2021 Pharma Post Pandemic CX Marketing Summit

Reshape your Customer Experience Marketing through Digital Strategy & Transformation COVID has changed the way healthcare professionals and sales representatives interact, and what it means for the future. Customer Experience is at the top of the agenda of any successful business. So what for pharma? And how does digital marketing need to evolve to meet the needs of post-pandemic customers? From there makers of the leading “TED-styled” BioPharma eMarketing Summit, 2021’s one-of-a-kind customer experience Summit is the BIGGEST program to-date. Join 100’s of pharma marketers and CX attendees and gain multiple leading industry takeaways on CX digital transformation leadership, pandemic strategy pivoting, personalized and unique patient experiences, digital health disruption, content supply, big data / segmentation, AI/AR/VR, omni/multi-channel, social strategy, mobile engagement and much, much more. If you are involved in CX roles, marketing , digital or brand strategy, you won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind CX Summit!


Sustainable business growth through content In an age when brands are under pressure to deliver value quickly, content management systems have become an essential martech tool, helping to create highly relevant experiences, increasing customer engagement, and improving organizational efficiencies. To ensure you make an informed


CXO Summit 2023

November 15-16, 2023 | USA

The CXO Summit is the largest gathering of software ecosystem participants in the Midcontinent. Held in Austin, TX, the Summit brings together 300 software executives, venture capitalists, corporates, and sponsors for two days of networking, matchups, and best-in-class software workshops and content.

Unleash 2023

October 3-5, 2023 | USA

Join us for 3 action-packed days at the Seattle Convention Center, as we bring together 1,800+ sales professionals from across the globe. Attendees will discover the latest strategies and technologies to grow — personally and professionally.

SMART Day London

September 27, 2023 | UK

SMART is Sales + Marketing Accelerating Revenue Together. Join us for SMART Day London as we share strategies on how to maximize effectiveness at every stage of the funnel to find and win more deals. Bring your sales and marketing colleagues and amplify your connections.

B2B Forum 2023

October 4-6, 2023 | USA

For more than 15 years B2B Forum has been the conference where today’s leading B2B marketers gather for insights, networking, and laughs. Join us in October 2023 for: Inspiration from B2B marketing experts (those who walk the walk). Plus, inspiring new marketing voices Real-world, actionable insights on the tactics and tools that work today… and strategies that stand the test of time The chance to get out of your comfort zone. To do something new. To be creative. The opportunity to connect and share advice with other marketers just like you A chance to immerse yourself in learning that will help you grow your skillset and be ready for whatever the future holds