Metadata Awarded Its 4th and 5th Patents for Their MarTech

Metadata | February 07, 2022

On February 2, announced that they had received two new patents from The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for their marketing technology that automates mundane but critical B2B marketing tasks. is the first demand generation platform for B2B marketers. It helps B2B marketers build highly targeted audiences across different channels.

The platform launched a high volume of campaign experiments and optimizes the ones that drive efficient revenue automatically. Metadata currently serves over 170 customers that benefit from the platform. It aims to take marketers closer to revenue. These new patents will boost the performance of the existing campaigns platform and provide the capability to establish new technology integrations. It will also enable new marketing strategies using a ‘playbook’ concept.

“These patents are taking a step beyond a simple instruction manual to help customize and execute new marketing strategies based on a particular customer’s needs,” said Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata.

“These patents are taking a step beyond a simple instruction manual to help customize and execute new marketing strategies based on a particular customer’s needs,” said Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata. “We’re building a platform that allows revenue marketers to automatically run completely pre-optimized programs that apply proven B2B marketing best practices and playbooks across channels and technologies.”

The first of the two patents was granted for proactive marketing technology. It ingests a customer’s historical data from across different channels and technologies. It understands the customer’s expectations and recommends the next step marketing strategies to get the best outcome efficiently.

The second patent was granted for Metadata’s use of templates and playbooks. They are digitally embedded into the platform and will apply B2B marketing best-practice strategies to the customer’s campaigns and technology integrations.

“Historically, AI has been more of a novelty. Now, it’s embedded everywhere in our personal lives,” said Allouche. “It’s innate – we trust it without question when we need directions or groceries at our door. On the business side, however, we are only on the brink of its possibilities. But the technology is here, and ready to be leveraged.”


Getting executive buy-in and funding to jumpstart a digital transformation requires a solid business case that focuses on the outcomes of the investment. Once you’ve answered the question: Why are we even looking for a CLM solution? Your team can prioritise and allocate the resources necessary to create a business case. “A busin


Getting executive buy-in and funding to jumpstart a digital transformation requires a solid business case that focuses on the outcomes of the investment. Once you’ve answered the question: Why are we even looking for a CLM solution? Your team can prioritise and allocate the resources necessary to create a business case. “A busin

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Sendoso Marks 5th Annual National Sending Day with ‘Spring Forward’ Campaign

Sendoso | March 13, 2023

Sendoso, a leading direct marketing automation company, recently celebrated its 5th Annual National Sending Day, its official holiday aimed at facilitating the development of authentic relationships by creating memorable moments. To commemorate the holiday, Sendoso is providing experiences to companies all over the world to illustrate how to deliver personalized, one-of-a-kind experiences to build relationships and pay it forward. National Sending Day was started in 2018 to demonstrate how to stand out, engage prospects at key points throughout the customer journey, and establish a personal, human connection. National Sending Day is a reminder to demonstrate your appreciation to customers by sending direct mail, experiences, personalized gifts, and branded swag in order to develop a relationship beyond phone calls and emails and evoke authenticity. This year, Sendoso will commemorate National Sending Day with a 'Spring Forward' program, and by sending sunflower grow kits to its partners, advisors, customers, and prospects. This symbolic action serves to remind customers to apply the same care and attention to their organizations as they would to a flower so that their businesses can flourish and grow. Braydan Young, Co-Founder of Sendoso, shared, "We believe that National Sending Day is not just a day to send packages, but a day to send love, appreciation, and gratitude to those who matter most. It's a day to connect with each other, even from afar, and to make someone's day a little brighter." He added, "We are honored to share this special day and to help facilitate meaningful connections between people all around the world." (Source – Business Wire) About Sendoso Sendoso is the leading Sending Platform based in San Francisco, California. It enables companies to differentiate themselves by offering new and innovative ways to engage with customers at every stage of the buyer's journey. It provides a complete sending strategy beyond traditional corporate gifts, which is both scalable and measurable, resulting in a superior marketing ROI. By seamlessly integrating digital and physical sending strategies, companies can amplify the effectiveness of their existing go-to-market programs and improve their relationships with customers. Founded in 2016, Sendoso has a global footprint, with a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and is backed by $152M in venture funding.

