WEBINAR Launch of LeanData Clarity


Savvy marketers long have dreamed of being able to take action directly from their reports. Now they can. You’re invited to join LeanData Chief Marketing Officer Adam New-Waterson for a can’t-miss webinar as he shares an unprecedented approach to reporting.This is a chance to get a first look at a smarter way of thinking about how marketers can prove their impact on business: LeanData Clarity. Learn how you can increase target account coverage by analyzing quality versus quantity in your marketing campaigns.This webinar will show you how to become a marketing trailblazer by:Giving you complete trust in your reporting Being able to take action on your insights Creating more pipeline and closing more bookings For companies taking an account-based approach to growing their business, LeanData Clarity is a must-have solution.
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Account based sales reps are only as good as their last deal, as the saying goes. Failure to make quota isn’t just a now-and-then occurrence; it’s an epidemic. Watch this video for more information.


Top Tips: Using Email Marketing to Penetrate Target Accounts


Email is still a very effective marketing channel to create engagement and reach your buyers. Join Engagio in this webinar with the American Marketing Association to learn how to combine email marketing with an account-based strategy to increase results and accelerate the buyer’s journey. We’ll share top tips to penetrate and expand into accounts to generate revenue.
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5 Easy Steps for Creating an Account Based Sales Strategy


Sales has been targeting contacts at key accounts for decades. So why has account-based selling become the hottest trend to hit B2B sales? Some sales experts believe it is the need for sales and marketing to align around what matters – personally connecting with your buyers. Having a deeper understanding of your buyers goals and objectives and how your product or service can make a difference could help you win more sales. In this webinar, walk away with a 5-step account-based sales strategy that you can share with your boss. You’ll gain: - Tips on mapping out ideal buyer personas in partnership with marketing - Ideas for personalized content to move buyers through the sales cycle faster - Key metrics to measure and optimize your approach.
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Revving the Revenue Engine: PR Newswire’s Secret to Demand Generation Success


In the digital age, buyers are making decisions in ways that circumvent and disrupt traditional marketing efforts, demand generation, and sales models. To grab buyer attention in this new landscape, PR Newswire "killed" the traditional ad hoc campaign model and developed a buyer-centric, multi-channel Demand Generation Program. Check out this on-demand webinar with PR Newswire's Ken Wincko to learn how PR Newswire is on pace to achieve 138% of revenue forecast for 2015, with a 9% incremental lift in qualified leads, a 6% incremental lift in closed leads, and a sales cycle decrease of 33%. You'll also discover how PR Newswire was able to: Develop a channel-agnostic content approach to engage, nurture, and convert buyers throughout their journey Optimize its Lead-to-Revenue Management Process to increase conversion rates and deal velocity Realign teams, process, content, and technology to shift its use of Marketo's Engagement Marketing Platform from a tactical email tool to a strategic, multi-channel growth engine.
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The State Of B2B Marketing Practice


Interested in how your peer B2B marketers are using their marketing automation? How are they building segment strategies? What’s the mix between inbound and outbound? Is sales and marketing alignment getting any better? In this webinar, we reveal the results of Forrester’s Q1 2018 B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey just in time to vet and validate your 2018 plans.
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