Integrate Launches Buyer Driven, Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Integrate | March 25, 2021

In today's increasingly buyer-driven digital age, Integrate, the pioneer in Precision Demand Marketing (PDM) for B2B, announced the launch of its Demand Accelerations Platform (DAP). Integrate's DRP delivers a flexible approach for growth and corporate organizations, which supports omnichannel demand policies, orchestrates smart customer and account journeys, converts more leads and accounts into revenues, and demonstrates investment marketing returns.

The past year was a defining moment for B2B marketing, as customers changed where they work, how they consume content, how they choose to interact with vendors, and how they study, compare, and make buying decisions. According to Forrester, the B2B customers today are digital-first, expect unified purchasing experiences in all areas, and want to be viewed as partners rather than as targets.

“The history of business is littered with once-successful companies that ultimately failed because they did not adapt quickly enough to their buyers' changing behaviors,” wrote Lori Wizdo, VP, Principal Analyst, and Steven Casey, Principal Analyst at Forrester in the May 2020 What B2B Buyers Crave report. “With ready access to much of the information they need to make a purchase, customers now control more of their buying journeys — and they know it. [Marketing’s] job is no longer to convince them to buy. It's to help them buy.”

Precision Demand Marketing, an evolving category, enables the flexibility and adaptability to instantly respond to customer demands, invest when required, and orchestrate connected buying experiences with less budget waste. With accurate, omnichannel, buyer-driven tactics, PDM enables marketers to meet customers where they are in today's rapidly changing world, providing them with the information they need at the times they need it.

“In today’s buyer-driven world, it’s no longer enough to implement only traditional demand generation or single-channel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. Today’s new world calls for the next chapter of B2B marketing: Precision Demand Marketing, a more precise, more connected, and more agile marketing strategy that meets buyers where they are and when they want,” said Deb Wolf, CMO, Integrate. “Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform enables marketers to put buyers and their process at the center of everything they do and execute on a PDM approach that creates buyer trust, confidence, and engagement to accelerate predictable pipeline with precision.”

B2B marketers can implement personalized buyer experiences with cross-channel performance visibility through Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform, ensuring they are targeting the right customers with the right messages at the right times. To centralize and connect their demand engine, the platform offers an account-based, customizable, precision demand approach across all channels.
  • Target: Using intent data and data intelligence to inform marketing programs, precisely identify and target the best customers, accounts, and buying committees.
  • Activate: Conveniently configure and activate cross-channel demand campaigns to scale demand marketing programs and orchestrate personalized buyer and account experiences.
  • Connect: Connect to an interconnected network of acceleration partners and APIs in real-time to amplify reach, accelerate pipeline generation, and maximize conversion opportunities with unmatched access to thousands of ready buyers.
  • Gain real-time visibility across all demand channels to understand and maximize program performance, fine-tune account-based strategies, control budget, track ROI, and defend marketing spend.
  • Govern: Standardize and verify incoming and outgoing data to improve lead conversion while refusing unqualified leads and complying with global regulations to ensure that data is properly vetted and approval is obtained, resulting in less budget waste.

“We are entering an exceptionally exciting time for marketing that is challenging us in new ways and pushing us to be better,” said Leslie Alore, Global Vice President of Growth Marketing, Ivanti. “Solutions like Integrate allow us to reach key personas and accounts around the world in a highly scalable way without having to sacrifice precision.”

Integrate's DAP features an integrated Martech ecosystem, giving B2B marketers access to streamlined, best-in-class technology and efficiency solutions. To make it easy to implement and scale Precision Demand Marketing strategies, the DAP ecosystem brings together hundreds of technology companies, data partners, service providers, and marketing agencies, as well as thousands of events and trade shows and a marketplace of 150+ publishers. The Demand Acceleration Platform ecosystem of Integrate comprises an increasing range of partners, including Bombora, Digital Pi, JustGlobal, LinkedIn, ON24, and Invert.

