IDG Communications Acquires Marketing and Data Intelligence Company, KickFire

IDG Communications, Inc. | September 17, 2021

IDG Communications, Inc.—the global expert in technology media, data, and marketing services—announces the acquisition of the Silicon Valley-based marketing data and intelligence company, KickFire®. The acquisition expands upon IDG’s best-in-class marketing technology (MarTech) platform that provides tech marketers with advanced tools to solve complex marketing challenges, including the enhancement of data surrounding customers, prospects, and digital audiences.

KickFire’s first-party intent data and intelligence are a key data source for many companies in the MarTech ecosystem. The company’s cookieless, privacy-compliant technology allows B2B marketers to de-anonymize website traffic and tap into first-party purchase intent data to enhance their in-market buyer identification, remarketing, website personalization capabilities, and digital marketing practices.

With the trend toward increasing privacy regulation and pending elimination of third-party cookie tracking on the horizon, we established KickFire as a future-proof component of understanding audience insights and behavior. We’re excited to join the IDG team at this time of unprecedented change in the marketing landscape. The integration of our solution across IDG’s platform of brands and products positions our capabilities as a core component within the fastest growing MarTech provider.

Stephen Oachs, CEO of KickFire

KickFire’s technology is already the industry standard used by most technology marketers, providing visibility into how audiences and technology buyers are researching products. By joining forces with KickFire, we have created the most trusted buyer intent verification processes in the industry that will ultimately accelerate marketing performance for our customers.

Andre Yee, Chief Product Officer of IDG Communications, Inc.

The acquisition underscores IDG’s commitment to building an industry-leading platform and solution set that remains ahead of increasingly diverse audiences and evolving regulations. In 2020, IDG acquired the leading account-based marketing (ABM) platform, Triblio®, and has since woven it into its iconic editorial brands and products.

Kumaran Ramanathan, President of IDG Communications, Inc. added, “The acquisition of KickFire capabilities, along with last year’s purchase of an ABM platform is indicative of our goal to build the best-in-class marketing technology capability for our technology customers. We anticipate further growth through inorganic and organic development following the investment from Blackstone.”

About IDG Communications, Inc.
IDG Communications’ vision is to make the world a better place by enabling the right use of technology, because we believe that the right use of technology can be a powerful force for good.

IDG is a dependable editorial voice, creating quality content to generate knowledge, engagement and deep relationships with our community of the most influential technology and security decision-makers. Our premium media brands including CIO®, Computerworld®, CSO®, InfoWorld®, Macworld®, Network World®, PCWorld® and Tech Hive® engage a quality audience with essential guidance on the evolving technology landscape.

Our trusted brands, global 1st party data intelligence and Triblio platform identify and activate purchasing intent, powering our clients’ success. We simplify complex campaigns that fulfill marketers’ global ambitions seamlessly with consistency that delivers quality results.


We have broken down the benefits and technicalities of Account Based Marketing for you. Check out our latest infographic to learn how ABM can benefit your orgaization.

Other News

With New Sales Insights Solution, RollWorks Helps HubSpot® Users Turn Marketing Customization into More Powerful Sales Impact

