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ZoomInfo Launches New ABM Platform ‘MarketingOS’

New ABM Platform MarketingOS
On February 8, ZoomInfo announced that they launched a new account-based marketing (ABM) platform, MarketingOS. This platform aligns sales and marketing teams in a unified system that is powered by ZoomInfo’s world-class B2B data.

MarketingOS assists demand generation and ABM teams in targeting and converting leads into buyers through insight-driven orchestration, and personalized engagement over multiple channels. It also includes email, SMS, display and social advertising. It transforms websites into digital storefronts through enriched forms, human-first chat experiences, and unique visitor tracking. This helps with on-site conversion and strengthening the relationship with sales.

“Our comprehensive B2B database is the key differentiator that sets MarketingOS apart from other ABM solutions,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck.

“Our comprehensive B2B database is the key differentiator that sets MarketingOS apart from other ABM solutions,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “ZoomInfo’s unique data science algorithms allow marketers to connect with the right prospects at precisely the right time. No other solution on the market combines the power of data-driven insights and marketing-optimized workflows like ZoomInfo’s MarketingOS.”

MarketingOS is a part of RevOS, ZoomInfo’s modern operating system designed for revenue professionals. It is one of the four platforms that make up RevOS. As a unified system for sales, recruiting teams, and operations, RevOS delivers the data, software, insights, and integrations that businesses and professionals need to achieve their growth potential in the new age of insight-driven digital selling.

Marketers can run display and social advertising campaigns through ZoomInfo’s proprietary demand-side platform and social integrations. They can target specific professionals, levels, job titles, or functions at in-market accounts showing buyer intent. MarketingOS also has an in-market predictive score that ranks where prospects according to their position in the buying journey so marketers know when they can engage with prospects. They can easily prioritize their outbound efforts on prospects who are most likely to convert.

When data in an ABM platform is inaccurate and incomplete, it directly impacts marketing processes and may result in failure. The current ABM solutions are designed to leverage companies’ own first-party data from their CRM or marketing automation systems. But, which ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data and intelligence, MarketingOS helps marketers to effectively reach target accounts and drive qualified leads for sales. It gives teams ongoing monitoring of their prospects and customer accounts, and helps them cleanse and manage their marketing database effectively.



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Drift Introduces Drift Engage to Help Businesses Capitalize on Anonymous Website Traffic

