Lead Nurturing - Marketing Automation for B2B businesses

APSIS International AB

In today’s busy marketing scene, marketing automation is mentioned more and more often - but what is it really about? In this webinar, we will explain the basic concepts of marketing automation and show how easily it lets you create direct communication with your customers. This way, the right person will always get contacted at the right time, and with the right information.
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Using new market insight based on independent research has become central to how tech brands stimulate their market. Core to this approach is thought leadership, supported by a media relations campaign...




What kind of experience do your website visitors really have? Is it a generic, catch-all approach, or a targeted, personalized message? With account-based marketing, maintaining relevance to your target accounts is of critical importance. As part of writing our new eBook, we sat down with Optimizely to discuss personalization options. Now, Optimizely is back with us, helping us go in depth to discover how web personalization can drive ABM. We’ll show you how to use dynamic signals to segment your hot and cold accounts, then how to personalize an experience with Optimizely technology.
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How to Reach Your Desired Audience with Targeted Blog Content

Quality Web Site Testing LLC

Learn how to write optimized blog content and promote your business blog to your desired target audience – YOUR prospects and customers. Webinar viewers will also learn the elements of successful blogging, from blog configuration ideas to content writing tips.
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How Inbound is different from SEO Inbound Marketing or SEO, or both?


Many small businesses believe that SEO isn’t worth the investment when SEO isn’t the main problem but their products or services are so complex it takes time for the target audience to convert into paying customers.The audience in most cases requires nurturing, and because they don’t have the nurturing program in place, they lose potential customers online. What they should really invest into is Inbound Marketing.During the webinar we will discuss how Inbound Marketing is different from SEO and how to know if SEO is the right marketing model for your business or not.
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“Driving The Ultimate Customer Experience With Predictive Marketing & Personalization”


Many B2B marketers have heard the term “predictive analytics,” but when asked to describe how this is used to improve their marketing efforts, very few have an answer. Or, they only think of it as applied to predictive lead scoring built with black box algorithms, leaving them with an arbitrary number that’s meant to reflect how valuable a lead is, but with no explanation as to how it was derived. Savvy marketers understand that the data and insights that predictive analytics uncover can be used to not only drive the discovery of the most likely buyers, but also be used to create effective, relevant customer experiences. The result is greater engagement with prospects and customers by offering the right messages to the right audiences in real time.
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