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#BII21 Highlights a Renewing Focus on Buyer-Centric Strategies, the Importance of Intent Data in Account Experiences, and Personalization

In current B2B, data models and buyer centricity have taken centre stage, with many firms relying on their databases to deliver insights into critical accounts for effective strategy development. Companies are also depending on signal data and account intelligence insights to create compelling advertisements that address the pain points of purchasers.

The Buyer's Data & Intelligence Series for 2021, hosted by Demand Gen Report, looked at B2B's increasing emphasis on buyer-focused tactics, as well as how firms are employing intent signals and account insights to send relevant messaging to the correct accounts. This year's event also looked at how the ABM landscape is changing, with firms focusing their strategy on new datasets and models to increase account engagement and reporting.

Using Relevance to Drive Engaging Buyer-Centric Marketing Strategies:

As today's buyer expects more tailored experiences in an increasingly hurried purchasing journey, it appears that intent and automation must collaborate to supply marketing teams with the information they require at the precise time they require it. It is up to marketing professionals to tailor content based on these data.

According to Conversica thinking leaders, the “four P's” of client engagement and sales effectiveness are persistence, promptness, customization, and performance. Conversational interaction, according to the experts, can assist streamline communications and give a consistent, timely, and relevant line of outreach.

“You may be killing it with just one of these Ps, but if the others aren't in place, you won't be driving the engagement you should be,” noted Amanda DePaul, Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Conversica.

Organizations should use those Ps as the foundation of their customer journey, which is becoming increasingly accelerated. The timescale buyers use to make purchasing decisions is getting longer, as revealed by a Demandbase session. As a result, marketing teams must focus even more on intent data analysis in order to determine the appropriate next move to take.

“Supporting consumers throughout their process allows you to dynamically adjust to them; it's intricate but not intimidating,” said Tracy Kraft, Demandbase's VP of Revenue Marketing. “One way we achieve this is by mapping our advertising to those buyer stages, so that we genuinely identify the correct account with the right material at the right time, which allows us to reach customers where they are.”

During their fireside chat event, specialists from Outreach shed light on the necessity of engaging customers from the start of communication, with an emphasis on the early stages of the journey. Organizations must ensure that prospects feel appreciated and heard in order to establish trust. It is the establishment of that initial relationship that will lead to the formation of a stronger relationship and an increase in trust over the rest of the journey. Of course, the study of diverse datasets contributes to the development of trust.

However, the plethora of purchase signals and data pieces required for personalised outreach can quickly become overwhelming. Cheri Keith highlighted in ON24's presentation that the first stage is that the data being pulled should coincide with marketing goals, and that firms can poll current clients to get a sense of their temperature to assist identify if the goals are being met.

Using More Datasets to Create More Relevant Engagement:

B2B firms want fast, clear data to personalise buyer engagement and solve buyers' individual pain points in order to sustain a buyer-centric strategy. To achieve that level of buyer personalisation, businesses have begun to rely on first- and third-party data, as well as intent signals, to assist build up their digital marketing activities.

Randy Brasche and Marlowe Fenne of FireEye discussed the value of first- and third-party data at Folloze's session, as they may help you acquire a holistic view of a buyer and allow for more organisational agility. These data insights can help organisations inform their plans and pivot their content and messaging for each individual buyer in order to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

“Insights from first- and third-party data are what light the fuse under the buyer's journey,” Fenne explained. “It frames how you began that trip and may actually help you accelerate clients through their journeys in new engaging and relevant ways. When you look at your data, make agility one of your advantages, and you will have better success engaging your customers.”

Using Predictive Models to Automate Account List Creation:

With most marketers double down on ABM to engage important customers, they are looking to predictive models to identify how they deliver value to those accounts and how they may improve engagement for greater revenue generation.

Allison Dyer stated in a RollWorks session that B2B marketers must utilise their ICPs and existing accounts to construct a platform that validates new intent signals and helps build new target account lists for engagement. This system feeds new account data into prediction models and gives marketers with numerous account insights to discover new ways to engage them in future campaigns.

“We're doing this at scale with machine learning and predictive models,” Dyer added. “We break our models into tiers so that when the results are released, everyone on the marketing and sales team understands the high-value engagement within those tiers. Marketers might acquire critical insights that they never considered by matching account data with the target account list that comes out of sales.”

