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Madison Logic Named One of the Nation's Best Places to Work

prweb | April 11, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Madison Logic Named

Madison Logic, the leading global digital Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform, today announced it has been awarded Best Places to Work by Business Intelligence Group. The annual awards program recognizes organizations actively working to improve their own performance through efforts to challenge employees in environments that make work fun and engaging. Results are determined by employee feedback and reflects Madison Logic’s focus on creating an inclusive and positive employee experience.

"We're incredibly honored to be recognized as a workplace that strongly supports its people," said Teresa Martins, Chief People Officer at Madison Logic. “Cultivating a positive employee experience is paramount to our business, and it’s always humbling to be acknowledged by our own team for these efforts. We remain committed to providing a rewarding work environment built upon collaboration, transparency, and trust."

Madison Logic's bottom-up, employee-centric culture has helped accelerate the company's growth. Today's leading B2B marketers rely on Madison Logic and its team to identify the accounts most likely to purchase, accelerate the customer journey, and shorten sales cycles to positively impact ROI. The ML Platform, a global multi-channel ABM media activation and measurement solution, enables enterprise organizations to leverage unique proprietary data to more easily identify and prioritize their target accounts, activate global multi-channel ABM campaigns, and gain full visibility into program performance through comprehensive measurement and reports. The company’s successful approach is reinforced by its high revenue retention, positive customer satisfaction scores, and continued recognition as an industry leader.

In addition to being awarded a Best Places to Work by Business Intelligence Group, Madison Logic has also been recognized as a 2023 Top Workplace USA and earned the 2022 Great Place to Work® Certification Across its U.S., EMEA & APAC offices.

“We’re incredibly honored to be recognized as a Best Place to Work for our commitment to putting our people first in everything we do. Our employees enable us to stay true to our mission to be the definitive ABM platform for B2B marketers globally,” said Tom O'Regan, CEO of Madison Logic. "Now, more than ever, marketers need smarter strategies to shorten the sales cycle and drive higher conversion. The predictable pipeline and revenue growth we deliver is the reason we continue to retain our customers almost 20 years after our inception."

The Business Intelligence Group is a crowd-sourced and openly transparent industry awards platform focused on helping businesses and their employees. Nominations are sourced organically from companies around the globe and scored by expert judges based on employee survey results.

“Congratulations to Madison Logic for building an organization focused on employee engagement and performance,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer of Business Intelligence Group. “This clearly was the most challenging year for many companies and it is clear this is a great place to work and employee feedback is not only listened to, but acted upon. Congratulations to the entire team.”

About Madison Logic

The Madison Logic Platform, a global multi-channel ABM activation and measurement platform, enables enterprise organizations to leverage a proprietary combined data set to identify the accounts most likely to purchase, accelerate the customer journey, and shorten sales cycles to positively impact ROI. Madison Logic empowers B2B marketers to convert their best accounts faster by finding and engaging with the most influential individuals throughout the buyer's journey.


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Momentum ITSMA Introduces a New Book on Dynamics of Buying Cycles

Momentum ITSMA | September 13, 2023

Momentum ITSMA has announced the launch of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' The company's ABM Benchmark Report, created in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, aims to achieve a 55% annual growth in account revenues. The reader will explore strategies for establishing trust, leveraging customer insights, and creating a personalized value proposition that truly resonates with their target audience. On September 12, 2023, Momentum ITSMA, a global B2B growth consultancy enabling companies to achieve market-beating performance by growing, winning, and retaining valuable client relationships, has announced the release of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' Written by Alisha Lyndon, the Founder of Momentum ITSMA, the book presents a novel viewpoint on the functions of marketing and sales in developing long-term strategic client relationships. It promotes a strategy that is advantageous to both the company and its clients. Account-based marketing is of the most important importance and relevance at present. Momentum ITSMA's ABM Benchmark Report, in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, showcases that ABM has a proven track record. On average, it enables businesses to achieve a remarkable 55% growth in annual account revenues. Moreover, ABM contributes to a significant 71% expansion in account relationships and a 34% enhancement of reputation inside accounts. Alisha Lyndon, Founder of Momentum ITSMA, mentioned, ABM is about people, not personas. It is about accounts, not markets. It means shifting your focus from the broadcast of 'let me tell you why we're great' to the value of 'we see your problems and the opportunities for growth. Let us help you get there'. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The author stated that the book had been written for executives, sales, and marketing leaders with the aim of fostering a mutual understanding of their roles throughout the buying cycle. Additionally, it aimed to assist them in recognizing obstacles to purchasing and attending to client needs before, during, and after the buying cycle, added Lyndon. In ‘The ABM Effect,’ Alisha Lyndon draws on her extensive experience to outline successful strategies that unite sales and marketing teams. These approaches empower them to not only acquire but also retain and expand strategic accounts. Delving into the evolving dynamics of buying cycles, the book distinguishes effective practices from ineffective ones. It provides readers with a well-defined framework for navigating these dynamics effectively. Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Vice President, Salesforce, stated, Customer trust is hard won, and easily lost. Having worked first hand with Lyndon, she knows what it takes to build trust, reputation, and relationships with key accounts. This approach works. This book provides valuable insight for anyone in sales or marketing leadership looking to outperform their competition. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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RollWorks Introduces 'Hot Contacts,' a New Sales-Ready Lead Category

