#BII21 Highlights a Renewing Focus on Buyer-Centric Strategies, the Importance of Intent Data in Account Experiences, and Personalization

Demand Gen Report | July 30, 2021

In current B2B, data models and buyer centricity have taken centre stage, with many firms relying on their databases to deliver insights into critical accounts for effective strategy development. Companies are also depending on signal data and account intelligence insights to create compelling advertisements that address the pain points of purchasers.

The Buyer's Data & Intelligence Series for 2021, hosted by Demand Gen Report, looked at B2B's increasing emphasis on buyer-focused tactics, as well as how firms are employing intent signals and account insights to send relevant messaging to the correct accounts. This year's event also looked at how the ABM landscape is changing, with firms focusing their strategy on new datasets and models to increase account engagement and reporting.

Using Relevance to Drive Engaging Buyer-Centric Marketing Strategies:

As today's buyer expects more tailored experiences in an increasingly hurried purchasing journey, it appears that intent and automation must collaborate to supply marketing teams with the information they require at the precise time they require it. It is up to marketing professionals to tailor content based on these data.

According to Conversica thinking leaders, the “four P's” of client engagement and sales effectiveness are persistence, promptness, customization, and performance. Conversational interaction, according to the experts, can assist streamline communications and give a consistent, timely, and relevant line of outreach.

“You may be killing it with just one of these Ps, but if the others aren't in place, you won't be driving the engagement you should be,” noted Amanda DePaul, Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Conversica.

Organizations should use those Ps as the foundation of their customer journey, which is becoming increasingly accelerated. The timescale buyers use to make purchasing decisions is getting longer, as revealed by a Demandbase session. As a result, marketing teams must focus even more on intent data analysis in order to determine the appropriate next move to take.

“Supporting consumers throughout their process allows you to dynamically adjust to them; it's intricate but not intimidating,” said Tracy Kraft, Demandbase's VP of Revenue Marketing. “One way we achieve this is by mapping our advertising to those buyer stages, so that we genuinely identify the correct account with the right material at the right time, which allows us to reach customers where they are.”

During their fireside chat event, specialists from Outreach shed light on the necessity of engaging customers from the start of communication, with an emphasis on the early stages of the journey. Organizations must ensure that prospects feel appreciated and heard in order to establish trust. It is the establishment of that initial relationship that will lead to the formation of a stronger relationship and an increase in trust over the rest of the journey. Of course, the study of diverse datasets contributes to the development of trust.

However, the plethora of purchase signals and data pieces required for personalised outreach can quickly become overwhelming. Cheri Keith highlighted in ON24's presentation that the first stage is that the data being pulled should coincide with marketing goals, and that firms can poll current clients to get a sense of their temperature to assist identify if the goals are being met.

Using More Datasets to Create More Relevant Engagement:

B2B firms want fast, clear data to personalise buyer engagement and solve buyers' individual pain points in order to sustain a buyer-centric strategy. To achieve that level of buyer personalisation, businesses have begun to rely on first- and third-party data, as well as intent signals, to assist build up their digital marketing activities.

Randy Brasche and Marlowe Fenne of FireEye discussed the value of first- and third-party data at Folloze's session, as they may help you acquire a holistic view of a buyer and allow for more organisational agility. These data insights can help organisations inform their plans and pivot their content and messaging for each individual buyer in order to enhance engagement and conversion rates.

“Insights from first- and third-party data are what light the fuse under the buyer's journey,” Fenne explained. “It frames how you began that trip and may actually help you accelerate clients through their journeys in new engaging and relevant ways. When you look at your data, make agility one of your advantages, and you will have better success engaging your customers.”

Using Predictive Models to Automate Account List Creation:

With most marketers double down on ABM to engage important customers, they are looking to predictive models to identify how they deliver value to those accounts and how they may improve engagement for greater revenue generation.

Allison Dyer stated in a RollWorks session that B2B marketers must utilise their ICPs and existing accounts to construct a platform that validates new intent signals and helps build new target account lists for engagement. This system feeds new account data into prediction models and gives marketers with numerous account insights to discover new ways to engage them in future campaigns.

“We're doing this at scale with machine learning and predictive models,” Dyer added. “We break our models into tiers so that when the results are released, everyone on the marketing and sales team understands the high-value engagement within those tiers. Marketers might acquire critical insights that they never considered by matching account data with the target account list that comes out of sales.”

During this webcast, Andrew Mahr, Chief Customer Officer of Triblio, discussed the importance of predictive models in ABM, specifically how marketers can utilise these models to automatically orchestrate multi-stage, multichannel programmes for optimal account reporting. According to Mahr, predictive models not only enable B2B firms to design customised 1:1 engagement programmes at scale, but they can also assist forecast which types of programmes would be successful based on prior account interactions. Account data can be incorporated into predictive models to automatically determine intent for more accurate account reporting, telling SDRs about which accounts to interact with and when to connect with them more consistently.