During this webcast, Andrew Mahr, Chief Customer Officer of Triblio, discussed the importance of predictive models in ABM, specifically how marketers can utilise these models to automatically orchestrate multi-stage, multichannel programmes for optimal account reporting. According to Mahr, predictive models not only enable B2B firms to design customised 1:1 engagement programmes at scale, but they can also assist forecast which types of programmes would be successful based on prior account interactions. Account data can be incorporated into predictive models to automatically determine intent for more accurate account reporting, telling SDRs about which accounts to interact with and when to connect with them more consistently.

“This is what I would call ‘tomorrow's ABM,' where everything happens in an automated process that is more synchronised and dynamic,” Mahr added. “Data selects the accounts with which we should engage and places them all in the right campaign at the right moment. We can then construct these systems to provide consistent output to sales representatives while also incorporating predictability into the forecasting and pipeline creation processes.”


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Core ABM

Marketers Given Marginal Grades for ABM-Driven Revenue Growth

GlobeNewswire | January 25, 2024

Seeding and harvesting the sales pipeline — the process of acquiring, capturing, qualifying and converting business opportunities — are essential to the growth and profitability of B2B marketers across every industry and geographic sector. Marketing is largely responsible for driving this business process, yet nearly two-thirds of lead gen and engagement strategies are underperforming. A new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council report, produced in collaboration with WM America, entitled “Fire Up Your Revenue Generation Engine,” covers critical aspects of lead generation and engagement. This includes models and metrics for tracking and measuring performance, best practice demand-gen execution, ways to score effectiveness, and more. The latest CMO Council research finds scores of marketers falling behind in lead scoring, account-based marketing, accelerated pipeline, and intention-based marketing. Key findings from a Q4 survey of over 170 B2B marketing, sales, revenue, growth, demand gen and campaign execution leaders include: 63% say marketing must own and optimize a company’s revenue-generation engine 64% say their lead gen and engagement strategy underperforms 78% of highly evolved marketers are satisfied with their accelerated pipeline, compared to only 15% of lesser evolved marketers “In today’s competitive data-driven environment, marketers should no longer be satisfied with paltry returns on their sizable lead-gen and ABM investments,” the report notes. “It’s time to turn the tables on inefficient, ineffective, and outdated practices for anticipating, adapting, and responding to customer needs and opportunities.” “Marketers must climb the evolutionary ladder and leave behind outmoded and dated practices,” notes CMO Council executive director, Donovan Neale-May. “Using AI-derived, intention-based buyer data and advanced sales intelligence are among the ways growth marketers bring more precision, predictability, and performance to B2B account marketing investments.” The CMO Council’s research revealed the top five skill sets contributing to improved ABM-driven business outcomes: Better segmentation and precision targeting of buyers and influencers On-demand customer business intelligence and personal buyer insights Tighter integration of demand gen, channel, direct sales, and support teams Greater utilization of tools and data sources for richer prospect profiling Proactive and timely pre-sales follow up and cultivation strategies The CMO Council has uncovered widening gaps in performance between highly evolved marketers and lesser evolved marketers. Gaps are occurring in four core capabilities: lead scoring, account-based marketing, accelerated pipeline, and intention-based marketing. This report tiers factors that make up a model for better identification, engagement and conversion. The model coincides with the CMO Council and WM America’s thought leadership initiative to advance lead revenue science practices through a certified Lead Evaluation and Assurance Process, or LEAP model. “Marketers will need to take a few LEAPs of faith in the coming months, because sticking to the status quo is just not practical or possible anymore. As data becomes more critical than ever before, CMOs need to extend their visions for innovation and forward-thinking strategies,” according to Lee Salem, WM America’s Vice President of Sales. Methodology The report is based on a survey of over 170 heads of B2B marketing, sales, revenue, growth, demand gen and campaign execution in Q4 2023. It also included content from in-depth interviews with executives from Netline, Autodesk, T-Mobile, NTT, ABM Consortium, TechTarget, IBM, B2B Marketing, Reachdesk, Momentum ITSMA, and Xometry. About the CMO Council The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide-range of global industries. The CMO Council’s 16,000+ members control more than $1 trillion in aggregated annual marketing expenditures and run complex, distributed marketing and sales operations worldwide. In total, the CMO Council and its strategic interest communities include over 65,000 global marketing and sales executives in over 110 countries covering multiple industries, segments and markets. Regional chapters and advisory boards are active in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The Council’s strategic interest groups include the Customer Experience Board, Digital Marketing Performance Center, Brand Inspiration Center, Marketing Supply Chain Institute, GeoBranding Center, and the Coalition to Leverage and Optimize Sales Effectiveness (CLOSE). To learn more, visit About WM America WM America is a leading B2B marketing company specializing in targeted in-market demand generation. The intent database at WMA tracks the intent behavior of over 75 million business professionals globally, 24X7. The database is segmented into 3,300 categories. WMA keeps around-the-clock track of buying signals from each category in this database. Based on this extremely strong foundation of data points, the company delivers precisely targeted prospects for focused marketing. Accurate keyword search enables deriving of active content consumption and opt-in content downloads. WMA's deep search ensures accurate and targeted information delivery that helps craft successful, cutting-edge marketing strategies. For more information, visit