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Folloze Plus Outreach Empowers Sales and Marketing With Advanced Orchestration to Engage Prospects and Further Pipeline Goals

Business Wire | June 02, 2023

Folloze, creator of the world’s first and only no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform (BX 3.0), today announced Folloze plus Outreach, a new integration that enables customers to connect the power of Folloze BX 3.0 and sales engagement within the Outreach Sales Execution Platform. This new single interface allows sales and marketing to auto-personalize content experiences via Folloze boards to Outreach sequences with just a few clicks, unlocking agility and productivity, while starting a long-term, rich, data-driven relationship. Additionally, first-party behavioral analytics are now easily accessed through a dashboard that allows sales professionals and managers to focus their resources on the best opportunities, winning more deals faster. “Folloze and Outreach provide teams with the ability to uplevel sales and marketing activities in their own respective ways,” said David Brutman, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Folloze. “The integration addresses a critical gap as budgets are shrinking and organizations strive to garner better results with current or reduced investments. By bringing these dynamic platforms together, joint customers that lean on their sales channels as a critical driver of engagement and pipeline acceleration will now have a more unified experience that amplifies value and drives greater performance and personalization.” A Smarter Way to Drive Pipeline and Engage Prospects By integrating the prospecting capabilities of two industry leaders, Folloze and Outreach help sales and marketing teams play to win from the first human touch by creating a better initial experience and the backend data to prioritize the most engaged and best opportunities. Marketers can orchestrate campaigns through a variety of channels such as ads, social media, physical mail, marketing emails, as well as with the sales team, all reinforcing each other with consistent messaging and content and one standardized analytics stream handed over directly to sellers. This provides the foundation for persistent profiling and ongoing experience continuity, enabling a stronger communication channel with less back and forth email messaging, which saves time and improves relationships. Campaign efforts result in actual pipeline creation, building a revenue engine like never before. “Outreach is committed to making it easier for our customers to create pipeline and close more deals. We seek partners who further this mission, and Folloze definitely fits our criteria,” added Phillip Friedman, Head of Partner and Ecosystem at Outreach. “This integration helps sales and marketing teams become both more strategic and personalized in their prospect interactions, making each sales rep’s touch that much more impactful.” The integrated solution makes that all-important first touch even more compelling for joint customers by allowing Outreach users to understand prospects’ behavior with Folloze’s first-party intent signals within the Outreach platform. This deep behavioral data allows sellers to focus on the most likely prospects and quickly respond to capture moments of interest with personalized content. These benefits lead to far more cohesive, efficient, and effective sales and marketing efforts. “We look to get the most out of every tech investment, so we talked with the teams at Folloze and Outreach to see if there was a possibility to streamline the information flow to sales reps while keeping content consistent. We also wanted our sales reps to be able to take advantage of unique behavioral insights within one view,” said Benjamin Smokovich, Global Director of Innovation and Tech at SAP. “Our partners at Folloze and Outreach instantly recognized how compelling such an integration would be, and what they developed has far exceeded our expectations. Our teams are already reaping the benefits.” Specific capabilities available through the integration include: Add a Folloze board to an Outreach email with just a few clicks: Sharing an entire personalized experience is the most strategic way to engage prospects and track buyer behavior. Add a direct link to Folloze content in an Outreach email: Taking it one step further, the integration makes it possible to share a killer piece of content within a Folloze board, incorporated into an Outreach email, to quickly grab a prospect’s attention. Personalized Folloze board experience: Through a completely automated process, each prospect receives a customized and highly relevant experience that drives accelerated engagement and generates intent insights. View account and contact engagement activity within Outreach: Thanks to a fully integrated Folloze dashboard, sales professionals and managers are able to get real-time, first-party intent data to prioritize efforts and understand what’s working. Identity matching capabilities provide behavioral data: More insights give sales and marketing the ability to identify and truly understand who their prospects are so they can serve them much more effectively and efficiently at scale. Upcoming Webinar On June 13th, Folloze will host a webinar with featured guests from Outreach and SAP who will discuss modern marketing and sales techniques that will help you deploy your people, technology, and processes that will result in more account engagement and higher sales velocity. Please visit to register. To find out more details on how the Folloze plus Outreach integration could work for you, please visit About Folloze Folloze, creator of the world’s first and only no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform (BX 3.0), is used by B2B marketing, sales, and revenue teams. Folloze BX 3.0 empowers any marketer to easily build data-driven, highly engaging, personalized content destinations across the entire B2B buyer journey to drive deeper account engagement and revenue growth. Top B2B brands, including ServiceNow, Google Cloud, Cisco, Autodesk, Gigamon, and UL trust Folloze to boost customer engagement, revenue growth, and expansion across their target accounts. To learn more, visit

