Jabmo Appoints Tav Tepfer to Chief Commercial Officer

Jabmo | March 15, 2022

Jabmo, the leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions to the manufacturing and life sciences industries, proudly announces the promotion of Tav Tepfer to Chief Commercial Officer. Tepfer will lead Jabmo’s go-to-market strategy in the manufacturing and life sciences, and healthcare verticals. Tepfer was previously Jabmo’s Chief Customer Success Officer.

In her new role, Tepfer will apply her strategic thinking and vertical specific ABM experience to grow Jabmo while continuing to empower Jabmo’s customers with cutting edge ABM technologies and services. She will have increased responsibility across Jabmo’s global sales, marketing and customer success teams to accelerate market share growth in the manufacturing and life sciences, and healthcare verticals.

“B2B buying and selling has changed, so Martech vendor leadership roles should, too. Appointing Tav as Jabmo’s Chief Commercial Officer will prepare Jabmo for our next growth phase and better help our customers execute highly effective account-based marketing strategies. Tav has led Jabmo through tremendous growth on a global scale, and we look forward to her expanded leadership role,” said Nick Heys, CEO of Jabmo.

“B2B buying and selling has changed, so Martech vendor leadership roles should, too. Appointing Tav as Jabmo’s Chief Commercial Officer will prepare Jabmo for our next growth phase and better help our customers execute highly effective account-based marketing strategies. Tav has led Jabmo through tremendous growth on a global scale, and we look forward to her expanded leadership role,” said Nick Heys, CEO of Jabmo.

Jabmo recently announced 40% growth in 2021, driven by account expansions, new customers, and a growing demand for ABM programs to go global across The Americas, EMEA and APAC. Tepfer’s new role will help accelerate the company’s growth and customer support capabilities, as ABM becomes the dominant B2B marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond.

“I am excited to continue to grow with Jabmo and accelerate the strategic value we deliver to our customers. The world’s largest manufacturers and life sciences companies depend on the Jabmo omnichannel ABM platform to grow revenue and reach their key accounts no matter where they are online or geographically. With the pandemic in the rearview mirror and new challenges ahead, now is the time to refine how we go to market and drive long term revenue growth,” said Tepfer.

About Jabmo
Jabmo helps B2B marketers grow key accounts through data-driven omnichannel marketing and analytics. Jabmo is the worldwide leader in account-based marketing (ABM) for manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, and other industries that rely on complex sales for growth. Customers including MilliporeSigma, Danaher, and 3M chose Jabmo because of its robust omnichannel ABM Platform, international reach, and managed services. Jabmo USA is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company also has offices in EMEA and APAC. For more information or to request a demo, please visit: or connect with us on Linkedin and Instagram.


This video is about Lead Gen ABM (Account Based Marketing) with LinkedIn.


This video is about Lead Gen ABM (Account Based Marketing) with LinkedIn.

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Techtarget Increases Active Accounts And Account Intent Insights In Latest Priority Engine Update, Instantly Boosting Marketing & Sale Outcomes