PR Newswire | October 04, 2023

Drift, the buyer experience and Conversational AI company, today announced Drift Engage, a first-to-market product powered by Lift AI, that uses machine learning to score visitors' real-time site behavior, even for visitors who are 100% anonymous. This collaboration with Lift AI delivers on a strategic partnership to enhance customers' experiences, and reinforces Drift's commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI-driven results. With 98% of website traffic labeled as anonymous, companies struggle to generate pipeline from all of their website visitors, even after making significant investments to drive traffic to the site. ID Reveal tools help, but they can't identify all traffic, especially in a remote-working world. Until today, customers using these tools have been missing out on 70% of their website traffic, even with data enrichment tools in their tech stack. Drift Engage is the only solution that can automatically deliver relevant chat experiences based on real-time buyer intent scoring, which identifies and measures both known and anonymous visitors' site engagement in real time. It instantly provides the right chat experiences for customers that convert high-intent website visitors into loyal customers, ultimately increasing sales velocity and conversion rate. Since early 2020, top brands like Loopio and Intelex have used the Lift AI technology behind Drift Engage to generate a dramatic increase in conversions, pipeline, and revenue, and now all Drift customers can leverage this fully integrated technology. Today, we are deepening our strategic partnership with Lift AI to help every Drift customer turn first conversations into enduring relationships with AI-powered personalization, said Scott Ernst, CEO of Drift. Drift Engage is perfect for businesses that invest in bringing traffic to their site, but lack the visibility to convert visitors into leads. It helps capture buyers when they're already shopping, increasing conversions, sales velocity, and revenue by fast-tracking high-intent visitors to sales. Features of Drift Engage include: Real-time buyer intent scoring:Identify and measure each visitor's site engagement in real time via Live Chat or Prospector Real-time playbook targeting:Deliver the most relevant chat message/playbook based on a buyer's real-time engagement on your website CRM sync:Seamlessly add a contact's Drift Engage score to Drift leads within any CRM that Drift integrates with Audiences Summary Data:Sort site traffic by low, medium, and high intent to review playbook performance and optimize conversions Lift AI provides a proprietary cloud-based scoring AI model that integrates via a JavaScript snippet on business websites to measure real-time intent. Drift makes it possible to action these scores and surfaces intent data within its buyer engagement platform. "By joining forces with Drift, we're leveraging the power of our AI solutions to illuminate the full potential of conversational marketing on business' websites," said Don Simpson, CEO of Lift AI. "With our existing customers who are using Lift AI and Drift, we're seeing 9x conversations turn into pipeline with our real-time scoring technology. This is just the beginning—we're certain that solving for the gap of anonymous visitors will be a major unlock moment for B2B marketers and sales reps using Drift." Customers already using Drift Engage see 3x more ROI, 10.6x more pipeline and 2.1x more opportunities than the median Drift customer. To learn more, please visit www.drift.com. About Drift Drift®, the buyer experience and Conversational AI company, inspires businesses to create more engaging customer experiences, one conversation at a time. Drift helps thousands of customers across the globe translate conversational data and buyer behavior into deeper relationships, more pipeline and more revenue. A pioneer in Conversational Marketing, the company was founded in 2015 to help remove friction from the B2B buying process. As buyer expectations continue to increase and AI becomes central to empowering meaningful customer journeys at scale, Drift is disrupting the category it created. Its human-centric, AI-powered platform listens, understands and learns from buyers to deliver personalized experiences and recommendations at every touchpoint. Drift is creating a world where AI works for humans to turn conversations into relationships. About Lift AI Lift AI identifies the buying intent of every website visitor in real time, even those that are completely anonymous, enabling websites to trigger the most effective conversational marketing conversion tactics before the visitor leaves the site. The Lift AI proprietary machine-learning models are based on 18 years of experience, billions of data points, and real-time behavioral analytics, working out-of-the-box to deliver a dramatic increase in sales efficient pipeline from conversational marketing in just 90 days.

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Acxiom's Expertise Accelerates the Value of AI for Marketers

Business Wire | October 30, 2023

Acxiom, the customer intelligence company, unveils its AI investment to help the world's leading brands implement Salesforce AI technologies. Acxiom's AI expertise can help brands deploy Salesforce Einstein and Data Cloud to boost the strategic value of their data, resulting in data-driven customer insights and business outcomes for marketers. As a Salesforce partner, Acxiom provides end-to-end solutions spanning strategy, technology, and data, enabling clients to strategically implement, operate, and optimize Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud. Acxiom’s team of certified Salesforce professionals can help marketers implement Einstein for: Personalization: Tailoring content for precision engagement and guiding product recommendations, next-best actions, and focused campaigns. Data Analysis & Insights: Accelerating data processing and analysis through deepcustomer intelligencefor spot-onaudience insightsand data-driven decisioning. Customer Segmentation: Applying advanced algorithms to fine-tune audience segments based on criteria ranging from demographics to purchasing patterns. Customer Support: Offering always-on chat assistance to elevate customer satisfaction by reducing response times. Marketing Optimization: Utilizing real-time analytics to refine message delivery, analyze engagement metrics, and pinpoint the best times for communication. Marketing Automation: Streamlining tasks from data preparation to campaign rollouts, ensuring efficiency and consistency. As an integral part of modern business operations, Acxiom is proud to collaborate with Salesforce, said Chad Engelgau, CEO at Acxiom. Our clients trust us to maximize the value of their martech investments. Intensifying our focus on Salesforce's AI capabilities underlines this promise. Salesforce recognized Acxiom with a 2023 Partner Innovation award for its work serving travel industry clients within the Salesforce ecosystem. Acxiom also recently became one of only four Salesforce partners worldwide to achieve Full Stack certification on Salesforce's Marketing Cloud. About Acxiom Acxiom partners with the world's leading brands to create customer intelligence, enabling data-driven marketing experiences that generate value for people and for brands. The experts in identity, the ethical use of data, cloud-first customer data management, and analytics solutions, Acxiom makes the complex marketing ecosystem work, applying customer intelligence wherever brands and customers meet. By helping brands genuinely understand people, Acxiom enables experiences so relevant and respectful, people are willing to explore new brands and stay loyal to those they love. For more than 50 years, Acxiom has improved clients' customer acquisition, growth, and retention. With locations in the US, UK, China, Poland, and Germany, Acxiom is a registered trademark of Acxiom LLC and is part of The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (IPG). For more information, visit Acxiom.com.

