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ON24 Launches New ON24 Partner Network

ON24 Partner Network
On February 22, ON24 launched a new ON24 Partner Network with more than 40 leading marketing and sales agencies, software companies, and solutions integrators. The partners have joined forces with ON24 to develop integrations, services, and solutions for mutual customers to advance their digital strategies.

“The ON24 Partner Network allows marketers to put digital engagement at the center of every go-to-market strategy and bring together the insights they need to better understand, engage, and convert prospects into buyers,” said Sharat Sharan, Founder & CEO at ON24.

“The ON24 Partner Network allows marketers to put digital engagement at the center of every go-to-market strategy and bring together the insights they need to better understand, engage, and convert prospects into buyers,” said Sharat Sharan, Founder & CEO at ON24. “Our continued commitment and investment in our partner ecosystem will help accelerate customer success with the ON24 platform and our next phase of company growth.”

“Through a growing, diverse community of companies working together, we can better support our joint customers and help them optimize the digital buyer journey,” said Byron Bardy, Vice President of corporate development and strategic alliances. “With the ON24 Partner Network, customers can access digital experts to maximize their sales and marketing potential using the ON24 platform.”

ON24 is committed to helping companies enhance their digital capabilities throughout every stage of the buyer journey. It uses first-party engagement data across the buyers’ sales and marketing activities. The ON24 platform is a one-stop-shop to innovate across their go-to-market operations and drive revenue growth.

Transforming customer engagement and making first-person data an enabler across businesses has become a priority for B2B companies. They are increasing their digital investments towards this end. The ON24 Partner Network provides marketers with a network of partners so they can integrate multiple solutions and unite buyer data with the platform. They can find new technologies and connect with verified vendors. Additionally, they can also discover new ways to engage audiences and procure prospect and customer data.

Partners who will use the ON24 Partner Network can access new co-selling, co-marketing, and integration opportunities with other ON24 partners. They can reach new markets, expand their product and service offerings to more prospects to help customers remain updated with the changing market needs.



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Demandbase Celebrates Big Q3 Wins with Customers ADP, VSP Vision Care, Cox Automotive, and MarketSource

PR Newswire | October 18, 2023

Demandbase, the leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), today announces Q3 customer wins including important renewals and upsells, new relationships, and customer achievements. This quarter, Demandbase earned contract renewals and/or expansions with numerous high-profile customers including ADP and welcomed new clients such as Aptitude, Computer Generated Solutions, and Securian Financial. Demandbase also proudly highlights the remarkable successes of its customers, as evidenced by their outstanding results. Cox Automotives' inside sales consultant hits 100% of weekly KPIs with Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cox inside sales consultant Annie Phengsy partners with fleet customers to understand their business and the challenges they face when maintaining their fleets. She's passionate about working with clients to solve their service challenges and maximize uptime through Fleet Service offerings. As a salesperson, Annie's willingness to adopt a new sales tool depended on its ability to help her find the right contacts and get accurate contact information. Now she uses Demandbase daily to better understand her accounts, get contacts details, track leadership changes, and more to inform her outreach efforts. Since using Demandbase, Annie has: Consistently hit 100% of her weekly opportunity creation goal Been able to get past gatekeepers and secure meetings with account decision-makers In her words, "If we didn't have Demandbase, we'd have a longer sales process, and we'd close fewer deals without the easy access to the information we need to nurture and close pipeline." VSP Vision Care boosts account engagement while saving budget with Demandbase One™ orchestration and advertising One of the first advertising campaigns VSP® Vision Care ran with Demandbase delivered impressive results and saw them spending less than they had on similar strategies in the past. Marketing Program Manager Lynne Skyrme credits those results and the saved budget to the ability to be very specific with who they wanted to target, and having the right message targeted to the right people at the right accounts. They ran the campaign across different business units for almost three months, achieving impressive results: Reached 93% of targeted accounts 56% clicked on the ad 63% visited their site In addition, the company is starting to use Demandbase to improve customer retention and is making more informed, data-driven decisions. Lynne puts it this way, "Demandbase is helping us tie together data from various systems to understand overall what's happening with an account. And that's helping us make smarter business decisions." MarketSource builds brand awareness, exceeds advertising benchmarks, and moves accounts through their funnel with Demandbase One™ MarketSource is a sales acceleration company focused on delivering better outcomes for many of the world's most iconic brands. As such, their own brand is often hidden behind their customers' and one of their first goals as they embarked on their account-based marketing journey was to increase their own brand awareness. They started small, experimenting with display advertising. It was so successful they expanded to more segments and aligned their campaigns to journey stages, generating results like these: Exceeded all advertising benchmarks — lift, visits, clicks, and more — in some cases doubling click-through rates as compared to the benchmarks Moved 100% of accounts at least one stage forward in the pipeline Drove high adoption and alignment across sales and marketing Head of Marketing, Karen Salamone, summed up the impact this way, If you took Demandbase away, we wouldn't be able to dynamically segment our customers or have the insights to make intelligent decisions about our marketing and sales strategy. About Demandbase Demandbase helps B2B companies hit their revenue goals using fewer resources. How? By using the power of AI to identify and engage the accounts and buying groups most likely to purchase. We combine your sales and marketing data with our validated B2B data and AI to create Account Intelligence that informs every step of your buyer's journey.

