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Lusha Announces the Launch of Warm Outbound


On February 22, 2023, Lusha, a B2B platform for market intelligence, introduced its ‘Warm Outbound’ capabilities, which enables users to access millions of market-ready prospects directly.

Lusha's latest product suite offers data-driven sales signals that help identify which products and services firms are interested in and how close it is to making a purchase. This allows sales and marketing teams to make warm outbound approaches, reaching prospects when they are most likely to buy. By leveraging Lusha's precise, dynamic, and crowdsourced prospect data, sales executives can easily connect with the right prospects at the optimal time with little effort.

Amidst the uncertain economic climate, companies are trying to reduce costs and workforce, including scrutinizing marketing budgets, leading to fewer inbound leads for sales teams to close. This situation has led to go-to-market leaders striving for efficiency in 2023, seeking ways to achieve more with fewer resources and exploring innovative sales tactics beyond cold outreach.

Lusha's Warm Outbound suite offers two new features. With the Job Change Filter, users can prioritize prospects based on recent job changes and receive notifications when key contacts switch jobs or take on new roles. In addition, the Technology Filter provides information about prospects' technology stacks, allowing salespeople to identify prospects needing solutions and customize their outreach.

About Lusha:

Lusha is a platform that offers business-to-business (B2B) intelligence, allowing B2B go-to-market teams to find, engage, and close qualified prospects using accurate, fresh, and easily accessible data. With Lusha, marketing and sales teams can save time and resources by receiving relevant prospect recommendations, eliminating the need for extensive research, and enabling them to focus on communicating their value.

The platform's unique crowdsourcing approach ensures that sales and marketing teams of all sizes can access accurate prospect data, enabling them to reach the right audience at the right time. Lusha was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The platform's user base has expanded significantly to more than 1 million users and 273,000 sales organizations, including well-known brands such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft, Dropbox, and Uber.



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