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Madison Logic Named a Leader for Intent Data in New Analyst Report

PRWeb | May 26, 2023

Madison Logic, the leading global digital Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform, today announced that it has been recognized as a Leader in the new report, The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023. The report recognizes Madison Logic as a proven demand generation partner for its proprietary intent data and extensive marketing campaign activation. The company’s combined dataset from multiple sources scores accounts on purchase propensity that enables enterprise B2B marketers to prioritize accounts, drive higher account engagement, and accelerate conversion across the sales cycle. Forrester evaluated 14 providers against 26 criteria across three categories, including data coverage, data acquisition and processing, data security and compliance, and analytics capabilities. Madison Logic received the highest possible score of 5.0 in eight evaluation criteria, including uniqueness of proprietary data, industry/vertical/keyword coverage, intent data types, pricing flexibility and transparency, and roadmap. According to the Forrester Report, "One of the most unique elements of [Madison Logic’s] strategy is unlimited access to their intent data offering for clients, regardless of the level of their media activation spend. It boosted its position in the evaluation with a roadmap that was among the strongest of any provider, including advanced AI capabilities, a new data privacy and compliance module, and more developed reporting tools.” "Madison Logic's consistent success speaks to our continuous innovation and dedication to delivering the richest dataset giving the best view of in-market accounts," said Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic. “Being named a Leader by Forrester in their new Wave represents a significant milestone for our company and we believe validates our strong intent data offering. With the most comprehensive signal of purchase intent, we arm marketers with better intelligence that empowers them to make data-driven decisions that drive better results.” Madison Logic’s ML Insights unifies three key data sources to create a holistic score of accounts demonstrating the highest propensity to purchase. Marketers leverage this data to: Target and prioritize the right accounts and personas: Dynamically improve targeting efficiency by focusing efforts on the accounts aiming to purchase a solution. Marketers can accelerate deal velocity by influencing the buyers with significant involvement in the decision-making process. Personalize campaign strategy at every stage of the sales cycle: Increase conversion rates by choosing content and messaging that uniquely meets buying committees with the information needed. This allows marketers to differentiate offering through target market expansion and competitive displacement campaigns built on comprehensive market intelligence. Optimize campaigns in real-time: Easily create and run optimizations within companies, content, and personas to maximize conversions and accelerate deal velocity. By measuring success based on real-time pipeline impact, marketers can determine optimization opportunities faster based on multi-channel engagement. Marketers leveraging ML Insights in multi-channel ABM see 32% lift in engagement, 28% faster sales cycle, and 17% increase in pipeline. What’s more, all clients gain access to ML Insights and its intent data as a value-added component of their existing media investment—a service no other platform provides. Madison Logic’s recognition as a Leader in the Forrester Wave follows its impressive performance in the G2 Spring 2023 Grid® earning seven Leader Badges, including Marketing Account Intelligence, Buyer Intent Data Providers, and Account Data Management. The high customer satisfaction ratings and reviews offered persistent recognition for the ability to prioritize accounts, personas, and content with superior proprietary data, best-in-class customer support, and the predictable and sustainable ROI clients experience when executing a multi-channel ABM strategy with Madison Logic. Click here to access a complimentary download of The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Provider, Q2 2023 report. To learn more about how Madison Logic helps the world’s fastest-growing companies leverage data to drive pipeline impact and boost marketing efficiency, visit About Madison Logic The ML Platform, a global multi-channel ABM activation and measurement platform, enables enterprise organizations to leverage a proprietary combined data set to identify the accounts most likely to purchase, accelerate the customer journey, and shorten sales cycles to positively impact ROI. Madison Logic empowers B2B marketers to convert their best accounts faster by finding and engaging with the most influential individuals throughout the buyer’s journey. Visit for more information.

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