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Demandbase Recognized as a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Account-Based Marketing Platforms

Gartner Magic Quadrant
On January 7, Demandbase announced that it was named a Leader by Gartner in the first-ever Magic Quadrant™ for Account-based Marketing Platforms for 2022. In addition, Demandbase was the only vendor among seven to receive the highest scores in all three use cases in the 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Account-Based Marketing Platforms report.

"We're ecstatic to be a leader in the first ABM Magic Quadrant," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase.

"We're ecstatic to be a leader in the first ABM Magic Quadrant," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase. "Achieving the highest scores for all three ABM Use Cases is a testament to the powerful way we're helping our global customers acquire, retain, and expand the accounts that matter."

Demandbase’s ABX Cloud solution has enriched the sales and marketing teams of its clients to plan, execute and measure account-based strategies.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant report gives detailed insights into the ABM market and evaluates seven ABM vendors objectively. It also sheds light on the role of ABM in the B2B market today, the importance of ABM solutions, and how they can enhance the relationship between marketing and sales departments to optimize their performance.

In Gartner’s detailed companion report, the 2022 Critical Capabilities for Account-based Marketing Platforms, Demandbase topped the list of vendors with respect to new account acquisition, account retention, and account expansion.


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CMO Council to Improve B2B Lead Revenue Science and Account Marketing

CMO Council | October 13, 2023

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council announced entering into a partnership with WM America, a leading B2B marketing company, on a new Q4 thought leadership program. The thought leadership initiative is an urgent response to enhance marketing compliance through lead revenue science, addressing inefficiencies in demand generation and customer engagement amid the evolving digital buyer journey. The best practice study seeks to enhance the predictability, integrity, and performance of content-driven demand-generation campaigns. The B2B marketing-focused initiative, titled "Boosting Yield in the Account Marketing Field," will create a certified Lead Evaluation and Assurance Process (LEAP) model. This model aims to introduce transparency, accountability, and reliability to prospect verification, validation, and sales conversion. EAP will facilitate enhanced actionable intelligence at scale. It will leverage the integration of data sources and AI-driven analysis of real-time buyer insights, behavior, and content consumption based on intention. This expertise will build upon technological advancements in partner organizations. Executive Director of the CMO Council, Donovan Neale-May, said Seeding and harvesting the sales pipeline – the process of capturing, acquiring, qualifying and converting business opportunities – is crucial to the profitability and growth of B2B marketers across each industry and geographic sector. [Source – Globe Newswire] He mentioned that customer demand generation is a mission-critical procedure in which organizations invest heavily but are commonly dissatisfied with the results. About the CMO Council The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council serves as the exclusive global network for executives focused on exchanging knowledge, building personal relationships, and thought leadership among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across diverse global industries. With over 16,000 members overseeing almost $1 trillion in combined annual marketing expenditures, they manage complex, widespread marketing and sales operations on a global scale. About WM America WM America is a prominent B2B marketing firm specializing in precise in-market demand generation. Their intent database monitors the intent behavior of more than 75 million global business professionals 24/7, categorized into 3,300 segments. WMA continuously monitors buying signals within each category. Leveraging this extensive data, the company provides highly targeted prospects, enabling focused marketing efforts.

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DemandScience Listed on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies List

DemandScience | September 22, 2023

DemandScience, a prominent AI-driven B2B demand generation company specializing in boosting sales pipeline growth for global marketing and sales organizations, has announced its 10th consecutive inclusion in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list. This remarkable achievement places DemandScience among the elite, making it one of only 143 companies to attain this honor ten times in history as one of America's fastest-growing private companies. With an impressive three-year revenue growth rate of 214%, DemandScience secures its position at #2,546 on this year's Inc. 5000 list. The 2023 Inc. 5000 lineup features companies that have not only achieved rapid revenue growth but have also adeptly maneuvered through challenges like inflationary pressures, elevated capital costs, and a competitive labor market. Collectively, this year's Inc. 5000 companies have contributed 1,187,266 job additions to the economy over the past three years. Barry Harrigan, Co-founder of DemandScience, said, When we founded DemandScience in 2012, we knew B2B companies were ready for an innovative approach that brought marketing and science together to counter their complex demand generation problems. Two years later we made the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the market and the world – and we have not looked back. And now, as pioneers in integrating AI into the demand generation space, our success will help us revolutionize and lead the charge. [Source – Globe Newswire] DemandScience's dedication to fostering work-life balance has earned the company several accolades. Notably, it secured a Great Place To Work Certificate for both 2023 and 2022, clinched an impressive #5 position on Fortune Magazine's prestigious Best Workplaces in Advertising & Marketing list last autumn, and received recognition as a Best Place to Work by the esteemed Boston Business Journal. Peter Cannone, Chair and CEO of DemandScience, stated, We’re a trusted partner for over 1,500 global B2B companies, working collaboratively to assist solve their demand generation obstacles and help them exceed their business goals. Their success has fueled our growth and our ability to develop innovative and solutions for pipeline growth, data protection, accurate B2B data, intelligence, and insights. [Source – Globe Newswire] About DemandScience DemandScience stands as a leading AI-driven B2B demand generation company, propelling pipeline growth for businesses. Their advanced intelligence platform equips worldwide B2B enterprises to pinpoint promising prospects and precisely target potential buyers already in the market. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and AI advancements, the company guarantees the prompt provision of precise data, insights, and indicators, enhancing the buyer's path from initial interaction to conversion. Established in 2012, DemandScience serves a clientele of 1,500 global customers with top-notch solutions, data, and leads.

