Using Natural Market Segmentation to Develop Compelling Marketing and Recruiting Strategies


High school students engaged in the college search process imagine their futures as they decide which colleges to apply to and attend. The Eduventures Prospective Student Survey has identified six different prospective undergraduate student segments beyond simple subgroup segmentation. Attend our upcoming webinar to view survey results and gain insight into.Details around the six different segments undergraduate prospective students. Decision criteria that undergraduate students find valuable when choosing a college. How you can use this information to develop marketing and recruiting plans that reach the hearts and minds of students.
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The greatest investment your company can make is in its people—specifically sales reps. Unfortunately, most organizations don't see the real impact of their top performers until they leave—and the cost to replace them is often high. This is why, to retaining high-performing sales rep


Don’t Just Maintain. Inspire.

This webinar demonstrates how Autonomous Database benefits your whole organisation. It’s so easy to use – simply load and run. And there’s no need to be an expert, business colleagues with no machine learning experience can use Autonomous Database in an intuitive way. Your role is key in empowering them to gain insights and gene

Don’t Just Upgrade. Revolutionise.

This webinar shows how Autonomous technology will do more than change your role. It will transform it forever. You can say goodbye to the day-to-day routine of admin, patching and tuning. Leaving you free to focus on design, analytics and strategy. And what connected data offers, will make you central to your organisation’s succ

Real Time Insights Keep Your Company Ahead

Don’t just generate insights. Generate inspiration. Automating data enables easier, faster, better self-service insights better insights, giving your company power to innovate and be creative. Discover the endless possibilities in our webinar.

Get Your Data Working for You

Could your data insights be working even harder for you? Phil Carter of IDC and Neil Sholay of Oracle discuss the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. From connecting data for deeper customer and employee understanding, to freeing up time so you can focus on innovation and strategy. Watch our webinar now.