“This is what I would call ‘tomorrow's ABM,' where everything happens in an automated process that is more synchronised and dynamic,” Mahr added. “Data selects the accounts with which we should engage and places them all in the right campaign at the right moment. We can then construct these systems to provide consistent output to sales representatives while also incorporating predictability into the forecasting and pipeline creation processes.”


Food for thought - 8 segmentation challenges in B2B marketing including: complex decision making exactly who are you segmentating.

Other News

Contentgine® Announces Its Contentree® Library Has Reached 400 Curated Business Category Solution Sets

Contentgine | January 12, 2022

Contentgine®, The world leader in Content-Based Marketing®, announced today that it has reached a curation milestone of over 400 business category solution sets derived from its collection of over 500,000 content assets in its vast content library. Each solution set contains B2B vendor case studies for nearly every industry category. Those sets are constantly offered up by Contentgine's trademarked Perpetual Engine methodology to the company's database of over 133 million professionals. Jim Kelly, Contentgine's Chief Content Officer and founder of Contentree, stated: "The Contentree platform allows industry professionals to quickly find the perfect proven solution to their business challenges, problems or aspirations. Contentree is the 'Autobahn' for professionals looking for solutions to challenges in their work, if you like, or the 'WebMD' for all business professionals in all industries." Jim Kelly, Contentgine's Chief Content Officer and founder of Contentree, stated: "The Contentree platform allows industry professionals to quickly find the perfect proven solution to their business challenges, problems or aspirations. Contentree is the 'Autobahn' for professionals looking for solutions to challenges in their work, if you like, or the 'WebMD' for all business professionals in all industries." "Think of the library as the first and only site dedicated to 'Quarter-Inch Holes' amongst a whole internet of B2B sites focused on 'Quarter-inch Drills.' The 400 solution sets allow any professional in any industry to find a curated list of business solutions from that library, all intended to continuously educate the business community on proven business solutions." Paul Hong, Chief Operating Officer of Contentgine, noted: "There is finally a site for B2B marketers to implement informed strategies for marketing their business solutions. B2B Vendors can now communicate their solutions to all industries looking for answers to their operating challenges." The Contentree database is curated for every industry, and contains nearly all vendor offerings across the Equipment, Software, Services, and Materials categories. Kelly stated that it is the company's vision to aggregate and curate all B2B Vendor Content asset types. As for the solution sets, each is a curated collection of success stories from multiple vendors focused on: an industry (e.g., Mining, Municipal Water Treatment, Data Centers) a vendor offering category (e.g., Pumps, Lubricants, ERP Software) a challenge/topic (e.g., Dust Control, Energy Efficiency, BYOD) Kelly concluded by stating that his work is ongoing in creating even more curated solution sets, and that in 2021 there were over 1.7 million interactions with the content, and those interactions continue to grow for the company at the rate of over 10,000 new interactions every business day. About Contentgine Contentgine ® has claimed a leadership position in the content syndication and intent marketing categories, basing its business upon the following value proposition: "Contentgine helps all professionals in all industries find the right solutions for their businesses." The company is witnessing explosive growth by utilizing a unique way of offering business solution information to business professionals via its Contentree B2B content library – the world's largest such library - and utilizing its unique Perpetual Engine methodology. Together they produce both the industry's most precise first-person intent data and the industry's only content performance analytics platform.

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FUSIONWRX Inc. Finishes Runner-Up for the 2021 “Best Customer Experience Execution” Pinnacle Award from the American Marketing Association

