B2B Power Networking

August 16-16, 2018 | USA

Please join us as we Power Network! You will not only meet other people who could be on your Power Team; you will get plugged into a Nationwide Social Media Network as you share your 30-second pitch so come prepared! Your Attendance is Free and Lunch is on you. We collect $5 from those who don't eat lunch to give to our servers. We are here to help build your Professional Network!


Watch this video to find out challenges B2B marketers face and why they are turning to Account-Based Marketing to solve them.


ABM Bootcamp: Key Lessons from Industry Leaders

July 27-27, 2021 | USA

ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt, SVP, Consulting, joins forces with Salesforce and Cyxtera Technologies for this highly interactive 90-minute “mini bootcamp,” to guide you through some of the best practices for improving ABM performance for your next wave of strategic growth. Amid the disruptions of the past year, ABM has gained even more traction as a core B2B marketing strategy. More than three-quarters of marketers surveyed last fall by ITSMA reported higher ROI from ABM than other marketing investments. But the reality is that we’re still in the early days of ABM development, and have a long way to go to leverage ABM’s full potential.

Mapping the Customer Journey

July 21-21, 2021 | New Zealand

Having excellent Customer Service is vital to differentiate your business from the pack. You will need the insight, tools, and information to better understand your customer's journey. The Marketing Association is proud to help you on that journey by introducing our half-day workshop into Customer Journey Mapping. Who is this course for? Marketers who have a basic understanding of Customer Journey Mapping and want a deeper dive Organisations who are moving to a customer-centric business model People who have done the Introductory Customer Journey Mapping Course and are hungry to delve into the next steps.


July 8-8, 2021 | Singapore

Account Based Marketing, where treating individual accounts as markets in their own right is finally gaining huge momentum in APAC. In response to the growing demand for ABM, as well as the growing recognition that lead generation and nurturing are more effective if managed and tracked in the context of a named account, companies have developed different approaches to enable faster program expansion and broader coverage of accounts. When managed strategically, ABM can produce multidimensional benefits. On the sales side, these can include a shorter sales cycle, a better pipeline, and lower acquisition costs. In fact, 87% of respondents in an ITSMA benchmark report say the technique drives higher ROI than any other type of marketing they do.

B2B Marketing Ignite London

June 30-1, 2021 | UK

If you want to keep pace with the demands of change, and to ensure your marketing is the powerful business driver it’s designed to be, then this virtual event is made for you. B2B Ignite 2021 is a focal point for all that’s great in B2B. Featuring more than 80 big thinkers, award-winning experts and 1500+ of your peers, B2B Ignite will bring together a wealth of opinions and talents to extend your knowledge, best practice and support networks.