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Buyer Intent Data

ON24 Recognizes 2023’s Leaders in Digital Engagement

Business Wire | January 24, 2024

A recent Forrester survey found that more than 60% of B2B buyers base their final purchase decision solely on the digital content and experiences companies provide. That’s why thousands of B2B companies choose ON24 (NYSE: ONTF), a leading digital engagement platform for B2B sales and marketing that helps enterprises generate data-driven insights and deliver cost-effective revenue growth. Today, ON24, announced the industry-leading digital experiences of 2023 that drove ROI for their organizations. “At ON24, our goal is to propel business success through digital engagement, with our customers at the core. We take pride in helping our customers drive deeper engagement with their target audiences and extract meaningful insights that result in revenue growth,” said Callan Young, CMO, ON24. “It is our honor to recognize the leading organizations that exemplify excellence in leveraging our platform to create digital experiences that not only meet but surpass their audience’s expectations.” The following organizations were recognized for delivering outstanding digital experiences on the ON24 platform in 2023: Danfossdrove product growth and customer retention by leveraging distributor, reseller and customer data to optimize its webinar and digital engagement program. FloQastinfluenced 82% of event pipeline in Q3 and created 120+ new active opportunities by routing high-quality leads from in-experience demo requests directly to sales. Global X ETFsincreased qualified, high-value leads in Australia by 22%, by integrating ON24 engagement data with their CRM and using the platform’s personalization capabilities. Informaticascaled a live event into a hybrid experience across three key regions simultaneously, driving registration and delivering a consistent customer experience on a global scale. Infopro Digitalincreased conversion rates and registrations by automating processes on the ON24 platform and making real-time adjustments based on customer feedback. Kasperskydrove product adoption and business growth by creating new relationships with prospects and fostering existing relationships with customers. KnowBe4generated over $300k in pipeline through an ON24-powered digital experience. The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)achieved 100% participant satisfaction for its unique and impactful digital experience powered by the ON24 platform. PowerSchoolachieved record-breaking registration rates, 75 CTA clicks, over 400 poll responses and 300+ content downloads during an educational experience with ON24. S&P Globaldoubled marketing qualified leads and boosted engagement by designing an ON24 digital experience personalized to different customer segments. Tata Consultancy Servicesdrove revenue growth with record-high registrations for their webinar on ON24, resulting in 70% attendee participation across 30 countries. Texthelpsourced leads during a webinar series and converted at least 70% of them into marketing-qualified leads within 30 days. TOPdeskincreased revenue and improved its customer engagement by 7% YoY and extended the shelf life of its content with an on-demand hub. TravelMediaGroupclosed three deals from a single digital experience by creating a seamless and engaging customer experience on ON24. UCBachieved a 50%+ attendee conversion rate by enhancing the HCP’s experience and integrating ON24 engagement data with its business intelligence system. UnitedHealthcareachieved an 80% cost savings, increased attendee score and engagement with a new digital engagement strategy and an always-on content hub. Wood PLCsourced leads, increased audience engagement and automated continuing professional education credits on ON24, across different time zones. ZoomInfosurpassed webinar benchmarks by generating a record number of marketing-qualified leads and 190 scheduled demos, resulting in 10 closed-won deals. To learn more about 2023’s leaders in digital engagement, watch the on-demand webinar here. About ON24 ON24 is on a mission to re-imagine how companies engage, understand and build relationships with their audience in a digital world. Through our leading sales and marketing platform for digital engagement integrated with generative AI, businesses use our portfolio of webinar, virtual event and content experiences to drive engagement and generate first-party data, delivering ​revenue growth across the enterprise – from demand generation to customer success to partner enablement. ON24 powers digital engagement for industry-leading customers worldwide, including 3 of the 5 largest global technology companies, 3 of the 6 largest US banks, 3 of the 5 largest global healthcare companies, and 3 of the 5 largest global industrial manufacturers, enabling organizations to reach millions of professionals a month for billions of engagement minutes per year with all the first-party data being captured, generated and integrated from one place. ON24 is headquartered in San Francisco with global offices in North America, EMEA, and APAC. For more information, visit

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