The Year Ahead in Marketing

January 25-27, 2022 | USA

It’s no surprise that the marketing industry is in a constant state of evolution. In the past few years, marketers like you have fearlessly adapted to the constantly changing virtual and hybrid landscapes during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a marketer at any experience level, keeping up with this constant evolution hasn’t always been easy. In order to succeed in 2022 and beyond, it’s vital for marketers to stay ahead of the trends. So, what’s next? In this free virtual event, we’ll help you understand what trends are here to stay and what shifts are coming in 2022. You’ll gain the actionable insights, digital tools and strategic best practices you need to make an impact in the new year.


Pau Valdés, CEO and Co-Founder of InboundCycle, explains what Account Based Marketing is and how it can benefit companies.


Marketing 2.0 Conference - Las Vegas

April 6-8, 2022 | USA

Our USA edition will take you through trends in content marketing, B2B marketing, new MarTech tools, effective digital strategies, the evolution of advertising, and much, much more. During the keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats, you get to learn from top marketers and ad strategists who are associated with successful brands. We have a diverse, extensive agenda for our USA conference’s participants that will keep you hooked! After you’re done, grow your wealth of contacts in the global marketing community by utilizing our networking sessions.

Breakthrough Customer Conference - 6Sense

December 7-9, 2021 | USA

For our market, today represents a sea change; a recognition that the old ways of doing things are simply not working and revenue teams are ready for more. You'll learn from industry and peer experts, get a peek at the latest 6sense product road map, celebrate our wins, and in 6sense style, have some fun! We're offering three unique ways to attend the event, so regardless of location you'll be able to get in on the action.

B2B Summit North America

May 2-4, 2022 | USA

Insight leads to smart decision-making, enabling B2B marketing, sales and product executives to take the lead in their organizations; fostering the alignment and connectivity that will lead to future success. But it’s about more than just fine-tuning the engine, it’s about powering your growth and accelerating your journey; leaving the chaos and confusion behind and moving forward with clarity and confidence.

Global Digital Transformation & Customer Experience 2022 Summit

April 28-29, 2022 | Netherlands

The advancement of a “smart”, connected World is allowing businesses across nations to leapfrog several stages of development in all the industries, redefining business, customer experience, and society. The tech revolutions like Artificial Intelligence and Big data are changing the way we do business. Today, we have more information than ever and customers expect business to meet them anywhere, any time, on any device.