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MRP Named a “Leader” in Account-Based Marketing Platform Analysis

MRP | March 22, 2022

Account-Based Marketing Platform
On March 21, MRP, the only enterprise-class predictive ABM sales and marketing platform, announced that Forrester Research named it a leader in its recent report ‘The Forrester New Wave™: Account-Based Marketing Platforms, Q1 2022’.

“Enterprise marketers, unlike their mid-market counterparts, face the unique challenge of engaging and influencing buyers across multiple geographies, teams, and lines of business,” said Mark Ogne, CMO of MRP.

“Enterprise marketers, unlike their mid-market counterparts, face the unique challenge of engaging and influencing buyers across multiple geographies, teams, and lines of business,” said Mark Ogne, CMO of MRP. “With this report, we believe Forrester has recognized that MRP is on a totally different level when it comes to serving complex, global enterprises. This is why 19 of the top 20 technology companies rely on MRP to drive unparalleled ABM performance and revenue impact.”

Forrester evaluated ten of the most significant providers in the category. It recognized MRP for its global reach, engagement capabilities, and suitability for large enterprises supporting independent business units or regions.

Forrester noted that “MRP excels at mature, omnichannel ABM programs that require global data capabilities and multitenant deployments for consistent ABM strategies across many regions.”

In the evaluation, MRP was the only vendor to receive the highest rating in both engagement channels and performance assessment criteria.

Forrester also found that “MRP offers the most native and integrated engagement channels of any vendor in this evaluation” and “unique attribution capabilities that can connect individual channels to the ABM-influenced pipeline.”

MRP clients interviewed by Forrester praised the platform’s “multitenant capabilities, quality of insights, reporting, and global support.” Reference customers stated that MRP “make(s) it easy to use across a myriad of channels online and offline,” and “has amazing global reach and customer support.”


The success of your service desk can make or break customer satisfaction, as happy employees often lead to happy customers. But Forrester data shows employees are struggling to find the answers they need, and often forego the service desk altogether. Without the proper technology and supportive IT staff, customer satisfaction wi


The success of your service desk can make or break customer satisfaction, as happy employees often lead to happy customers. But Forrester data shows employees are struggling to find the answers they need, and often forego the service desk altogether. Without the proper technology and supportive IT staff, customer satisfaction wi

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ZoomInfo Launches Bold New Brand Campaign Targeting Go-to-Market Professionals

Business Wire | July 12, 2023

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), the go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and grow customers, today launched its first integrated brand campaign, illustrating how ZoomInfo helps businesses across the globe unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster. Applying a B2C playbook in a category typically dominated by overly complicated, technical B2B messaging, the campaign uses compelling messages, culturally relevant references and fast-paced editing. The result is a clever series of ads that illustrate how the ZoomInfo platform modernizes go-to-market for sales, marketing and operations professionals. Founded in 2007 by CEO Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo has grown to serve over 30,000 customers on the strength of its B2B data and integrated go-to-market applications, which help teams of all sizes identify and act on key market signals faster and more efficiently than ever before. “More people should know about the breadth and depth of our product portfolio – and how it works together as one innovative tech stack to help a business go to market more efficiently," ZoomInfo Chief Marketing Officer Bryan Law said. “This brand campaign allows us to reach our target demographic on a much larger scale by building a distinct identity that cuts through the clutter and cements our status as the go-to-market category leader.” Boston-based independent agency Colossus worked on ZoomInfo’s brand launch, including the ad campaign, brand strategy and architecture, as well as design improvements for the brand’s visual identity. Colossus’ experience in the tech sector includes work for athenahealth, epocrates and Toast. “ZoomInfo's platform is extremely powerful for any business that wants to take its go-to-market strategy to a new level," said Jonathan Balck, founder and Managing Director at Colossus. “For us, the goal was to simplify the message away from technical details to focus on the end result for the user: growing a business and winning.” The brand campaign launches today and will continue for several months. Media strategy and execution was handled by Norbella, the largest independent media agency in New England. The ZoomInfo campaign includes three 30-second and three 15-second videos along with a full suite of audio, digital, custom content, and social assets. The media campaign includes national CTV, audio networks, podcasts and high-impact placements in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and other media outlets. About ZoomInfo ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) is the trusted go-to-market platform for businesses to find, acquire, and grow their customers. It delivers accurate, real-time data, insights, and technology to more than 30,000 companies worldwide. Businesses use ZoomInfo to increase efficiency, consolidate technology stacks, and align their sales and marketing teams — all in one platform. ZoomInfo is a recognized leader in data privacy, with industry-leading GDPR and CCPA compliance and numerous data security and privacy certifications. For more information about how ZoomInfo can help businesses grow their revenue at scale, please visit www.zoominfo.com. About Colossus Colossus is an advertising and creative company based in Boston that partners with a select number of like-minded brands who view creativity as a business lever. Built small—by design— keeps the agency nimble, efficient and adaptable to the needs of clients. You don’t need to be big in size to be a colossus in stature. After all, a tweet can topple the stock market. And Prince was only 5’2. Our goal is to help brands break through the white noise of the mundane by shaping art, technology and commerce into meaningful experiences. For more information including our list of allergies, please visit wearecolossus.com.

