Leaders Roundtable: How to run an outstanding B2B Marketing Team

Great B2B marketing depends on a great B2B marketing team –that much is obvious. But with lingering post-Covid uncertainties around working practices and patterns, the ongoing cost of living crisis and escalating AI-induced uncertainty, leadership has never been harder for marketing directors and CMOs. So what does it take to run an outstanding B2B marketing team? That’s what we’ll explore in this session, with the help of some B2B Marketing Awards-winning marketers, who are at the top of their game. We’ll discuss: Which organizational structure or structures work best for great teams? How do internal teams collaborate most effectively with agencies or external contributors? How do you motivate individuals and collectives at a time of transition? How do get individuals to collaborate in and proactively drive innovation or transformation? How do you ensure a great culture? How enable individuals to thrive and be fulfilled?



Go-to-Market made Simple Roadshow 2023

June 23, 2023 | USA

Go-To-Market is evolving faster than we can keep up. A majority of the funnels are focused on sales and marketing efficiency and ignore go-to-market motions that include product and customer success. The rise of PLG, ecosystem, and ABM coupled with traditional inbound and outbound motions have revenue leaders looking for a more holistic way to run their business.

ContentTECH Summit 2023

June 20-22, 2023 | USA

The right technology – and how you integrate it into your content operations – can be the difference-maker in getting your team to work in harmony and your content to resonate with customers. At ContentTECH Summit, you’ll learn about the most meaningful tech tools and strategies for your content program, and how to use them to their fullest potential.

Programmatic I/O 2023

September 26-27, 2023 | USA

Join us for Programmatic I/O September 26-27, 2023 at the New York Hilton Midtown. Programmatic I/O brings elite speakers, attendees, and sponsors together with the common goal of educating marketers, publishers and agencies on the latest in data-driven marketing.

growth marketing SUMMIT 2023

June 22, 2023 | Germany

As Europe's biggest conference for digital growth and optimization, we unite like-minded optimizers from around the world. Share topics that move the digital world and learn from world-class talks. The growth marketing SUMMIT is less about Conversion Uplifts. Rather, it is about a data-driven, customer-oriented and agile approach to scale sustainably.