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How a Great Content Marketing Agency Will Onboard Customers to Nail Success

February 08, 2018 / business2community

In part one of Stripped Bare, we discussed the makings of a whirlwind client-agency romance, and how you can be sure that you’ve found “the one”. In this edition, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on how to conduct yourself in order to get the best out of onboarding processes. So how does a great relationship between client and agency teams start? Answer: by recognizing that you are a team. Trust us, this part is essential (so avoid working with any agency that skates over it). Putting content in view of your suspects and prospects is an awesome responsibility. And most of the time that responsibility is shared between departments. After all, it’s your combined beliefs, actions, and outcomes that make you the collective custodians of your brand. In fact, they are your brand. So before anyone drills down into defining objectives and planning campaigns, we nail down a few roles and reach an agreement on them. Embracing teamwork from the start, by working out w...