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Lead2Pipeline Expands Buyer Database in Europe and Asia-Pacific, Hires Thought Leadership Industry Veteran, and Moves from New York to Austin

PR Newswire | June 02, 2023 | Read time : 12:00 min


Lead2Pipeline, a B2B demand generation service used by global technology companies, announced its proprietary database of buyers has grown to more than 57 million worldwide. The company successfully recruited thought leadership industry veteran, Jarrett Simisky, to keep up with rising demand for lower funnel programs. To align itself with its growing technology customers, the company moved its headquarters from New York to Austin, Texas.

Over the past twelve months, Lead2Pipeline's GDPR-first database has grown to more than 57 million global buyers, increasing 75% across Asia Pacific and 150% across EMEA.

The company is one of only twenty global lead gen providers certified by LeadScale for verified leads which exceed GDPR standards for digital compliance. This allows Lead2Pipeline to deliver fully GDPR compliant lower funnel demand gen programs via email and phone across the DACH region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) in English, French and German.

Outside EMEA, the company has seen growth in Spanish-language programs across Latin America. Additionally, clients based in Singapore and Australia have been growing faster than their US counterparts, indicating a promising recovery for technology companies in Asia Pacific.

"Our customers rely on our database to reach technology buyers in each region," explained Chip Klang, Co-Founder and CEO at Lead2Pipeline. "Despite the global recession, they continue to build pipeline for their sales teams by focusing on data and exclusively targeting buyers demonstrating intent for their solutions."

As technology marketers face increased pressure to produce lower funnel (buyer-ready) leads for their sales teams, demand for research and survey-based content has grown significantly.

To help design and scale these lower funnel content syndication programs, Lead2Pipeline successfully recruited one of the industry's most experienced thought leadership sales experts, Jarrett Simisky. Based in Boston, MA, Simisky has driven growth and forged partnerships at prolific brands, including QuinStreet (acquired by TechnologyAdvice), TCI, and TechTarget.

"I'm excited to join Lead2Pipeline at a time when tech marketers are seeking guidance for their full funnel demand generation programs," says Simisky. "Lead2Pipeline's cutting edge intent signals allow our clients to target their high-quality content campaigns with precision."

As SaaS companies grew rapidly during the pandemic, many built teams outside the Bay Area, Boston, and New York. Austin, Texas has been a major beneficiary of this nationwide migration of flex tech workers. In addition to engineering and customer success teams, Austin hosts a thriving tech marketing community.

Earlier this year, Lead2Pipeline moved its headquarters from New York City, where the company was founded, to Austin, while maintaining a remote global workforce. The company expects to build strong relationships across the Austin tech marketing community, with key team members permanently based in Texas.

"Technology giants and well-funded startups are laying down roots in Austin. We see a bright future for the growth of this city, and we want to build alongside our clients." added Klang.

About Lead2Pipeline

Lead2Pipeline helps drive growth for the world's most innovative technology companies, including VMware, Splunk, and BambooHR. Using artificial intelligence and privacy-protected intent data with full CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR compliance, the company delivers top, middle, and bottom of funnel demand generation campaigns across its proprietary database of 57M technology and business buyers worldwide. For more information, please visit


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Anteriad Marketing Cloud Receives Sammy Award for Product of the Year for the Second Year in a Row

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Today, the Business Intelligence Group named the Anteriad Marketing Cloud Product of the Year in the 2023 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards program, also known as The Sammys. The Sammys honor organizations and products helping to solve the challenges organizations have connecting and collaborating with prospects and customers. This is the second year in a row that Anteriad Marketing Cloud has won this prestigious award. Anteriad Marketing Cloud is a full-funnel B2B marketing technology that incorporates cutting-edge data, modeling, and activation capabilities. Anteriad Marketing Cloud customers get access to unique and relevant B2B data and insights about their ideal prospects, opening the door for dramatic improvements in lead quality, buying group identification and expansion, pipeline performance, and ultimately, new deals. Anteriad’s volume, breadth, and depth of multi-sourced intent data create success in campaigns across email, demand generation, social and programmatic channels. Anteriad Marketing Cloud was built to address the challenges of today’s B2B marketers. Their proprietary technology enables B2B marketers to access verified intent, firmographic, demographic, and technographic data feeds to create customized audiences which can be activated from within the platform itself, through their own technology stack, or with the support of Anteriad’s managed services teams. This provides marketers with a variety of quality data sources including first-party data to identify specific audiences and buying groups which can then be activated across key channels including social media, programmatic and ABM campaigns. The Anteriad Marketing Cloud also supports Anteriad’s marketing services team, which works with customers like ServiceNow to build scalable marketing solutions that drive engagement, grow new and existing customer relationships, achieving unique reach into untouched markets across channels. With access to more than 55 million B2B professionals and hundreds of intelligent attributes, customers can easily build and target their custom audience profiles and get in front of prospects and customers. “We are thrilled to have been awarded a Sammy two years in a row, especially in 2023, a year where B2B marketers are working harder than ever to hit their goals with constrained resources. The combination of the Anteriad Marketing Cloud and our managed service offering is designed to bring our customers the data, technology, and expertise they need to get in front of their next customer faster. We’re laser-focused on the needs of B2B marketers and are excited to have this award recognize our approach,” said Ken Lordy, Chief Product Officer at Anteriad. “We are proud to reward and recognize Anteriad for their innovation and dedication to helping both the organization using their technology and the ultimate consumer,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that their efforts will improve how we all connect with the brands we love for years to come.” About Anteriad Anteriad puts B2B marketers in front of their next customer and ahead of their competition. Companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Forbes, SHRM, and Lenovo have benefited from our high-fidelity B2B buyer data, full and self-service multichannel execution, tele-based conversion services, analytics, and expert advisory to generate impactful ROI multiples. Our award-winning Anteriad Marketing Cloud platform tracks more than 500 billion buyer-related signals each month. BNZSA, our international division, delivers GDPR-compliant data and qualified prospects directly to sales teams with BDRs that offer local expertise in 26 languages. Start creating your future today – get to know us at