RollWorks | September 20, 2023

RollWorks released Hot Contacts, a unique feature that supplements the marketing qualified lead (MQL) list with sales-ready prospects. The company has distributed more than 1.5 million sales-ready leads to its beta customers since March, each receiving an average of 200 leads per quarter. Hot Contacts enables marketers to define 'sales ready,' ensuring high-quality sales leads and marketing qualified leads. RollWorks, a well-known marketing platform catering to B2B marketing and sales, has introduced Hot Contacts, a distinctive feature that provides marketers with an ongoing list of sales-ready leads, which supplements the conventional marketing qualified lead (MQL) list. Since its beta launch in March this year, RollWorks has successfully provided its customers with more than 1.5 million sales-ready leads. On average, each beta customer has received an additional 200 leads per quarter through this feature. Hot Contacts offers an innovative solution for marketers seeking to broaden their pool of sales-ready leads without the need for increased budgets or additional resources. It accomplishes this by identifying high-fit leads that have demonstrated their readiness for sales engagement through website visits and ad clicks. With Hot Contacts, marketers can tailor their definition of 'sales ready.' This customization ensures that the leads sent to the sales team are consistently of high quality. This approach complements the traditional marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which primarily rely on form submissions for qualification. By incorporating various buying signals to identify engaged prospects, both before and after form submissions, RollWorks streamlines the lead identification process. This allows marketers to discover more members of the buying committee, engage with prospects earlier in the buying journey, and maximize the effectiveness of their existing programs to achieve their lead objectives more efficiently. Jodi Cerretani, VP of Revenue Marketing at RollWorks, said, For far too long, a whole subsection of leads in the B2B space was being completely overlooked due to the inability to track them, but now with Hot Contacts, we’ve put an end to the archaic ways of generating leads. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Cerretani further mentioned that instead of only looking at form completions, they were expanding their focus beyond form completions to include individuals' online behavior and ad engagement. This expansion led to the creation of a completely new category of sales-ready leads. She expressed excitement about being their customers' exclusive provider of this unique solution. Hot Contacts uses RollWorks' ability to de-anonymize prospects who meet the sales-readiness criteria, which considers factors such as suitability, ad interactions, and website engagement. It retrieves information about contacts from Salesforce or Hubspot CRM. This dynamic collection of sales-ready leads contains essential contact information, including names and titles. In addition, it provides context by indicating the event type, visited URL, or ads viewed, as well as the last engagement date. This extensive data gives sales teams the necessary insights to personalize their outreach effectively. With Hot Contacts, marketers gain the ability to identify highly engaged contacts who are more likely to make a purchase. This empowers sales teams to prioritize these engaged leads and tailor their outreach strategies for faster sales cycles and improved closure rates.

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ZoomInfo Enters into Strategic Partnership with The Trade Desk

ZoomInfo | September 08, 2023

ZoomInfo has announced entering a strategic partnership with global-leader advertising technology, The Trade Desk. MarketingOS, ZoomInfo’s account-based marketing (ABM) platform, offers the industry’s first in-house B2B demand-side platform that focuses on meeting the needs of companies doing true B2B ABM. The integration with supply-side platforms assists MarketingOS to enable customers to buy advertisements through real-time actions for placement in leading business publications. ZoomInfo, an industry-leading go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and increase customer base, has announced a strategic integration with The Trade Desk, a worldwide leading provider of advertising technology. The partnership will enable ZoomInfo to access The Trade Desk’s industry-leading platform. Using this, ZoomInfo expands its omnichannel advertising network in order to gain access to more elite publishers and provides display, video, and audio advertisements internationally for the first time. Bryan Law, Chief Marketing Officer of ZoomInfo, said, Our industry-leading audience creation capabilities are built on the strongest data foundation in the market, and with The Trade Desk expanding our reach, we can now provide the best of both worlds. This partnership opens the door for our customers to scale their audiences and unlock new avenues for customer acquisition. [Source – Business Wire] MarketingOS, ZoomInfo's ABM platform, serves as the perfect central hub for executing B2B advertising campaigns. It provides dynamic intent market signals and exclusive categories of intent data that businesses cannot find elsewhere. The platform features the industry's first in-house B2B demand-side platform (DSP), tailor-made for meeting the needs of companies engaged in genuine B2B account-based marketing. It is carefully optimized to align with crucial account context rather than surface-level insights. The platform offers a streamlined approach by directly integrating with leading exchanges and supply-side platforms (SSPs). This integration empowers customers to participate in real-time auctions for ad placement in leading business publications. On the back end, ZoomInfo seamlessly processes users' tailored audiences and campaign details, initiating campaigns programmatically through The Trade Desk's ad auction process. MarketingOS users can now craft advertising campaigns harnessing The Trade Desk's platform innovation, tapping into its extensive inventory access, which boasts the widest industry reach. This enhanced domestic outreach and the capacity to target fresh international audiences promise improved campaign performance and a better ROI, leading to sustained business growth. Ed Chater, SVP of Global Client Service at The Trade Desk, said, ZoomInfo is leading the way for B2B and ABM via their MarketingOS platform, and we’re excited to see our innovation power their capabilities that harness data and decisioned media buying. This is even more exciting when thinking about the available inventory, including connected televisions, that can be bought programmatically, which can change the way B2B marketers plan and execute their campaigns. [Source – Business Wire] In the realm of B2B marketing, organizations have tremendous opportunities to supercharge their marketing campaigns, which brings them close to the right audience, added Charter.

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