“B2B marketing has shifted dramatically in the past years and we are on the cusp of achieving the long-imagined vision of data, software, and digital media being cohesively intertwined and dynamic,” said Charles Crnoevich, VP Partnerships, and Business Development at Bombora. “It’s never been more important to implement powerful, buyer-driven, account-based marketing initiatives and we’re excited to continue to partner with Integrate to drive precision in marketing programs.”

About Integrate
Integrate is the industry leader in Precision Demand Marketing, a new field that assists B2B marketers in developing and delivering an omnichannel demand strategy, converting leads to sales, and increasing marketing ROI. Integrate powers Precision Demand Marketing solutions for high-growth and large companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Akamai, and Pluralsight. Integrate has progressed over the last decade from addressing nuanced problems across each demand generation channel to powering account-based, buyer-driven omnichannel experiences. Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform also assists marketers in orchestrating connected buying experiences that drive qualified conversations at scale, simplify ABM management, and accelerate revenue generation.


Other News

Bynder Acquires Content Operations Platform GatherContent

Bynder, GatherContent | March 07, 2022

Bynder, the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), has acquired GatherContent, a Content Operations platform, to expand its footprint in the digital ecosystem and provide a comprehensive platform for delivering content that creates powerful digital experiences. With the acquisition of GatherContent, Bynder will add collaborative workflow and editorial processes for content creation capabilities to its unique, centralized platform to empower teams across industries to easily manage the entire content creation lifecycle—from visual production, through text creation into approved structured content ready for distribution to all channels across an omnichannel strategy. Even as the demand for content has dramatically increased in the past few years, recent research shows that 60 percent of marketers either had no content marketing strategy or had one that was completely undocumented. This acquisition will help customers meet the need to create and assemble growing volumes of text and creative content to support omnichannel consumer buying journeys. Creating that journey requires a holistic view of content with a combination of text, images, and more structured into a cohesive story. While DAM is the single source of truth for storing, categorizing, and serving digital creative assets, the editorial process for content creation has historically taken place outside of that ecosystem. “Working within a secure environment is paramount,” said Joy Price, Head of Digital Marketing at Howard Kennedy & GatherContent Customer Advisory Board member. “However, for a marketing team focussing on podcast and video production, the speed at which we can share large files is prohibitive. A solution that can combine content and large asset sharing is very attractive.” GatherContent helps stakeholders across the process make sure content gets created, reviewed, and approved as quickly as possible. Uniting GatherContent and Bynder DAM removes the silos between content operations and DAM and offers marketers: A centralized platform for content teams to collaborate on creating structured content combining text and digital assets The ability to use templates and reusable components to scale up production of text content Custom workflows, allowing teams to maintain confidence in the quality of content as they scale up The capability to deliver content towards all channels used for your customer experience Based in the United Kingdom, GatherContent currently serves 1,100 customers, including Intel, NHS, Volkswagen, Vanguard, VMLY&R. As part of Bynder’s commitment to investing in other European-grown technology companies to serve a global customer base, GatherContent will be a standalone product within the Bynder product portfolio as GatherContent by Bynder. “When Bynder looked at ways we could further expand our footprint and enable our customers across the entire creation and distribution lifecycle, GatherContent rose to the top,” said Bob Hickey, CEO of Bynder. “When Bynder looked at ways we could further expand our footprint and enable our customers across the entire creation and distribution lifecycle, GatherContent rose to the top,” said Bob Hickey, CEO of Bynder. “The powerful combination of DAM and Content Operations will make a measurable impact allowing brands to execute with speed and accuracy in a complex digital economy. Alice Deer is an exceptional leader and role model for women in technology who founded and built a world class business. Alice in her new role will lead our strategy on scaling content operations for our combined 3200+ customers.” “I’m so proud of what this next chapter will bring for GatherContent, and how it positions Bynder to solve the wider Content Operations problem,” said Alice Deer, CEO of GatherContent. “During the past decade at GatherContent, we focused on creating a platform that brings together people, process and technology to improve their Content Operations. Now we are elevating that vision and enabling teams to collaborate on creating structured content, enabling mission critical KPIs like content time to market, content SLAs and content readiness - across all of their channels and content types. I look forward to continuing to drive forward this vision within Bynder, alongside Angus Edwardson, GatherContent’s co-founder, who will join as Technical Director.” About Bynder Bynder is a global leader in digital asset management (DAM), providing brands with the most powerful creative content engine to deliver personalized digital experiences. A scalable SaaS solution recognized for its intuitive user experience, Bynder helps more than 1.4M users across over 2200 organizations, including Spotify, Puma, and Icelandair, provide the right, on-brand assets across the enterprise. Founded in 2013, Bynder has since grown to over 450 employees in seven offices around the globe, including the Netherlands, USA, Spain, UK and UAE. The company is backed by Insight Partners. For more information, visit About GatherContent GatherContent is a Content Operations platform that brings together people, process and technology. GatherContent has helped thousands of businesses save time and money, improve content quality, and reduce regulatory risk. The platform replaces the broken status quo of docs, spreadsheets, shared drives, and emails. These tools weren't designed to manage high volume content production and workflow when many stakeholders are involved. Recognized as a Content Distribution Leader, Creation High Performer in G2's Summer 2021 report, GatherContent is free to try, quick to set up and very easy to use. Learn more at

