities have been integrated within the Expandi martech platform. Expandi is re-launching a stronger than-ever Jambo ABM platform leveraging most of the features of the former tool (including integration with the major social media platforms, CRM and marketing automation systems) now combined with all of the innovative Expandi applications. These include the Cyance platform for third and first-party intent-data analytics and the account based advertising platform based on a unique IP addresses database from AccountInsight. Customers and partner agencies will have greater visibility and insights across B2B markets. They will also be able to improve the results of ABM strategies and overall return on investment (ROI) by delivering targeted campaigns to companies most likely to buy. From Q4 2023, by tapping into Jabmo’s well-established network in the US and harnessing Expandi’s enriched data across markets, the Group will start serving all key markets in Asia Pacific (APAC) and North America. Raffaele Apostoliti, CEO at Expandi, said Expandi is now the only company with comprehensive B2B ad tech and martech solutions built by Europeans with Europe in mind. Our investment in Jabmo shows our continued commitment to providing unique technology platforms which fit with European markets and challenges, from privacy regulations to multiple languages and local marketing practices. About Expandi Group Expandi Group is a global leader in ad tech, martech and marketing-managed services. Expandi Group mainly operates in the market with the following brands: Expandi Match, Expandi Agency, Cyance, AccountInsight, and Session Media.

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Hootsuite Welcomes Elina Vilk as Chief Marketing Officer

Business Wire | August 21, 2023

Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, today announced Elina Vilk as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). She will join the company’s executive leadership team that is an industry anomaly at 75% women, and will report to CEO, Irina Novoselsky. "As I looked for our next CMO, Elina stood out for her expertise in harnessing the power of social to glean insights into the needs, wants and pain points throughout the customer's journey,” said Irina Novoselsky, CEO of Hootsuite. “With that she builds authentic relationships that drive revenue and through her role will help guide our customers to do the same.” Elina joins the Hootsuite nest most recently from WooCommerce where she was global CMO. Prior to that, Elina has led global marketing teams at Meta, PayPal, eBay and Visa. “The future of marketing is relationships - and in our increasingly digital world, where better to forge those relationships than on social,” said Vilk. “I’m truly invigorated to be joining Hootsuite at this unique time when the true value of social for businesses and brands has only just started to be realized. I look forward to driving even more value and strengthening those relationships for and with our customers.” With over two decades of marketing experience, Elina brings a customer first approach to the CMO role at Hootsuite. She is a design thinking leader who has proven methodologies that harness the brainpower of the collective, bringing to the forefront deep empathy, insights and customer driven innovation. “Our audience is 35 times larger than that of our competitors—marketers trust Hootsuite to be their guide to the wild world of social,” added Novoselsky. “I am thrilled to welcome Elina to the nest to continue to provide our customers with what they need to innovate on social.” About Hootsuite Hootsuite helps customers harness the power of social to ignite their brand and business. As the global leader in social media management, Hootsuite powers social media for brands and organizations around the world, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. Hootsuite’s unparalleled expertise in social media management, social insights, employee advocacy, and social customer care empowers organizations to strategically grow their brands, businesses, and customer relationships with social media.

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