Interactive Content Marketing: The Future of Your Funnel


Do you want to increase conversion rates, accelerate initial inquiry to sales-qualified leads, and substantially boost lead quality by combining interactive content with the power of marketing automation? Of course you do. Find out how SilkRoad, a leading HR platform, generated thousands of leads and over $250K of new pipeline value. Plus, learn how leveraging SnapApp and Marketo can help you deliver the right experience to the right person, at the right time. Check out this LaunchPoint webinar to discover how to: Deliver valuable content experiences across channels Increase lead volume and generate more inbound leads Score and route leads more efficiently and effectively through marketing automation and engaging content Create various types of interactive content to educate prospects and keep them moving through the funnel.
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How Account Based Marketing works and what it can do


Jump-start Your Account Based Marketing Success

Crawford Group

We invited Samantha Stone, founder of Marketing Advisory Network, and author of Unleash Possible to be our special guest instructor for our Crawford Group's Marketing Learning Series. In this webinar she discusses what is account based marketing, if an ABM program is right for your business, and the critical steps it takes to launch a high-impact ABM strategy.
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Why You Need A Best-In-Class Account-Based Marketing Programme


Do you want your marketing to drive more targeted engagement and transform customer relationships? Do you want to then translate this engagement into a collaborative sales strategy that will enable you to accelerate deal velocity and win bigger accounts? Of course you do - and that’s exactly why account-based marketing (ABM) is experiencing a surge in popularity among many enterprise organisations.
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How to Target the Best Accounts for Your ABM Programs


Do you feel like you have good visibility into the current status of your target accounts? Can you easily pinpoint which accounts and contacts sales should call next or which target accounts are not engaged and need to be added to a marketing campaign? Join this webinar to learn how to build a 360-degree view of your target accounts that includes firmographic, intent, and engagement insights. You will learn how to: Prioritize & tag the right accounts based on firmographic, intent, and engagement data.
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Creating the Foundation for ABM


The Account-Based Marketing (ABM) movement is in full force and for good reason. Marketers are seeing the value in becoming more targeted, more personal and better aligned with sales. The momentum in the category is real, but many organizations are still just getting started with ABM.To create a high performing Account-Based Marketing organization, marketers must first build a strong foundation. They must start with planning, investment choices and impact measurements and they must understand how these categories change as their organization moves to ABM.In this webinar, Engagio’s Jon Miller and Allocadia’s Sam Melnick will discuss why marketers must start with these core elements of an ABM strategy or otherwise risk failure. Some key questions that will be answered.
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