LeanData Introduced New Go-to-Market Analytics Solution to Unleash B2B Revenue-Generating Potential

LeanData | April 29, 2020

  • LeanData Engagement offers actionable insights into customer and prospect engagement for more aligned and impactful ABM strategy across sales and marketing.

  • With LeanData Engagement, the interactions of every buyer are automatically connected to the right accounts in CRM, thus unlocking true account-based marketing analytics.

  • LeanData Engagement allows marketers to forge greater alignment with their sales organizations to improve campaign-conversion rates.

Leading Revenue Operations solutions provider LeanData today introduced LeanData Engagement, a new analytics offering in the company's comprehensive portfolio of go-to-market orchestration and automation solutions. Built upon the market's most sophisticated Lead-to-Account Matching technology, LeanData Engagement allows marketers to forge greater alignment with their sales organizations to improve campaign-conversion rates, accelerate pipeline growth, and maximize return from sales and marketing investments.

Especially during times of economic uncertainly, it's critically important to understand how your customers and prospects are engaging with your company.

~ Hendrick Lee, senior vice president of product, LeanData

"With LeanData Engagement, the interactions of every buyer are automatically connected to the right accounts in CRM, thus unlocking truly holistic account-based marketing analytics. Engagement is an important addition to LeanData's revenue operations product family which exists to help companies unlock greater revenue growth, increase performance and improve customer experience across the buyer journey."


According to SiriusDecisions, one of the biggest improvements nearly every business-to-business (B2B) organization can make today is recognizing when more than one member of a buying committee is demonstrating interest.

Because more than 75 percent of B2B purchases are made by groups of people working together not individuals the best indicator of a true buying cycle is the engagement of multiple buying committee members

~ Kerry Cunningham, vice president and principal analyst at SiriusDecisions

"In the past, identifying that engagement was difficult. However, modern solutions have emerged that allow B2B organizations selling to committees to more effectively take action on this vital intelligence and thus gain a strong competitive advantage."

As more companies move towards Account Based Marketing (ABM), revenue teams require greater insight into the engagement and activity of the leads and contacts associated with every account. From within the Salesforce CRM environment, LeanData Engagement provides marketing and sales teams with a holistic set of engagement metrics to understand which buyers are engaging and how, identify accounts with the least engagement requiring action, and gain visibility into the company's most valuable accounts.

"In order to deliver an end-to-end customer experience, B2B organizations need a comprehensive view of activity and engagement. Unfortunately, many companies have only partial or siloed views into this engagement," said Eric Wittlake, senior analyst at TOPO Research. "We see more companies moving to address this gap, placing LeanData's new engagement-measurement offering in a category with increasing demand today."

For most companies, analyzing account-based engagement is a time-consuming and error-prone process requiring manual work to link the sales and marketing activities of leads and contacts to the right accounts in CRM. By automating this process from within Salesforce CRM, the LeanData Engagement solution enables all relevant sales and marketing engagement data to be automatically connected to relevant accounts and visualized directly within Salesforce objects and reports.

The newest addition to LeanData's family of revenue operations solutions, LeanData Engagement joins the company's comprehensive portfolio of go-to-market execution and analytics products which now includes Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing, Engagement and Marketing Attribution.

LeanData Engagement is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. For more information on the solution, please visit LeanData Engagement. To learn more about LeanData's entire portfolio of go-to-market solutions, see leandata.com.

About LeanData

LeanData provides the market's first Revenue Operations platform for accelerating revenue and growth in B2B. Standing at the center of Salesforce CRM, LeanData's family of solutions orchestrate and automate the go-to-market process to help revenue teams close more deals and drive more revenue, faster. Visit leandata.com to learn more about LeanData's revenue operations solutions for Lead-to-Account Matching, Routing, Engagement and Marketing Attribution. Or visit us on AppExchange.



Marketers are always on the lookout for the next great panacea, and account-based marketing (ABM) has been touted as such.B2B Marketing gathered some of the top client-side ABM practitioners for a roundtable, held in association with Pulse, to discuss:Tips on how to measure ABM,And what’s the one thing that separates great ABMers from the rest.

Other News

Qualified Unveils the Pipeline Cloud to Transform Pipeline Generation for Revenue Teams That Use Salesforce