TechTarget | June 28, 2021

TechTarget, Inc., the industry leader in B2B technological purchase intent data and services, said today that it has considerably increased the number of active accounts and account-level purchase intent accessible in its Priority EngineTM platform. The most recent update includes additional sources of intent data that are available directly in the platform, extending marketing and sales access, and insights into critical buying considerations of important clients to achieve improved outcomes: Priority Engine now incorporates unique account-level intent and engagement data gathered from prospectives who saw topically related webinars, virtual events, and videos on the BrightTALKTM system (recently acquired by TechTarget). Account-level intent has been expanded by greater account intelligence gathering throughout TechTarget's network of 140+ technology-specific sites. Released an upgraded version of Inbound Converter with more contextual data regarding accounts accessing their own site targeting technology businesses. “Priority Engine has long offered B2B business technology marketing and sales teams with the real-time purchase intent data they require to move quickly and confidently,” stated Michael Cotoia, CEO of TechTarget. “With this latest version, our clients will have exposure to even more data and deeper insight to help them achieve better business outcomes.” TechTarget's Priority Engine is a premier SaaS-based platform that provides immediate access to some of the most active accounts and prospects studying technologies in their area. This new edition will double the number of global in-market accounts available to technology marketing and sales teams across all segments, as well as add millions of new increased-quality intent signals to the platform, assisting enterprise technology organisations in driving better performance at scale: More accounts should be exposed inside sales territory and target account lists: To provide sellers with more access to in-market accounts inside sales territory, target account lists, and in-tool searches. Enhance prioritisation and personalisation capabilities with new intent data: Through direct engagement with relevant material on TechTarget and BrightTALK, sellers may find new thematic information about critical accounts. Accounts on ABM lists have better match rates: Marketers may maximise account coverage and utilise additional insight to promote account prioritisation and higher interaction with target accounts. Display advertising may be used to retarget more in-market accounts: Marketers can extend display advertising campaigns to new pools of account holders discovered by TechTarget and BrightTALK account-level intent data. Deeper contextual data are now accessible in Priority Engine Inbound Converter, allowing sales and marketing teams to better prioritise and interact with potential customers. This new release not only adds two new sources of account-level intent across the TechTarget and BrightTALK networks, but it also significantly improves insights from Priority Engine's Inbound Converter, offering users with the context those who need to better prioritise and start engaging accounts visiting their website in real-time: View the individual sites that accounts are accessing — Inbound Converter now automatically detects and connects to the specific pages that accounts are accessing. High-value page types (product pages, resources, blogs, etc.) should be flagged in order to enhance account prioritising and identify late-stage possibilities. With the new visitor timeline, you can see the whole buyer's journey — to assist prioritise outreach; track when and how frequently certain accounts visit your site in Priority Engine. “Priority Engine's Inbound Converter assists us in identifying the accounts accessing our homepage as well as providing context for each visit,” stated Rebecca Durrance, Regional Marketing Manager at Pure Storage. “Determining the specific pages the account is looking at on our site in real-time allows our sales teams to take initiative.” TechTarget, the 2021 CODiE Award winner for Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution, has solidified its leadership in its field due to the substantial value and ROI it achieves for its clients. With how it is created and given to B2B tech marketing and sales professionals, TechTarget purchase intent insight is unambiguosly effective. The breadth of original decision-support material across TechTarget's broad network, as well as its portfolio of marketing, sales engagement, and go-to-market services, enables the Priority Engine platform to provide actionable insights. About TechTarget: TechTarget has been the world leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services that generate business results for enterprise technology firms. TechTarget recruits and fosters communities of technology buyers investigating their organisations' information technology needs by producing plentiful, high-quality editorial material across more than 140 highly focused technology-specific websites. TechTarget generates purchase intent analytics for businesses throughout the world by studying these purchasers' content consumption patterns. TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy GroupTM (ESG®) is a branch, and BrightTALK Limited is an entirely-owned affiliate of TechTarget. Boston, London, Munich, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, and Sydney are among the cities where TechTarget maintains offices.

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RollWorks Introduces New Feature Set to Provide Unparalleled Account Buying Journey Insights to Marketing and Sales Teams

RollWorks | May 05, 2021

RollWorks, a NextRoll subsidiary, today announced Journey Stages, a new feature in the RollWorks Account-Based Platform that provides B2B marketing and sales teams with greater insight into the effect of go-to-market practices on account progress. Journey Stages assists teams of all sizes in determining where their accounts are in their buying journey, activating stage-specific multi-channel campaigns as required, and measuring the success of their ABM services. Journey Stages is the first in a series of emerging capabilities from the RollWorks program that will assist go-to-market teams in uncovering insights around account journeys, measuring account progression and regression, and understanding primary factors and trends for any velocity changes between stages. RollWorks Journey Stages provides marketers with unparalleled insights to help organize and measure their ABM programs by gathering signals to map where accounts are in their overall journey and displaying this at an account level versus a lead level. Journey Stages can also be used by marketing and sales departments to orchestrate multi-channel account-based programs that approach accounts at a particular point of their journey. "We're excited to bring this comprehensive range of identification and measurement features to market," said RollWorks' VP of Product, Justin Cooperman. "With Journey Stages and additional journey capabilities on the way, RollWorks provides marketers with a new layer of end-to-end analytics to help them better grasp the effect of their Account-Based campaigns, allowing greater tuning of their ABM programs for pipeline progression and revenue growth." About RollWorks RollWorks, a NextRoll subsidiary, provides innovative B2B companies with an account-based platform for aligning their marketing and sales teams and comfortably increasing profits. RollWorks' solutions, which are driven by proprietary data and machine learning, serve the needs of companies of all sizes, from those with best-in-class ABM systems to that only starting. RollWorks is an indispensable platform for marketers and sellers who feel that an account-based approach is a good business. It empowers teams to identify their target accounts and key buyers, access those accounts through various platforms, and assess program effectiveness in their system-of-record.

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Ultra Consultants Expands Leadership Team with Appointment of New Marketing Director to Drive Growth and Expansion Goals

Ultra | October 28, 2020

Ultra Consultants, an independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries, today announced the appointment of Carolyn Wilson as Director of Marketing. The move comes as Ultra Consultants is seeing greater demand for its consulting services as organizations accelerate their digital transformation efforts to address new and emerging requirements stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic disruption.

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