FUSIONWRX Inc | January 31, 2022

FUSIONWRX Inc, a Flottman Company is a full-service marketing agency based in Northern Kentucky, with a focus on digital marketing. One of their specializations is building and optimizing Google Business Profiles, formerly named Google My Business listings, for regional and national clientele. FUSIONWRX was recognized as a Pinnacle Award finalist for employing this tactic to improve online presence and sales entitled “Increasing Online Sales Success for the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family.” Every year, the Cincinnati American Marketing Association honors hundreds of standout marketers through their Pinnacle Awards. The AMA Cincinnati Pinnacle Awards are the highlight of the year for local marketers, and a chance to celebrate regional industry excellence. These awards highlight top performers across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, promotions and advertising. In early December of 2021, the AMA named FUSIONWRX and Health Carousel as finalists for an award in the category of Best Customer Experience Execution. The category of customer experience has been revered as highlighting the ultimate marketing tool. This category welcomes submissions from organizations that facilitate the pathways that anticipate wants, needs and problems, and addresses them in a way that makes a difference. FUSIONWRX received their honor in recognition of their efforts with the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family. In the midst of the pandemic, Jeff Wyler, like many other retailers, was forced to modify the way they do business, pivoting from a primarily face-to-face sales model to a predominantly online sales format. At the onset of the pandemic, FUSIONWRX immediately acted to make Jeff Wyler’s online sales and purchase portals more visible, viable and accessible. By verifying information, enhancing content and increasing imagery across all thirty Jeff Wyler dealership Google Business Profile listings, FUSIONWRX delivered exponentially more organic search traffic than previous years. This increase in potential purchaser website visits led to more opportunity, more interest and ultimately more sales. Congratulations to the FUSIONWRX Inc TEAM: Robert (Bob) Niederhausen – Marketing Intern, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College Chelsea Vaal – Senior Designer and Marketing Manager Ed McMasters – Director of Marketing and Communications Byron Slaby – Director of Business Development At the 2021 Pinnacle Awards Ceremony, FUSIONWRX was honored as Runner-Up in the customer experience category and received a framed certificate and admiration of their peers. According to Ed McMasters, Director of Marketing and Communication for FUSIONWRX, “…this award showcases the dedication our team shows our clients. I am proud of our team and thankful for clients that believe in us and our abilities. It is because of our clients we are able to be successful, we win only when they win.” According to Ed McMasters, Director of Marketing and Communication for FUSIONWRX, “…this award showcases the dedication our team shows our clients. I am proud of our team and thankful for clients that believe in us and our abilities. It is because of our clients we are able to be successful, we win only when they win.” About FUSIONWRX Inc FUSIONWRX Inc, a Flottman Company is an integrated digital and traditional marketing agency, serving clients in the food service, financial, educational and service industries. FUSIONWRX supplies clients with a multitude of media outlets to connect with their target audience, digital ads, directory listings, print materials and social media communications. Growth in the fields of content management, geofencing and out-of-home media have diversified FUSIONWRX’s service portfolio, adding to their product offerings. FUSIONWRX has experience working with companies of all sizes, from family and private businesses to leading Fortune 500 companies. FUSIONWRX is part of the 100-year-old Flottman Company Inc.’s family of businesses that are all women-owned, third-generation family businesses. FUSIONWRX is a three-time recipient of the Print Solutions PEAK Award for Top Marketing, Cross-Media Campaigns. Clutch, a global marketing research company, ranked FUSIONWRX amongst the top digital, public relations, web design and strategic marketing business-to-business firms in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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IDG Communications Acquires LeadSift, a Leading B2B Sales & Marketing Intelligence Platform

LeadSift, IDG Communications | December 24, 2021

IDG Communications, Inc.—the global leader in technology media, data, and marketing services—announces the acquisition of LeadSift, a Canadian-based B2B sales and marketing intelligence platform. The acquisition provides another level of actionable intent data for technology marketers looking to identify the right leads for scaling their revenue. LeadSift uses proprietary artificial intelligence and data mining technologies to extract actionable insights for B2B marketers from millions of data points across the web. Delivered as a daily digest of data, LeadSift’s algorithms uncover relevant leads who demonstrate intent to buy, allowing B2B marketers to craft the appropriate messaging for outreach and sales follow-up resulting in robust new business opportunities. “The buying journey for B2B technology purchases are extremely complex and involve multiple decision-makers,” said Sreejata Chatterjee, Co-founder, LeadSift. “Having a view into those intent signals at the contact level provides a massive competitive advantage and directs your sales team to engage with the right buyers at the right time.” Tapajyoti Das, CEO and Co-founder of LeadSift added, “We are thrilled to join the IDG team and incorporate our intent intelligence into their proprietary data set, to provide the most comprehensible intent data solution to their savvy tech marketing clients.” This is the third acquisition in 18-months that demonstrates IDG’s commitment to create best-in-class data-based marketing solutions that allow B2B marketers to drive desirable audiences and leads into their pipeline. The IDG MarTech stack, built by and for marketers, includes an ABM platform, Triblio, and a marketing data and intelligence solution, KickFire, both of which are already integrated into IDG’s data set and iconic tech editorial branded sites. “Expectations of tech marketers have never been higher as the technology landscape continues to become more competitive. By positioning IDG at the intersection of media and MarTech, we help B2B marketers navigate the customer journey across a dynamic ecosystem by leveraging unmatched data sets,” said Kumaran Ramanathan, President of IDG Communications, Inc. “LeadSift’s technology is further enhancing our unique intent data that drives ROI for our customers. We enthusiastically welcome the technology and the team to the IDG family.” About IDG Communications, Inc. IDG Communications’ vision is to make the world a better place by enabling the right use of technology, because we believe that the right use of technology can be a powerful force for good. IDG is a dependable editorial voice, creating quality content to generate knowledge, engagement and deep relationships with our community of the most influential technology and security decision-makers. Our premium media brands including CIO®, Computerworld®, CSO®, InfoWorld®, Macworld®, Network World®, PCWorld® and Tech Hive® engage a quality audience with essential guidance on the evolving technology landscape. Our trusted brands, global 1st party data intelligence and MarTech platforms (KickFire and Triblio) identify and activate purchasing intent, powering our clients’ success. We simplify complex campaigns that fulfill marketers’ global ambitions seamlessly with consistency that delivers quality results. About LeadSift LeadSift is an intent data platform helping B2B technology companies identify which accounts are in-market and who within that account to speak to. By analyzing and extracting insights from millions of real-time web documents, LeadSift can provide visibility into multiple intent signals that correlate to B2B purchase decisions. LeadSift’s goal is to give Marketers and Sales professionals the most comprehensive and actionable insights they need to scale their revenue. Learn more at