RollWorks | June 29, 2022

Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today furthered its commitment to adding more utility for HubSpot users. Sales Insights for HubSpot is a new ABM tool that uses data science to uncover account engagement signals that help B2B marketers and sales teams drive and prioritize opportunities. B2B sales and marketing teams want to know who is researching and engaging with their brand; by not having this information, aligning marketing programs with sales action is a huge challenge. 58% of B2B teams say they are not at all or only somewhat confident in their organization's ability to accurately deliver an inbound lead from a marketing program to the right salesperson. And 43% of marketers say one of their biggest database issues is that data is siloed, with another 40% claiming not enough data on current customers. RollWorks Sales Insights for HubSpot solves these issues by using data science to provide a 360-degree view of accounts throughout the buying journey, helping teams eliminate the guesswork and create more timely and efficient sales outreach. "There's a difference between 'pipeline' and 'pipedream.' I prefer the former," said Shawn Cook, VP of Sales at RollWorks. "There's a difference between 'pipeline' and 'pipedream.' I prefer the former," said Shawn Cook, VP of Sales at RollWorks. "When my sales teams know who and what content a prospect is engaging with, they can take on the role of trusted advisor and advance the conversations with the accounts that are likely to buy from us. Sales needs to not only know what the content is but also why that piece of content was created. This is where the alignment is magnified." Sales Insights for HubSpot: Account Spike + More One unique feature of Sales Insights for HubSpot is Account Spike, which uses a data science model to flag accounts spiking in engagement compared to that account's engagement baseline. Sales Insights then visualizes these spiking accounts and contacts insights within HubSpot. By uncovering signals of an account's engagement with a company's website and ads, Account Spike can help sales teams prioritize accounts for outreach and trigger marketing programs. Additional features and benefits of Sales Insights for HubSpot: De-anonymize existing HubSpot CRM contacts and surface engagement spike details that allow sales reps to personalize outreach. Automate email alerts to sales teams when accounts are spiking in engagement. Identify accounts that are spiking in engagement but not assigned to allow sales managers to route accounts to sales reps for follow up. Provide engagement spike data so marketers can analyze what actions are leading to engagement surges to optimize their ABM strategy. Build workflows to nurture engaged accounts off of engagement spike data. "RollWorks' Sales Insights for HubSpot solution is a game changer for our business. Our website attracts thousands of visitors daily, and not all of them sign up to try the app, which is why the daily spiking activities feature is incredibly valuable," said Vinh Pham, Senior Demand Generation Manager for When I Work. "Not only does it enable us to see who is checking out our site, but also lets the seller know when the prospect has enough activities to trigger a spike signal and notify sellers the next day so they can start their outbound sequences." "I'm incredibly excited about today's news as RollWorks continues to invest in our solutions as a HubSpot App partner for mutual customers looking to bring ABM excellence to their inbound strategies. We've proven the power of HubSpot's foundational inbound marketing with RollWorks' highly-targeted ABM capabilities," said Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at RollWorks. "Now, with Sales Insights for HubSpot, marketing and sales can be in lock step as they prioritize and personalize their programs and outreach to optimize their ABM strategy." The launch of Sales Insights for HubSpot further strengthens the partnership between RollWorks and the CRM platform for scaling companies. In April, RollWorks surpassed 500 installs of its HubSpot integration in the HubSpot App Marketplace, marking 150% more than the nearest ABM competitor. This September, look for RollWorks at HubSpot INBOUND® 22 in Boston. Visit to learn more about how Sales Insights for HubSpot can drive more value for your ABM programs. About RollWorks RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, offers ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue. Powered by proprietary data and machine learning, RollWorks' solutions address the needs of organizations large and small — from those with best-in-class ABM programs to those just beginning their exploration. By empowering teams to identify their target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program effectiveness in their system-of-record, RollWorks is an indispensable platform for marketers and sellers who believe that an account-based approach is just good business. To learn more visit

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Bombora Launches New Salesforce App, Making it Easier for Sales Teams to Pursue In-market Accounts

Bombora | May 30, 2022

Bombora, the leading provider of B2B Intent data, today announced that it has launched a native Salesforce app that makes it easier than ever for Salesforce users to access Bombora’s Company Surge® score and take action based on those insights. Bombora customers have relied on a successful Salesforce integration for several years, and Salesforce users have had access to Bombora Company Surge® scores that show them which of their target prospects and accounts are actively in-market for their products or services. This latest iteration of the integration creates a faster time-to-value for end users by automating processes that were previously manual. Now, Salesforce users can select the topics and clusters that they want to monitor using Bombora’s Intent data, and the app automatically ties the Intent data to the user’s accounts listed within Salesforce. Insights are delivered on an automated, weekly basis, ensuring that sales teams have the latest insights into who is actively in-market for their products. The new app also features easy-to-read widgets that visualize data and insights, making it easier for teams to act. “Bombora’s mission is to make life easier for sales and marketing teams by making our data available directly within the platforms and tools that they use on a daily basis,” said Erik Matlick, CEO and co-founder of Bombora. “Bombora’s mission is to make life easier for sales and marketing teams by making our data available directly within the platforms and tools that they use on a daily basis,” said Erik Matlick, CEO and co-founder of Bombora. “This new app is the product of a long, productive partnership with Salesforce, and we’re excited to make it even easier for teams to access our Intent data and put it into action. These are the kinds of partnerships and integrations that improve the ecosystem for everyone.” Through a new Domain Matching feature, Salesforce users can select website fields within the platform that they want to match to Bombora data. This level of control allows teams that have customized their Salesforce instances to better align their data with the output they’ll need from Bombora. The new app also provides account creation services. If Bombora detects a company that is exhibiting high levels of intent within the criteria that a Salesforce user has identified, but is not within the user’s list of target accounts, then Bombora will create the identified company as a new account record. Bombora has more than 100 integrations across the marketing and sales ecosystems, making its Company Surge® data easily accessible to the teams that rely on these data and insights. About Bombora Bombora tells businesses which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant and consistent and improve performance across all activities. This intent-driven approach revolutionizes the way businesses market and sell to other businesses through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration and innovation. With direct integrations with dozens of leading data and media-buying platforms, Bombora is building a world in which business buyers value sales and marketing for its relevance, timeliness and accuracy. To learn more, visit