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Hunter & Bard Joins the Folloze as a Service Technology (FaaST) Agency Program to Optimize ABM-driven Buyer Journeys

Folloze, Hunter & Bard | June 27, 2022

Folloze and Hunter & Bard, a leading account-based marketing (ABM) agency, announced a partnership today that will bundle the Folloze B2B Buyer Experience Platform with Hunter & Bard’s extensive ABM services. Hunter & Bard will join the Folloze as a Service Technology (FaaST) program, bringing data-driven marketing engagement, personalization and turnkey campaign activation to the agency’s clients that need ABM expertise and deployment. “Most of our clients want to scale their ABM efforts quickly, but lack the time or internal resources to do so. They want to hit the ground running with an expert ABM team,” said Shira Abel, founder and CEO of Hunter & Bard. “Most of our clients want to scale their ABM efforts quickly, but lack the time or internal resources to do so. They want to hit the ground running with an expert ABM team,” said Shira Abel, founder and CEO of Hunter & Bard. “With Folloze as our backbone, we’re able to deliver great sales and marketing results by building out the right target lists, rolling out strategic content on Folloze Boards, and orchestrating account engagement and reporting. We make it fast and easy, and Folloze helps us get it done.” Going to Market ‘FaaST’ with Folloze-powered Buyer Experiences The FaaST program was created to help marketing agencies spin up Folloze Buyer Experience instances with a turnkey ABM package that agencies can fully manage themselves on behalf of their clients. “Our FaaST capabilities give agencies like Hunter & Bard the opportunity to scale their services and give them control over how they build Folloze Boards with their clients,” said Randy Brasche, vice president of marketing with Folloze. “And we bring our expertise with B2B buyer engagement to the table to help agencies grow their ABM businesses.” For Hunter & Bard, it’s all about helping their clients get better close rates for their marketing and sales opportunities. “Folloze is a great facilitator on multiple levels of engagement,” Abel said. “From building lists and segmenting the right content, to targeting messaging and sending out compelling, personalized campaigns, our clients are getting significantly higher open rates than on typical, broad-based campaigns — and much higher closed-win rates. One of our clients has seen close rates go from 39 percent with general marketing to 90 percent with the better-targeted programs we produced for them through Folloze.” Hunter & Bard clients can also create online ad programs that link directly to their Folloze Boards and drive campaign rollout. “Once those opportunities come in, we can quickly put together targeted outbound campaigns based on where the opportunity came from, which have produced some very nice results. Nothing is better for the outbound list build and directing emails to content than Folloze.” Improving Sales Team Orchestration and Optimization Another key area for Hunter & Bard’s clients is optimizing and orchestrating sales team activity. “No sales rep wants to waste time with bad leads that come from a poorly-targeted ABM program,” Shira said. “We’re out to help change sales team behavior and help them prioritize their time.” With Folloze, sales reps can not only see who's active, but also see intent signals related to what they're searching for, which prospects clicked through on an email and when, what content they clicked on, and how long they engaged. Building a Foundation for Better ABM Consulting and Programs “At Hunter & Bard, we’re getting more and more creative with enablement and engagement,” Abel said. “We’re optimizing our targeting with curated content, and our Folloze Boards are beautiful. But for our clients, it means they get the results they’re looking for; they get the wins, and they get the promotion.” “I do a lot of teaching and mentoring on the ABM front, and Folloze is an invaluable tool for doing ABM the right way,” concludes Abel. “And I can’t say enough about the team support at Folloze. We love working with them.” About Folloze Folloze, the easiest and most powerful B2B Buyer Experience Platform, is used by B2B marketing, sales, and revenue teams. Requiring no code, Folloze empowers any marketer to easily build data-driven, highly engaging, personalized content destinations across the entire B2B buyer journey to drive deeper account engagement and revenue growth. Top B2B brands, including Oracle, Google Cloud, Cisco, Autodesk, MetLife, and UL trust Folloze to boost customer engagement, revenue growth, and expansion across their target accounts. To learn more, visit About Hunter & Bard Hunter & Bard is an award-winning agency of enterprise marketers and designers who focus on high-ACV Account-Based Marketing (ABM). The agency works between product marketing and sales to analyze competitors, create strategic messaging, build sales-enablement materials, and design and orchestrate successful ABM programs. Hunter & Bard is a WBENC-certified Woman-Owned Small Business and was named Siemens’ Small and Diverse Supplier of the Year for 2021. To learn more, visit