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Momentum ITSMA Introduces a New Book on Dynamics of Buying Cycles

Momentum ITSMA | September 13, 2023

Momentum ITSMA has announced the launch of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' The company's ABM Benchmark Report, created in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, aims to achieve a 55% annual growth in account revenues. The reader will explore strategies for establishing trust, leveraging customer insights, and creating a personalized value proposition that truly resonates with their target audience. On September 12, 2023, Momentum ITSMA, a global B2B growth consultancy enabling companies to achieve market-beating performance by growing, winning, and retaining valuable client relationships, has announced the release of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' Written by Alisha Lyndon, the Founder of Momentum ITSMA, the book presents a novel viewpoint on the functions of marketing and sales in developing long-term strategic client relationships. It promotes a strategy that is advantageous to both the company and its clients. Account-based marketing is of the most important importance and relevance at present. Momentum ITSMA's ABM Benchmark Report, in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, showcases that ABM has a proven track record. On average, it enables businesses to achieve a remarkable 55% growth in annual account revenues. Moreover, ABM contributes to a significant 71% expansion in account relationships and a 34% enhancement of reputation inside accounts. Alisha Lyndon, Founder of Momentum ITSMA, mentioned, ABM is about people, not personas. It is about accounts, not markets. It means shifting your focus from the broadcast of 'let me tell you why we're great' to the value of 'we see your problems and the opportunities for growth. Let us help you get there'. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The author stated that the book had been written for executives, sales, and marketing leaders with the aim of fostering a mutual understanding of their roles throughout the buying cycle. Additionally, it aimed to assist them in recognizing obstacles to purchasing and attending to client needs before, during, and after the buying cycle, added Lyndon. In ‘The ABM Effect,’ Alisha Lyndon draws on her extensive experience to outline successful strategies that unite sales and marketing teams. These approaches empower them to not only acquire but also retain and expand strategic accounts. Delving into the evolving dynamics of buying cycles, the book distinguishes effective practices from ineffective ones. It provides readers with a well-defined framework for navigating these dynamics effectively. Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Vice President, Salesforce, stated, Customer trust is hard won, and easily lost. Having worked first hand with Lyndon, she knows what it takes to build trust, reputation, and relationships with key accounts. This approach works. This book provides valuable insight for anyone in sales or marketing leadership looking to outperform their competition. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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6sense Receives Sales and Marketing Accolades in Fall G2 Grid Reports

6sense | September 15, 2023

6sense is pleased to announce that its 6sense Revenue AI has been recognized as a leader across eight sales and marketing categories in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports. The G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports rely on assessments of customer satisfaction, a product's presence within its category, and feedback from customers' reviews. In total, 6sense receives 85 total badges, including 21 leader badges. 6sense, a prominent provider of account-based orchestration platforms that revolutionize how B2B organizations handle pipeline conversion to revenue, has announced that its 6sense Revenue AI has achieved Leader status in eight sales and marketing categories for the eighth consecutive reporting cycle in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports. 6sense stands out as the sole vendor with two products—6sense Revenue AI for Marketing and 6sense Revenue AI for Sales—leading the G2 Buyer Intent Data Providers category. The G2 Fall 2023 Grid Reports are crafted through an assessment that takes into account customer satisfaction, a product's category presence, and customer reviews. In total, 6sense has been honored with an impressive count of 85 badges, including 21 leader badges. Specifically, 6sense Revenue AI for Marketing has claimed the prestigious leader title in eight categories within the G2 Fall 2023 Grid Report. These categories encompass account-based analytics, account-based advertising, account-based orchestration platforms, account data management, and buyer intent data providers. Similarly, 6sense Revenue AI for Sales secures its position as a leader in two categories, buyer intent data providers and sales intelligence, while achieving a High Performer rating in the Lead Scoring category. Chief Customer Officer of 6sense, Sanjay Kini, said, Our customers tell us that 6sense has become even more important and valuable in this tough macro-economic environment as they strive to grow, and do so more efficiently. [Source – Business Wire] Kini mentioned that they had made substantial investments in the capabilities provided to both sales and marketing teams to facilitate alignment in converting pipeline to revenue. He expressed satisfaction in seeing their customers validate their approach, placing them in the unique position of being leaders in both sales and marketing categories. The acknowledgment in the G2 Fall 2023 Grid report underscores 6sense's unique position as the sole ABM vendor holding leadership badges in both sales and marketing categories. It affirms their commitment to aligning the revenue team around a shared set of objectives and insights, showcasing the significant impact they've achieved. In addition to bringing together sales and marketing leaders through 6sense Revenue AI, the company provides valuable resources to the sales and marketing community, including RevCity, introduced in the Fall of 2022. RevCity is an extensive online community designed for B2B marketing, sales, and revenue operations professionals. Within this community, members have the opportunity to collaborate on innovative ideas, exchange insights with industry peers, and acquire skills to enhance their organizations' revenue optimization efforts. This open and engaging community enhances the overall value that customers derive from 6sense.

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