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SelectHub Launches Company-Level Lead Service to Provide Software Vendors with Timely Market Visibility

SelectHub, Navigator Business Solutions | June 16, 2022

Software selection company SelectHub today announced the launch of its new Company-Level Lead service. This service will give software vendors access to buyer intent data so they can obtain relevant and timely market intelligence about who is evaluating new software. “We recognized the uplift we could offer account-based marketing initiatives by showing software vendors who was looking at them and their competitors,” said Hernando Blanco, COO at SelectHub. “We recognized the uplift we could offer account-based marketing initiatives by showing software vendors who was looking at them and their competitors,” said Hernando Blanco, COO at SelectHub. Supported by SelectHub’s best-in-class technology and refined over an 18-month pilot program, the service will enable sellers to see which companies are interested in their software through detailed information about how leads interact on SelectHub’s site and technology selection platform. The program is designed to support account-based marketing (ABM) efforts, providing buying signals that will help vendors determine what stage of the buying cycle users are at, based on actions that demonstrate high buyer intent such as solution-specific research, product leaderboards and scorecards, demo requests and pricing inquiries. Vendors also have access to user behavior data, such as resources downloaded and pages visited. With this information in hand, marketing teams will be able to run more highly targeted campaigns. “The company-level insight (intent data) has helped us build and execute better targeted ABM campaigns,” said Sean Barbera, Marketing Director at Navigator Business Solutions. The data is published via SelectHub’s application interface and can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet formats. Delivery via integrations to popular CRM systems is available optionally, as well as the ability to connect with buyers at these companies. The entire data-set is drawn from SelectHub’s technology selection platform, where buyers are actively evaluating and comparing products based on their unique requirements. The insights offered through this company-level approach will help software vendors focus on leads that are more likely to convert. About SelectHub SelectHub offers a software selection platform, along with data, methodology and expertise that makes selecting software streamlined, agile, collaborative, and free of bias. Via its prescriptive workflow, SelectHub supports everything from initial research to RFIs and RFPs to final vendor selection and price benchmarking. Driven by data from detailed research and analysis, then validated from thousands of real-world selection projects, SelectHub shortcuts the selection process, ensuring more informed, accurate purchase decisions. To learn more, please visit About Navigator Business Solutions Navigator Business Solutions is an SAP Gold Partner and a leading SAP implementation partner with more than 500 customers. Navigator focuses on helping companies deploy cost-effective, cloud-based ERP solutions based on the market-leading SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign platforms. Navigator also provides award-winning ERP professional services including installation, implementation, consulting, training and US-based development. More information is available at

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Demandbase Recognized with Four "Top Rated" Awards by TrustRadius

Demandbase | May 18, 2022

Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands, announces that TrustRadius has recognized it with four Top Rated awards. Demandbase received the honor in the Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Intent Data, Market Intelligence, and Sales Intelligence categories. This is the second year in a row that Demandbase has received TrustRadius' Top Rated awards. It's a testament to the way in which its technology scores high with customers for its functionality, ease of use, and ability to drive results. "There's no greater compliment for us as a company or for our products than to receive Top Rated awards in these important categories, The fact that these awards are purely driven by vetted customer ratings means that we're doing our job of equipping B2B companies with what they need to execute a successful go-to-market. Thank you to our customers for your support and trust in us, and to TrustRadius for the recognition." Jon Miller, chief marketing officer of Demandbase Since 2016, the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards have become the B2B industry's gold standard for unbiased recognition of technology products. Based entirely on customer feedback, they have never been influenced by analyst opinion or status as a TrustRadius customer. The methodology and scoring that TrustRadius uses to determine Top Rated winners can be found here. "Demandbase won Top Rated Awards in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Intent Data, Market Intelligence, and Sales Intelligence software categories in 2022," said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. "Demandbase earned these Top Rated awards based directly on feedback from their customers. Reviewers on TrustRadius value the intent data insights, account-level analytics, automation, accuracy of contact information, account targeting early in the buying cycle, and as a source of truth for market insights and customer prospecting." About Demandbase Demandbase is Smarter GTMTM for B2B brands. We help marketing and sales teams spot the juiciest opportunities earlier and progress them faster by injecting Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey and orchestrating every action.

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We have broken down the benefits and technicalities of Account Based Marketing for you. Check out our latest infographic to learn how ABM can benefit your orgaization.