Defining the Ideal Customer Profile for Lead Generation

Join this webcast to learn: •Why defining the ideal customer profile is the first step in lead generation •What the 5 steps are to creating an ideal customer profile •How to create sales and marketing messaging to support each profile type •Which questions to ask during the process •How to tailor your approach before someone buys, during the buying process, and after a purchase is mad.
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Business strategy concept infographic diagram illustration of market segmentation.


Account-Based Marketing & Selling: Evolving Your Customer Engagement


For decades, sales reps have been targeting prospects at the account level. So, why has “account-based marketing” (ABM) only recently become the hottest trend in SaaS sales and marketing? ABM experts believe its a lack of alignment between teams. Hear experts from SiriusDecisions, Engagio, and InsideView as they share how to help your sales and marketing teams attack the right accounts, in the right way... together.

Lead Scoring and Segmentation

In this video, you'll gain a clear methodology for launching a lead scoring and segmentation program. We'll cover: demographic, persona, and behavioral segmentation What, why, and how to collect data for each layer Segmentation tactics for marketing messages.

Marketing in an Altered Reality World

Search Engine Journal

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), commonly known as Altered Reality, are a huge growth opportunity for brands. Goldman Sachs predicts the Altered Reality industry to be an $80 billion market by 2025. Nintendo’s launch of its Pokemon Go mobile app was a huge success for AR and VR. Since then, other brands have followed suit and used altered reality in their marketing campaigns. But where do you start with marketing in an Altered Reality world? How do you up your marketing game and leverage the potential of Altered Reality? Look no further because we’ve got a webinar recap for you!

Buyer’s journey trends that will define your 2016 demand generation [EMEA]


More professionals are self-educating online than ever before and they are already 67% of the way through the researching process before they even talk to sales. So how do you get your information in front of them and influence their decision process? We recently teamed up with Lightspeed GMI, a global market research firm, to delve into the buyer’s journey and hear directly from the source on how professionals are making purchasing decisions and how they want to learn the information to solve their most pervasive business problems. Join us on the Academy to parse through the data to see how you can further align your 2016 demand generation strategy to connect better with today’s decision makers and their influencers.