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ZoomInfo Earns Top Spot in 25 G2 Grids for Fifth Consecutive Quarter

ZoomInfo | April 07, 2022

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, today announced that it has earned the top spot on 25 grids in G2’s Spring 2022 Grid® Reports. ZoomInfo continued its streak of market leadership, collecting at least 25 No. 1 rankings in each of the last five Grid Reports, including the overall Buyer Intent Data Tools category along with the top spot in every Lead Capture, Lead Intelligence, and Marketing Account Intelligence category. “Our customers expect best-in-class solutions to funnel their revenue growth and we strive to deliver on that expectation,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “Our customers expect best-in-class solutions to funnel their revenue growth and we strive to deliver on that expectation,” said ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck. “It’s affirming to see that our customers are already benefiting from RevOS, our newly-introduced modern revenue operating system, with the consistently positive reviews they’re sharing.” For the eighth straight quarter, ZoomInfo was listed as the No. 1 Enterprise solution in all three of the Sales Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and Marketing Account Intelligence sections. Also of note: ZoomInfo has topped at least 19 different grids for seven consecutive quarters. ZoomInfo maintained the top spot in both the Overall and Mid-Market grids of Marketing Account Intelligence for the 17th consecutive quarter. ZoomInfo was named the No. 1 Enterprise solution in six different sections. 37 of ZoomInfo’s 43 rankings were in the top-two on their grid. Chorus by ZoomInfo appeared on 15 grids and maintained its No. 1 Enterprise positions in both Conversation Intelligence and Sales Coaching. Engage by ZoomInfo climbed to the No. 1 spot in the Auto Dialer Small Business grid, one of its 15 grid appearances. The Spring 2022 Grid® Reports are based on G2’s unique algorithm, which calculates customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real-time. Based on user reviews and data aggregated from online sources and social networks, ZoomInfo’s high placement in these categories underscores the ways in which best-in-class data feeds every step of a sales and marketing professional’s workflow, and reveals the need for an automated pathway to go-to-market intelligence. No. 1 Placements (25) Lead Capture Lead Capture: Enterprise Lead Capture: Mid-Market Lead Capture: Small Business Lead Intelligence Lead Intelligence: Enterprise Lead Intelligence: Mid-Market Lead Intelligence: Small Business Marketing Account Intelligence Marketing Account Intelligence: Enterprise Marketing Account Intelligence: Mid-Market Marketing Account Intelligence: Small Business Market Intelligence Market Intelligence: Enterprise Market Intelligence: Mid-Market Email Verification Email Verification: Mid-Market Email Verification: Small Business Lead Mining Lead Mining: Mid-Market Lead Mining: Small Business Buyer Intent Data Tools Buyer Intent Data Tools: Mid-Market Account Data Management: Enterprise Sales Intelligence: Enterprise No. 2 Placements (13) AI Sales Assistant AI Sales Assistant: Enterprise AI Sales Assistant: Mid-Market AI Sales Assistant: Small Business Account Data Management Account Data Management: Mid-Market Account Data Management: Small Business Sales Intelligence Sales Intelligence: Mid-Market Sales Intelligence: Small Business Visitor Identification Visitor Identification: Mid-Market Market Intelligence: Small Business Other Placements (5) Recruiting Automation Recruiting Automation: Enterprise Recruiting Automation: Mid-Market Recruiting Automation: Small Business Visitor Identification: Small Business About ZoomInfo ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) is a leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence for more than 25,000 companies worldwide. ZoomInfo’s revenue operating system, RevOS, empowers business-to-business sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting professionals to hit their number by pairing best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy, and depth of company and contact information. With integrations embedded into workflows and technology stacks, including the leading CRM, Sales Engagement, Marketing Automation, and Talent Management applications, ZoomInfo drives more predictable, accelerated, and sustainable growth for its customers. ZoomInfo emphasizes GDPR and CCPA compliance. In addition to creating the industry’s first proactive notice program, the company is a registered data broker with the states of California and Vermont. Read about ZoomInfo’s commitment to compliance, privacy, and security. For more information about ZoomInfo’s leading go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, and how they help sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting professionals, please visit

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