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Jennifer Ross Joins Intentsify as CMO

Intentsify as CMO
Intentsify™, the Intelligence Activation Platform for buying-intent signals and Demand Activation Programs provider, today announced Jennifer Ross has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer. As Intentsify’s CMO, Ross will be responsible for the company’s overall marketing strategy and execution, building out the marketing team to keep pace with the company’s rapid-growth trajectory.

Prior to joining Intentsify, Ross led the B2B Marketing Executive service at Forrester and SiriusDecisions, a global research and advisory firm, where she empowered leading global CMOs with actionable intelligence, transformative frameworks, and expert industry guidance to deliver exceptional audience-centric go-to-market strategies.

“Jennifer’s extensive experience as both a B2B marketing leader and executive advisor in the tech space made her the obvious choice to lead our marketing organization,” said Marc Laplante, CEO, Intentsify.

“Jennifer’s extensive experience as both a B2B marketing leader and executive advisor in the tech space made her the obvious choice to lead our marketing organization,” said Marc Laplante, CEO, Intentsify. “Her extensive knowledge and skill set complement our leadership team with the expertise required to further accelerate the adoption of Intentsify’s product portfolio among B2B marketing, sales, customer success, and data science teams.”

Ross’s experience before joining SiriusDecisions/Forester included marketing leadership roles at both established and startup B2B companies, including JD Edwards, IBM, Alteryx, and Telelogic, where she built and scaled high-performing world class marketing teams that achieved outstanding growth.

With nearly three decades of B2B marketing experience in the technology industry, Ross has the expertise required to develop and drive Intentsify’s strategy during a period of rapid growth for the company.

“The ability to meet buyers where they are in the buying process—to deliver what they need when they need it—has become table stakes for B2B organizations. Buyers expect it,” said Intentsify CMO, Jennifer Ross. “It’s the reason that understanding and acting on buyer-intent signals is so essential. Yet, B2B organizations struggle with gathering, analyzing, and using buying-intent signals. Intentsify’s rapid growth to date is a direct result of how the company is delivering on the promise of intent data with powerful integrated technology, data, and programs that activate dynamic, future-proof go-to-market strategies. It’s a game changer—not only for accelerating performance across the organization, but for improving the overall buying experience. It's going to usher in the next evolution of B2B go-to-market motions. I’m thrilled to be part of this next phase of Intentisfy’s growth.”

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About Intentsify
Intentsify arms B2B organizations with the buyer and account intelligence, as well as the activation tools and programs, required to deliver GTM strategies that increase pipeline and accelerate revenue creation. Intentsify’s Intelligence Activation Platform layers, cross-verifies, and synthesizes multiple data sets to provide the broadest, most accurate view of accounts' online research activities. The company’s Demand Activation Programs convert account intelligence into meaningful buyer engagements, boosting efficiency across each customer-facing team, improving the buyer experience, and scaling pipeline value and velocity.



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6sense is pleased to announce that its 6sense Revenue AI has been recognized as a leader across eight sales and marketing categories in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports. The G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports rely on assessments of customer satisfaction, a product's presence within its category, and feedback from customers' reviews. In total, 6sense receives 85 total badges, including 21 leader badges. 6sense, a prominent provider of account-based orchestration platforms that revolutionize how B2B organizations handle pipeline conversion to revenue, has announced that its 6sense Revenue AI has achieved Leader status in eight sales and marketing categories for the eighth consecutive reporting cycle in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports. 6sense stands out as the sole vendor with two products—6sense Revenue AI for Marketing and 6sense Revenue AI for Sales—leading the G2 Buyer Intent Data Providers category. The G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports are crafted through an assessment that takes into account customer satisfaction, a product's category presence, and customer reviews. In total, 6sense has been honored with an impressive count of 85 badges, including 21 leader badges. Specifically, 6sense Revenue AI for Marketing has claimed the prestigious leader title in eight categories within the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Report. These categories encompass account-based analytics, account-based advertising, account-based orchestration platforms, account data management, and buyer intent data providers. Similarly, 6sense Revenue AI for Sales secures its position as a leader in two categories, buyer intent data providers and sales intelligence, while achieving a High Performer rating in the Lead Scoring category. Chief Customer Officer of 6sense, Sanjay Kini, said, Our customers tell us that 6sense has become even more important and valuable in this tough macro-economic environment as they strive to grow, and do so more efficiently. [Source – Business Wire] Kini mentioned that they had made substantial investments in the capabilities provided to both sales and marketing teams to facilitate alignment in converting pipeline to revenue. He expressed satisfaction in seeing their customers validate their approach, placing them in the unique position of being leaders in both sales and marketing categories. The acknowledgment in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid report underscores 6sense's unique position as the sole ABM vendor holding leadership badges in both sales and marketing categories. It affirms their commitment to aligning the revenue team around a shared set of objectives and insights, showcasing the significant impact they've achieved. In addition to bringing together sales and marketing leaders through 6sense Revenue AI, the company provides valuable resources to the sales and marketing community, including RevCity, introduced in the Fall of 2022. RevCity is an extensive online community designed for B2B marketing, sales, and revenue operations professionals. Within this community, members have the opportunity to collaborate on innovative ideas, exchange insights with industry peers, and acquire skills to enhance their organizations' revenue optimization efforts. This open and engaging community enhances the overall value that customers derive from 6sense.