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6sense CEO, Jason Zintak, Honored by Goldman Sachs for Entrepreneurship

Business Wire | October 27, 2023

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) recognized CEO of 6sense, Jason Zintak, as one of the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2023 at its Builders and Innovators Summit in Healdsburg, California. Goldman Sachs selected Zintak from multiple industries to be honored at the two-day event. Since Zintak joined 6sense in 2017, the company has grown astronomically by every measure: employee, customer, net revenue retention, and revenue growth. With a reputation for making smart moves, prioritizing people, and creating a culture of innovation, Zintak leads the company towards its mission to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create, manage and convert pipeline to revenue. To be recognized for entrepreneurship by Goldman Sachs is an incredible honor, said Jason Zintak, 6sense CEO. This recognition reflects the strength and passion of our team and our commitment to a growth mindset which fosters ongoing learning, curiosity and innovation. Our collective entrepreneurial spirit at 6sense started with our founders and leaders and continues today across the organization as a defining element of our success in delivering real value to our customers. “We’re delighted to recognize Jason Zintak as one of the most exceptional entrepreneurs of 2023,” said David Solomon, Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs. “Like everyone in this year’s class, Jason has been a visionary in their field, pushing forward innovation and redefining markets. We are excited to harness Goldman’s convening power to bring together these dynamic leaders and hear their insights.” In addition to honoring the most exceptional entrepreneurs, the Summit consists of general sessions and clinics led by seasoned entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders as well as resident scholars. About 6sense 6sense is on a mission to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create revenue by predicting customers most likely to buy and recommending the best course of action to engage anonymous buying teams. 6sense Revenue AI is the only sales and marketing platform to unlock the ability to create, manage and convert high-quality pipeline to revenue. Customers report 2X increases in average contract value, 4X increases in win rate and a 20-40% reduction in time to close deals. Know everything. Do anythingⓇ, with 6sense. About Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs is a leading global financial institution that delivers a broad range of financial services to a large and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in all major financial centers around the world.

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Buyer Intent Data

ZoomInfo Expands Global Business Coverage by 6x Since 2021, Offering Access to 104 Million Companies

Business Wire | October 17, 2023

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), the go-to-market platform to find, acquire, and grow customers, announced that its global business-to-business (B2B) data now covers 321 million professional contacts at 104 million companies, giving customers vastly expanded access to business buyers around the world. In just the last two years, ZoomInfo has grown the number of global companies in its data platform by more than 6x, while tripling both the number of global contacts and the number of global mobile phone numbers available to its customers. In continental Europe, ZoomInfo has expanded its catalogue of mobile numbers by 13x whilst growing mobiles in the U.K. by 6x. Following recent, significant investments in its international data, ZoomInfo customers now have access to over 200 million business contacts markets outside North America – such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. This expanded coverage gives sales and marketing teams a competitive edge globally by broadening their reach and enabling more effective strategies when targeting international markets. “We leverage our large, proprietary contributory network and advanced capabilities to develop scale and quality of data that is unmatched in the industry,” ZoomInfo Vice President of Product Management Sneh Kakileti said. “With a focus on expanding our offerings in EMEA, we’ve invested significantly over the past two years into enhancing our global company and contact intelligence. GTM teams both in the U.S. and abroad can now close more deals with customers around the world.” ZoomInfo has also invested heavily in its data assets beyond its global contacts and company profiles, providing revenue organisations with access to more than: Worldwide: 174 million email addresses 94 million mobile numbers 70 million direct phone numbers Outside North America: 104 million email addresses 45 million mobile numbers 27 million direct phone numbers We’ve worked with ZoomInfo since 2021. As a global business we rely on data to drive multiple business functions, said Patrick Scully, managing director at Kintec Recruitment, located in Manchester, England. ZoomInfo’s platform is fantastic — it’s the best tool for sales/cold business development. I’ve used it to close significant new business deals within my region. I rate the product highly and have seen valuable improvements in their global data coverage. I look forward to continuing to drive growth through our partnership. ZoomInfo utilises artificial intelligence (AI) technology to guarantee greater accuracy in its contact and company profiles. In addition, a dedicated team of over 300 researchers actively collects and verifies data, validating each data point through a multi-step process. ZoomInfo is a leader in privacy, with a particular focus on supporting global enterprises and European businesses. ZoomInfo supports privacy compliance by giving revenue teams the ability to turn on suppression of Do Not Call lists for several countries — which can be used alongside their master suppression lists and ZoomInfo’s other privacy-focused features — enabling them to hide phone numbers and other contact info belonging to individuals who have unsubscribed from that company’s communications or who have registered with their country’s national Do Not Call registry. ZoomInfo applies rigorous methods to ensure data integrity and compliance with international regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, including sending email privacy notifications to all addressable data subjects, regardless of their geographic location, as well as by making it easy for individuals to exercise their data rights using ZoomInfo’s Privacy Center. For more information on the data available within ZoomInfo, along with the benefits it provides companies of all sizes worldwide, visit ZoomInfo’s data hub. About ZoomInfo ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) is the trusted go-to-market platform for businesses to find, acquire, and grow their customers. It delivers accurate, real-time data, insights, and technology to more than 35,000 companies worldwide. Businesses use ZoomInfo to increase efficiency, consolidate technology stacks, and align their sales and marketing teams — all in one platform. ZoomInfo is a recognised leader in data privacy, with industry-leading GDPR and CCPA compliance and numerous data security and privacy certifications. For more information about how ZoomInfo can help businesses grow their revenue at scale, please visit www.zoominfo.com.

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