Selecting the right technology for your ABM programme


“What technology should I buy to help us run an ABM programme?” One of the biggest questions marketers are constantly asking themselves. Software and systems are finally at a point where with the right strategy in place technology can help you with your ABM process. But our research shows just 16% of B2B marketers are confident they have a good understanding of the technology currently available for ABM.
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Jon Miller, Co-Founder of Marketo and current Founder/CEO at Engagio, details the secret weapon for ABM Alignment, ABM Stand Ups.


Seven Key Considerations For Your 2019 ABM Strategy


Annual planning is upon us-are you ready? Regardless of where you are in your Account-Based Marketing journey, this time of year is key to a successful, targeted strategy. There are key areas you want to consider and address to ensure you get the most out of your ABM strategy in the coming year!
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5 Easy Steps for Creating an Account Based Sales Strategy


Sales has been targeting contacts at key accounts for decades. So why has account-based selling become the hottest trend to hit B2B sales? Some sales experts believe it is the need for sales and marketing to align around what matters – personally connecting with your buyers. Having a deeper understanding of your buyers goals and objectives and how your product or service can make a difference could help you win more sales. In this webinar, walk away with a 5-step account-based sales strategy that you can share with your boss. You’ll gain: - Tips on mapping out ideal buyer personas in partnership with marketing - Ideas for personalized content to move buyers through the sales cycle faster - Key metrics to measure and optimize your approach.
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Hanapin Marketing

Retargeting. We’re still trying to figure out if this feature in PPC is really cool or just really creepy. However, no one can deny how powerful retargeting can be for a business. It’s highly effective in bringing back bounced traffic, users that abandoned their lead form and shopping cart and allowing you to amplify all of your marketing channels. join experts from AdRoll and Hanapin Marketing for tips and strong insights on how to optimize your PPC retargeting program for high-performance and a better return on ROI.
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How RingCentral Transformed Their Demand Gen with ABM


Account-based marketing is one of the hottest topics in B2B, but concrete examples of how to put it into practice to drive real-world ROI are hard to find. If you’re looking for a step-by-step blueprint for ABM success, you won’t want to miss this webinar with David Cowings of RingCentral. Cloud-based business communications is one of the fastest-moving, most competitive markets in B2B. Even though they are leader in the field, RingCentral knew they could get much more value from inbound leads with an ABM approach. And they were right. The program generated significant, direct, measurable results including: - 2.3x increase in percentage of actionable inbound leads - 6x increase in lead-to-account match rate - And several others! David Cowings is RingCentral’s Chief Marketing Technologist and the architect of this highly-successful program. In this webinar, David will show you in detail what RingCentral did and how they did it. You’ll learn: - The specific lead-routing and CRM problems RingCentral needed to solve and how they identified them - The steps they took to implement account-based marketing using their existing CRM - A clear illustration of the “before and after” - Solid ROI data expressed in real numbers - Specific takeaways for B2B demand-gen marketers who want to emulate their success
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