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Teradata, ActionIQ Partner on New Offerings for VantageCloud Customers

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Teradata and ActionIQ announced a new joint offering for marketing and customer experience activations for VantageCloud customers. With this, the two businesses intend to democratize enterprise customer data access and give technical teams more authority. This partnership aims to safeguard future acquisition marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty, and enhance business team retention. Teradata and ActionIQ has announced a new collaborative solution tailored for marketing and customer experience activations among Teradata VantageCloud customer. This integration, seamlessly blending VantageCloud and ActionIQ capabilities, is fully operational and available to customers. This partnership displays Teradata's open ecosystem and strong alliance with ActionIQ, using their combined expertise in marketing and advertising technology to enhance customer experience initiatives. The collaboration between these two companies strives to make customer data accessible across the entire enterprise, granting technical teams greater control. By integrating Teradata VantageCloud's unified data approach and advanced analytics with ActionIQ’s cutting-edge customer experience applications, businesses can achieve a holistic 360-degree view of their customers. This approach enables more meaningful engagements and the delivery of superior customer experiences. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Teradata, Lisa Stewart, said, The partnership between ActionIQ and Teradata is a win for customers interested in enhancing their customer experience (CX) and driving profitable growth. [Source – Business Wire] She stated that, with ActionIQ's expertise in marketing and advertising technology for customer experience, combined with Teradata's complete cloud analytics and data platform, companies can unlock the full potential of their customer data, accelerate time-to-value, enhance agility, and deliver exceptional CX. With Teradata VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform alongside ActionIQ, businesses can accelerate innovation, make better decisions, and enhance customer experiences, especially for AI and ML applications. ActionIQ's distinctive composable architecture provides marketers with easy-to-use, self-service data access while driving queries into VantageCloud for optimal performance, security, and enterprise scale. This setup allows business teams to directly access data in a controlled manner, facilitating self-serve use cases through smooth integrations with various channels. IT and data teams benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and hassle-free integrations, freeing up resources for more strategic tasks. This partnership is crafted to future-proof acquisition marketing strategies, boost loyalty, and enhance retention efforts for business teams. Tasso Argyros, CEO and Founder of ActionIQ, mentioned, Teradata's unmatched legacy in data analytics and ActionIQ's marketer-friendly customer data platform (CDP) position us to redefine customer experiences. [Source – Business Wire] He further added that their shared vision is to empower businesses, facilitating faster innovation, better decisions, and genuine customer connections.

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Demandbase Recognized as a Notable Provider by Forrester Research

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Demandbase has announced being named a recognized provider by Forrester Research in a recent research report. As per the Marketing and Sales Data Providers for B2B Landscape report by Forrester, the modern B2B data provider sector has only a few suppliers with the depth, breadth, and scale of offers to be large business clients' primary data partners. The report provides an overview of the leading business scenarios required in this market, as well as the anticipated capabilities of providers. Demandbase, a market leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market strategies, has announced it has been recognized as a noteworthy provider by Forrester Research in its recent report titled "The Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B Landscape, Q4 2023." The report outlines key business scenarios in the market and assesses providers' expected capabilities. Forrester emphasized that enterprise customers now demand more than just lists from their data providers. They seek partners capable of delivering diverse and extensive data sets, improving internal data quality and compliance, and optimizing operations through integrations, automation, and specific-use case technologies. The report highlights the crucial role of B2B marketing and sales data providers, such as Demandbase, in building and improving the addressable market database. These providers enhance target market definition, refine ideal customer profiles, and boost the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and sales interactions. Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, Brewster Stanislaw, said Data has always been the cornerstone of our strategy to transform how B2B firms go to market. With the explosion of AI, the significance of accurate, differentiated data to train GTM models has never been higher. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Brewster Stanislaw expressed his excitement about being included in the Forrester report. He noted that it underlined the comprehensiveness, remarkable reliability, and AI-readiness of their GTM data. Stanislaw mentioned that this recognition reinforced their ability to meet the unique data requirements of enterprise customers. In order to be quantified for this Landscape, providers are required to offer firmographic and demographic (contact and account) data to assist clients with their B2B marketing and sales databases across various industries. The report highlights that most providers also offer supplementary services such as data enrichment, storage, unification, and additional data types like technographic data, funding data, or intent data. Apart from these core capabilities, Demandbase identified its top three extended business scenarios as target market definition and sizing, data capture/form augmentation, and ideal customer profiling. Earlier this year, Demandbase was recognized in Forrester's Q2, 2023 Account-Based Selling Technologies Landscape and previously featured in Forrester's Q3, 2022, B2B Sales Intelligence Vendors Landscape Report. Demandbase notices these acknowledgments as a testament to the company's extensive range of services.

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