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Account-Based Marketing Helps Businesses Improve Customer-Centric Experience, Says SoftwareReviews

PR Newswire | August 04, 2023

As digital adoption and economic uncertainty continue to grow in 2023, the importance of account-based marketing (ABM) to drive personalized customer experience is soaring. From the booming digital transformation sector to global events shaping consumer behavior, ABM is helping to improve the CXM experience, target key accounts, and go beyond speaking to the decision maker. To assist organizations in selecting the best ABM strategy and creating better alignment between the sales and marketing teams to positively impact customer experiences and revenue, SoftwareReviews has published its latest industry resource, Build Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy. According to the firm's research, there are over six decision makers on average within the buying committee. SoftwareReviews cautions that it is important to not pass up the opportunity to involve all the decision makers with an intentional ABM strategy. However, many marketers face challenges in developing their ABM strategy, including a lack of core capabilities to support ABM strategies and inadequate tools. "A successful ABM strategy begins with aligning sales and marketing efforts to create an ideal customer profile (ICP) and develop personalized programs with high-value accounts," says Julie Geller, principal marketing research director at SoftwareReviews. "ABM is typically used in businesses that are ready to mature their inbound marketing programs, looking to enhance their cross-sell and upsell efforts, and needing to alleviate strain on their sales team." SoftwareReviews' research further explains organizations of all sizes face implementation challenges when adopting ABM. These hurdles include unclear starting points, limited personalized content, insufficient historical data, and inadequate tools and processes. The firm also reveals that, unfortunately, many marketers unintentionally complicate ABM implementation by skipping fundamental steps and focusing on MarTech platforms. However, the research shows that by investing time in building robust foundational capabilities, organizations can significantly improve measurable results from their ABM strategy and achieve comprehensive effectiveness in their ABM initiatives. By adopting this approach, organizations can effectively target and cultivate relationships with high-opportunity accounts. Organizations that continually enhance their capabilities are able to swiftly identify and address any gaps, resulting in accelerated growth and the generation of invaluable growth insights for sales, customer service, marketing, and the leadership teams. The firm explains that an effective and impactful ABM strategy can be a powerful asset in managing complex customer relationships, and selecting the appropriate ABM approach that aligns with an organization's unique needs is crucial. SoftwareReviews recommends three types of ABM approaches marketing leaders should consider: Foundational ABM: Using programmatic platforms to enable activations like targeted advertising at scale and one-on-one email sequences with minimal personalization. Advanced ABM: Moderately customized programs for accounts with similar business challenges and needs by building a customer-centric experience. Transformative ABM: Highly customized programs for individual accounts geared to grow relationships through private events, ambassador programs, and one-on-one meetings, etc. "Many companies feel that ABM requires a high level of complexity and the use of AI platforms to achieve measurable success; however, this is just one approach. The beauty of ABM is that it is a scalable strategy, and if you have a solid enterprise inbound program in place, you should not encounter significant barriers to employing an ABM strategy," explains Geller. There is a correlation between the success of each level of ABM maturity and various factors, including available resources, business needs, and the presence of foundational elements within the organization. SoftwareReviews advises in the resource that the goal is not to employ a complex program or include all levels of ABM strategy but rather to select the most feasible for an organization. Blueprints are the firm's proprietary methodology for technology and marketing initiatives. The Build Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy blueprint, available to download, offers marketers and their organizations comprehensive insights into various ABM strategy types, instructions, tools, and project artifacts, as well as an ABM Maturity Diagnostic Assessment, for establishing a solid foundation for ABM. About SoftwareReviews SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech Research Group, empowers organizations with the best data, insights, and advice to improve the software buying and selling experience. For buyers, SoftwareReviews' proven software selection methodologies, customer insights, and technology advisors help maximize success with technology decisions. For providers, the firm helps build more effective marketing, product, and sales processes with expert analysts, how-to research, customer-centric marketing content, and comprehensive analysis of the buyer landscape. Media professionals can register for unrestricted access to research across software, IT, and HR and over 200 industry analysts through the firm's Media Insiders program.

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