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SalesboxAI partners with LeadSift to Enable the B2B Revenue Waterfall & Accelerate Sales

SalesboxAI, LeadSift | June 07, 2022

SalesboxAI, a Conversational ABM platform, has partnered with LeadSift, a leading buyer intent data platform, to make it easy for customers to fuel their AI-powered revenue engine with high-intent opportunities along with their buying committee members. The strategic partnership enables B2B revenue teams to detect high-intent buying groups for acquisition, retention, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities and engage in account-centric conversations using AI Assistants. New partnership makes it easy for B2B marketing teams to fuel their revenue engine with high-intent opportunities. "B2B revenue teams need to detect and manage every opportunity across their waterfall. This integration allows us to reach and engage IT buyers from within active opportunities at scale," said Alex Roy, founder of SalesboxAI. "B2B revenue teams need to detect and manage every opportunity across their waterfall. This integration allows us to reach and engage IT buyers from within active opportunities at scale," said Alex Roy, founder of SalesboxAI. "Intent data alone won't improve your results. It needs the right activation and engagement strategy," said LeadSift Co-founder and CEOTukan Das. "The SalesboxAI platform makes it easy for teams to engage every opportunity in research mode with AI Assistants that continuously look for ways to convert pipeline into revenue," he said. "Now, teams can double down on the buying committee members that are most engaged and score and prioritize opportunities across the waterfall," said Alex, "This will allow them to maximize opportunities across every account and accelerate revenue growth," he said. For B2B organizations that want to learn more about the integration and how it can accelerate their revenue engine, the Founders will be hosting a Live Q&A on June 15, 2022 at 11 AM PDT. About LeadSift LeadSift is an intent data platform helping B2B technologies companies identify in-market buyers at the contact level and engage with them with relevant messaging. Moving beyond targeting by static profile elements like title or company size, LeadSift shows you who is engaging with competitors, keywords, and events that are relevant to your company from the public web. Learn more about LeadSift. About SalesboxAI SalesboxAI's Conversational ABM platform helps B2B sales and marketing teams accelerate revenue. From a unified platform, AI Assistants listen for intent, identify active opportunities along with the buying committee members, engage in conversations, and track results across the Revenue Waterfall. With SalesboxAI, revenue teams can easily launch AI Assistants to create, manage, and prioritize opportunity-level engagement, intent-based leads, and buying committee members for every opportunity. To learn more, visit

