Leading Companies Choose Qualtrics to Enhance Customer Experiences and Reduce Costs

Qualtrics | January 31, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

CX and Reduce Costs

On January 30, 2023, Qualtrics, the leader in the experience management category, announced that hundreds of organizations, including The BMW Group, Principal Financial Group®, and Farmers Insurance, selected its CX solutions in the fourth quarter of 2022 in order to create exceptional customer experiences during uncertain times.

Bad customer experiences result in direct income loss since a bad contact may result in the loss of consumer loyalty and future spending potential. When companies lose clients due to negative experiences, they risk losing 6.7% of their annual revenue, or $3.1 trillion.

Qualtrics is integral to how firms make mission-critical customer and employee choices and drive automated actions to protect their revenue, boost efficiency, and enhance operations. The CX platform from Qualtrics enables enterprises to collect customer feedback through surveys, online reviews, contact center interactions, social media, and more.

The following companies chose Qualtrics in the fourth quarter to better understand people's emotions, effort, and purpose to provide more personalized and empathic experiences:

  • The BMW Group is committed to customer-centric innovation and uses Qualtrics to monitor all aspects of its customer feedback.
  • Principal Financial Group® aims to provide all of its clients with a uniform, contemporary digital experience.
  • Freedom Furniture, one of Australia's largest lifestyle retailers, boosted its investment in Qualtrics CustomerXM in the fourth quarter to assist the firm in expanding its product line and profitability.
  • Vera Bradley, a prominent women's lifestyle brand, invested in Qualtrics in the fourth quarter to consolidate more than a dozen sources of client feedback into a single platform.
  • Farmers Insurance has implemented Qualtrics CX Discover across all of its contact centers in order to discover the top sources of friction in its customer service for agents and members.

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the pioneer and developer of the experience management category, is revolutionizing how businesses manage and enhance the four real business experiences: customer, employee, product, and brand. Over 18,750 companies use Qualtrics worldwide to listen, analyze, and act on experience data (X-data™)—the emotions, beliefs, and intentions that tell you why things are occurring and what to do. The platform is a system of activities that assists organizations in attracting customers who stay longer and spend more, engaging workers who create a great culture, developing breakthrough products that people want, and building a brand that people care about.


Présent dans 30 000 magasins et 60 pays, SES-imagotag est le premier fournisseur mondial d’étiquettes électroniques (ESL) et de solutions d’internet des objets (IdO) pour le commerce de détail. À l’échelle mondiale, l’entreprise permet à plus de 300 grands détaillants de revitaliser et de numériser leurs magasins physiques. Elle


Présent dans 30 000 magasins et 60 pays, SES-imagotag est le premier fournisseur mondial d’étiquettes électroniques (ESL) et de solutions d’internet des objets (IdO) pour le commerce de détail. À l’échelle mondiale, l’entreprise permet à plus de 300 grands détaillants de revitaliser et de numériser leurs magasins physiques. Elle

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