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Demandbase Unveils Most Robust Multi-Language Intent Solution for B2B

Demandbase | September 11, 2023

Demandbase launched a cutting-edge multi-language intent solution that supports more than 130 languages, including non-Latin alphabets. The company already processes more than one trillion English intent signals per month, and the inclusion of non-English intent signals represents hundreds of billions of additional signals available to customers. Using sophisticated natural language processing (NLP), this innovation enables B2B organizations to collect accurate intent signals from global markets, thus accelerating revenue generation and sales alignment. Demandbase, a prominent Smarter go-to-market (GMT) company that leverages AI to assist B2B organizations in hitting their revenue goals has announced the introduction of an innovative multi-language intent solution. Utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP), this ground-breaking solution supports 133 languages, including alphabets other than Latin. It enables B2B organizations to collect precise intent signals from global markets, thereby accelerating revenue generation and improving sales alignment. Given that 46.1% of internet content is written in a language other than English, this substantially expands the company's intent offering. As the very first provider to offer non-English intent in such an extensive list of languages, Demandbase assists customers in identifying authentic buying signals from their target market, wherever their target market is in the world. With a non-English focus, Demandbase supports the most extensively used online languages around the world, including Arabic, French, Danish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Norwegian, and Swedish, among others. This solution offers multibyte assistance, which allows it to understand non-Latin characters. In addition, it utilizes natural language processing, which means it understands context and relevance, allowing the platform to not only assess one intent behavior over another but also reduce false positives while maximizing accuracy. Marcelo Lima, Brand Marketing Coordinator at Comau do Brasil, said, We are thrilled that Demandbase is now providing multi-language intent because we have seen how powerful Demandbase intent is in our English-speaking markets. Now we can tap into the significant Italian search volume and web traffic we have been seeing, and our marketing manager in Brazil will be over the moon to have Portuguese available. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Demandbase already processes more than one trillion English intent signals per month, and the inclusion of non-English intent implies hundreds of billions of additional signals available to customers. This means the company can now act as a worldwide intent data supplier for its customers, leveraging its roughly 550,000 English and non-English keywords to stimulate more efficient and personalized sales and marketing actions across global markets. Also, the Demandbase Piper B2B DSP will entirely utilize non-English intent. This will substantially boost the impressions of intent-based advertising that can be served in international markets. This makes all Demandbase campaigns even more targeted toward purchasing groups and ensures that digital marketers all over the world will reap the benefits of increased advertising effectiveness. Brewster Stanislaw, Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, mentioned, We have listened to our increasing international customer base and have delivered an incredible addition to our global Account Intelligence. This means that our customers can now target as accurately in non-English-speaking markets as they have been accustomed to in English-speaking markets, making their marketing and sales decisions more effective and accurate. It also means less waste in GMT efforts, increasing efficiency in budget, time, and resources. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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Momentum ITSMA Introduces a New Book on Dynamics of Buying Cycles

Momentum ITSMA | September 13, 2023

Momentum ITSMA has announced the launch of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' The company's ABM Benchmark Report, created in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, aims to achieve a 55% annual growth in account revenues. The reader will explore strategies for establishing trust, leveraging customer insights, and creating a personalized value proposition that truly resonates with their target audience. On September 12, 2023, Momentum ITSMA, a global B2B growth consultancy enabling companies to achieve market-beating performance by growing, winning, and retaining valuable client relationships, has announced the release of its new book, 'The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Your Most Valuable Clients.' Written by Alisha Lyndon, the Founder of Momentum ITSMA, the book presents a novel viewpoint on the functions of marketing and sales in developing long-term strategic client relationships. It promotes a strategy that is advantageous to both the company and its clients. Account-based marketing is of the most important importance and relevance at present. Momentum ITSMA's ABM Benchmark Report, in partnership with The ABM Leadership Alliance, showcases that ABM has a proven track record. On average, it enables businesses to achieve a remarkable 55% growth in annual account revenues. Moreover, ABM contributes to a significant 71% expansion in account relationships and a 34% enhancement of reputation inside accounts. Alisha Lyndon, Founder of Momentum ITSMA, mentioned, ABM is about people, not personas. It is about accounts, not markets. It means shifting your focus from the broadcast of 'let me tell you why we're great' to the value of 'we see your problems and the opportunities for growth. Let us help you get there'. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The author stated that the book had been written for executives, sales, and marketing leaders with the aim of fostering a mutual understanding of their roles throughout the buying cycle. Additionally, it aimed to assist them in recognizing obstacles to purchasing and attending to client needs before, during, and after the buying cycle, added Lyndon. In ‘The ABM Effect,’ Alisha Lyndon draws on her extensive experience to outline successful strategies that unite sales and marketing teams. These approaches empower them to not only acquire but also retain and expand strategic accounts. Delving into the evolving dynamics of buying cycles, the book distinguishes effective practices from ineffective ones. It provides readers with a well-defined framework for navigating these dynamics effectively. Nina Gmachl-Eshuis, Vice President, Salesforce, stated, Customer trust is hard won, and easily lost. Having worked first hand with Lyndon, she knows what it takes to build trust, reputation, and relationships with key accounts. This approach works. This book provides valuable insight for anyone in sales or marketing leadership looking to outperform their competition. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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