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ZoomInfo Receives 101 #1 Rankings in G2’s Fall 2023 Report

ZoomInfo | September 22, 2023

ZoomInfo earned 101 No. 1 rankings and 254 leader ratings in G2’s Fall 2023 Grid Reports. ZoomInfo's streak continues with 13 consecutive quarters as the leader in the Buyer Intent Data Overall grid. Chorus by ZoomInfo secured its position on 16 grids for the fourth consecutive quarter, with a notable presence in categories such as Conversation Intelligence and Sales Coaching. ZoomInfo, a global leader in providing go-to-market platforms for businesses to find, acquire, and grow customers, has announced that it earned 101 No. 1 rankings and 254 leader ratings in G2’s Fall 2023 Grid Reports. The company not only secured six No. 1 category rankings but also outperformed its key competitors by achieving this feat six times more. ZoomInfo, recognized as the top Enterprise solution in eight categories, garnered a total of 299 awards. These awards included 249 top three placements in various reports, such as G2’s Momentum Reports, Index Reports, and Regional Grids. ZoomInfo's products also claimed the No. 1 position in at least one grid within nine different categories, which encompassed buyer intent data, website visitor identification, sales intelligence, lead intelligence marketing, account intelligence, account data management, lead capture, lead mining, and email verification. Out of the vast array of over 16,000 products and across more than 1,000 categories featured in G2’s Fall Reports, ZoomInfo stands out by achieving the most No. 1 rankings in the top 0.01% of companies. Also of note ZoomInfo's OperationsOS platform has once again earned its place on 25 grids, maintaining its consistent performance for the fifth consecutive quarter. For the 11th consecutive quarter, SalesOS continued to dominate the Enterprise grids in three essential categories: Marketing Account Intelligence, Account Data Management, and Lead Intelligence. SalesOS has reaffirmed its position as the category leader in both Sales Intelligence and Buyer Intent Data Providers, further solidifying its standing in these critical areas. ZoomInfo's ABM platform, MarketingOS, has entered the overall grids for Live Chat, Account-Based Advertising, and Account-Based Analytics, marking its debut in these categories. In the current quarter, G2 introduced region-specific rankings, and SalesOS clinched 31 No. 1 accolades, encompassing nine No. 1 category rankings specific to the region. Additionally, it achieved the No. 1 Sales Intelligence solution in the Americas for Overall, Enterprise, and Mid-Market segments. ZoomInfo has earned over 6,900 5-star reviews on G2. Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, said, It is no wonder we earned more No. 1 category rankings than our closest competitors. Our unwavering customer focus is reflected not just in our consistently high ratings and glowing feedback on review sites like G2, but also in the success stories of our rising customer base. Companies of all sizes continue to utilize our world-class data, real-time insights, and innovative offerings such as streaming intent data, to drive their go-to-market success. [Source – Business Wire]

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