Account-Based Content Marketing Hacks


ABM strategies require the coordination of a lot of moving parts. In this session, Everstring’s Dayna Rothman shares a series of actionable ABM hacks to help you clarify your priorities and improve your processes and technology. You will learn: - How to leverage what you already have to create personalized content that resonates with accounts - About the different levels of account-based content marketing so you can prioritize where and how to spend your time - How to use different types of marketing technology to bring your account-based content to the next level.
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Whilst revenue is an obvious outcome from a successful demand generation programme, there are other benefits too...


Developing Content Marketing IQ Amongst Your Team


How to get your entire team thinking about content marketing?It’s a common challenge for businesses today: how do I scale my content marketing efforts beyond the few people who focus on it? To be a successful content marketing organization, a new mindset must be integrated throughout the entire marketing team and beyond.Learn how to run a successful content marketing strategy at scale, by getting the most out of your marketing team, enlisting the entire organization to help, and even scaling beyond your organization’s four walls.
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How to Scale your Content Marketing for ABM Success


Account based marketing (ABM) is now accessible to mid-size B2B companies. That is indeed great news, as it gives these companies the right tools to tap into large accounts in meaningful ways at scale. But to ensure ABM success, you need to get the sales and online marketing teams to be fully aligned. They have to be committed to each other’s (and the company’s) success. Here are some things that will enable this:Agree upon the goals Both sales and marketing teams now need to be working on the same goals broadly, though the sales team will have the goals etched out in greater details of revenue, geography, type of service to be sold, and so on. But both teams have to agree that this is the specific number we are all after. The CEO of the company or the steward of the ABM initiative should ensure this alignment.
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Turn Account Engagement into ABM Sales Insight


Below you can view the webinar recording and slide deck used. In this recap webinar you will learn: How prospecting and up-selling into large enterprises has changed with the rise of digital, and account-based (ABM) advertising & retargeting. How the B2B buying process has changed in the past year. Why you need to source data and engage all the people in your buying groups. Why it’s time to think beyond leads and form fills and focus on engagement insights. Which accounts and buyers that sales needs to prioritize for outreach every day.
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Big Vision, Big Impact

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring DemandGen CEO and author David Lewis, and learn how to build your “Demand Factory.” Learn the pillars that will construct one that combines the technology, resources, and measurement systems they need to drive demand generation and strengthen customer loyalty. He will discuss how forward thinking marketers are shifting the power of revenue generation, essentially turning Marketing into the epicenter of growth for their firms.
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