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Qualified Unveils the Pipeline Cloud to Transform Pipeline Generation for Revenue Teams That Use Salesforce

Qualified | April 06, 2022

Qualified, the pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce, today launched the Pipeline Cloud, a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that help modern B2B companies generate more pipeline, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Built on a Salesforce-connected corporate website, the Pipeline Cloud gives teams insight into account-based buyer intent with Qualified Signals, helps sellers engage prospects with Qualified for Outbound, helps marketers convert ad spend with Qualified for ABM, and connects sellers and buyers in instant sales meetings, right on the website, powered by Qualified Conversations. There have been seismic shifts that impact the way that B2B companies need to operate to meet the modern buyer’s expectations, meaning companies need to deliver smarter, faster-buying experiences. Today, 27% of buyers abandon forms altogether and instead educate themselves elsewhere, like a competitor’s site (Gartner). Another 80% of buyers fill out forms with false information to prevent calls and emails from sales reps (LinkedIn; Forrester). The impact of forms results in the website visitor to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) conversion rate being at an all-time low. This phenomenon is called the “rise of the anonymous buyer.” When buyers are in research mode, they do it without divulging personal information. This is why conversations are key: when sales reps have real-time conversations–timely, personalized, one-click-to-meeting conversations–with their best buyers, right on their website, pipeline materializes. Every piece of the Pipeline Cloud motion is designed to drive buyers back to a Salesforce-connected website, to engage them in a conversation that converts and delivers a stellar buying experience. When conversations happen, pipeline happens. Companies need to deliver better experiences to buyers. The Pipeline Cloud creates a seamless experience for buyers and sellers through five key pillars of the motion: SALESFORCE-CONNECTED WEBSITE By connecting a company’s website with Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, sellers get crystal-clear visibility into who’s visiting their site. Sellers can also see which companies they work for, if there are any open sales opportunities, and how they’re exploring their content. BUYER INTENT SIGNALS With the foundation of a Salesforce-connected website, revenue teams can track an account’s activity. Qualified Signals leverages first-party buyer intent data and AI-driven insights to tell companies which accounts are in-market to buy. By understanding these signals of buyer intent, revenue teams can iterate their go-to-market strategy and optimize a team’s time and efforts. ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING When companies can see what accounts are surging with intent, marketing teams can prioritize which accounts to target more easily. With Qualified for ABM, marketers can build audience segments and execute targeted campaigns that position a seller's brand top of mind and drive buyers back to their website with every click. OUTBOUND OUTREACH With Qualified for Outbound, your sales team can use buying intent signals to create high-converting outbound sequences. Sellers can prioritize target accounts with the highest propensity to buy and craft hyper-personalized email campaigns based on exactly what buyers have been researching. A focused outbounding strategy means personalized messages that buyers are more likely to engage with, and click through to your website to learn more. REAL-TIME CONVERSATIONS Once buyers click through targeted advertisements or email links, they arrive on the corporate website. With Qualified Conversations, sellers and buyers can instantly engage in real-time sales meetings, right on the website, using chat, voice calls, and video. Conversations are king—they fuel the pipeline cloud motion whenever a buyer lands back on your website. “Every sales and marketing campaign drives buyers to one place: the corporate website. It’s time for B2B companies to evolve how they leverage their website to meet with buyers and generate pipeline,” says Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO of Qualified. “Every sales and marketing campaign drives buyers to one place: the corporate website. It’s time for B2B companies to evolve how they leverage their website to meet with buyers and generate pipeline,” says Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO of Qualified. “The Pipeline Cloud is the future of pipeline generation. We are thrilled to usher Salesforce customers around the world into this new era.”

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