Qualified | April 06, 2022

Qualified, the pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce, today launched the Pipeline Cloud, a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes that help modern B2B companies generate more pipeline, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Built on a Salesforce-connected corporate website, the Pipeline Cloud gives teams insight into account-based buyer intent with Qualified Signals, helps sellers engage prospects with Qualified for Outbound, helps marketers convert ad spend with Qualified for ABM, and connects sellers and buyers in instant sales meetings, right on the website, powered by Qualified Conversations. There have been seismic shifts that impact the way that B2B companies need to operate to meet the modern buyer’s expectations, meaning companies need to deliver smarter, faster-buying experiences. Today, 27% of buyers abandon forms altogether and instead educate themselves elsewhere, like a competitor’s site (Gartner). Another 80% of buyers fill out forms with false information to prevent calls and emails from sales reps (LinkedIn; Forrester). The impact of forms results in the website visitor to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) conversion rate being at an all-time low. This phenomenon is called the “rise of the anonymous buyer.” When buyers are in research mode, they do it without divulging personal information. This is why conversations are key: when sales reps have real-time conversations–timely, personalized, one-click-to-meeting conversations–with their best buyers, right on their website, pipeline materializes. Every piece of the Pipeline Cloud motion is designed to drive buyers back to a Salesforce-connected website, to engage them in a conversation that converts and delivers a stellar buying experience. When conversations happen, pipeline happens. Companies need to deliver better experiences to buyers. The Pipeline Cloud creates a seamless experience for buyers and sellers through five key pillars of the motion: SALESFORCE-CONNECTED WEBSITE By connecting a company’s website with Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, sellers get crystal-clear visibility into who’s visiting their site. Sellers can also see which companies they work for, if there are any open sales opportunities, and how they’re exploring their content. BUYER INTENT SIGNALS With the foundation of a Salesforce-connected website, revenue teams can track an account’s activity. Qualified Signals leverages first-party buyer intent data and AI-driven insights to tell companies which accounts are in-market to buy. By understanding these signals of buyer intent, revenue teams can iterate their go-to-market strategy and optimize a team’s time and efforts. ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING When companies can see what accounts are surging with intent, marketing teams can prioritize which accounts to target more easily. With Qualified for ABM, marketers can build audience segments and execute targeted campaigns that position a seller's brand top of mind and drive buyers back to their website with every click. OUTBOUND OUTREACH With Qualified for Outbound, your sales team can use buying intent signals to create high-converting outbound sequences. Sellers can prioritize target accounts with the highest propensity to buy and craft hyper-personalized email campaigns based on exactly what buyers have been researching. A focused outbounding strategy means personalized messages that buyers are more likely to engage with, and click through to your website to learn more. REAL-TIME CONVERSATIONS Once buyers click through targeted advertisements or email links, they arrive on the corporate website. With Qualified Conversations, sellers and buyers can instantly engage in real-time sales meetings, right on the website, using chat, voice calls, and video. Conversations are king—they fuel the pipeline cloud motion whenever a buyer lands back on your website. “Every sales and marketing campaign drives buyers to one place: the corporate website. It’s time for B2B companies to evolve how they leverage their website to meet with buyers and generate pipeline,” says Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO of Qualified. “Every sales and marketing campaign drives buyers to one place: the corporate website. It’s time for B2B companies to evolve how they leverage their website to meet with buyers and generate pipeline,” says Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO of Qualified. “The Pipeline Cloud is the future of pipeline generation. We are thrilled to usher Salesforce customers around the world into this new era.”

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ON24 Announces Account-Based Personalization Capabilities Across ON24 Platform

ON24 | May 12, 2022

ON24 today announced new account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities across the ON24 platform for sales and marketing to drive greater personalization with buyers. With first-party data and audience insights captured during ON24 digital experiences, organizations can dynamically personalize webinars, content hubs, and landing pages with logos and banners, as well as content based on an individual’s title, company, industry, and interests. Now sales and marketing can target individual buyers at specific companies with personalized messages and digital experiences. “We’re delivering enhanced personalization driven by first-party data, informed by a prospect and customer behavior, and automated through AI. Sales reps and marketers can now provide customized ON24 digital experiences for the individuals at the top accounts they’re trying to engage and win.” Steve Sims, vice president of product management at ON24 B2B buyers have greater expectations that each engagement and digital experience is tailored to their needs. Account-based personalization in ON24 Webcast Elite, ON24 Engagement Hub, and ON24 Target enables organizations to deliver personalized experiences at scale across accounts, contacts, and individual interests. With the ON24 platform, sales and marketing can engage multiple contacts as part of a company’s buying committee and accelerate conversion. Take ABM execution to the next level with the following account-based personalization capabilities: Create dynamic greetings – use audience data to customize experiences with personalized greetings and messages based on a prospect or customer’s buying persona Drive targeted engagement – easily reach known and unknown users with personalized communications and follow-up experiences tailored to the contact and account Customize branding – automatically display a prospect or customer’s company logo within an ON24 experience, with no uploads or manual customization Account-based personalization capabilities are available now. Today’s news builds upon the interest-based personalization capabilities introduced last year in ON24 Webcast Elite and ON24 Engagement Hub, enabling customers to understand audience interests based on content consumed and experiences attended to deliver customized banners and messages. In other news today, ON24 announced the latest ON24 platform innovations and the availability of first-person engagement and conversion data from the ON24 platform in HubSpot. Read our platform innovations press release and HubSpot press release for more information. About ON24 ON24 is a leading sales and marketing platform for digital engagement, delivering insights to drive ​revenue growth. ON24 serves more than 2,100 customers worldwide, including 3 of the 5 largest global technology companies, 4 of the 5 largest US banks, 3 of the 5 largest global healthcare companies, and 3 of the 5 largest global industrial manufacturers. Through interactive webinars, virtual events, and personalized content experiences, ON24 provides a system of engagement powered by AI for businesses to scale engagement, conversions, and pipeline to drive revenue growth. The ON24 Platform supports millions of professionals a month who are totaling billions of engagement minutes per year. ON24 is headquartered in San Francisco with global offices in North America, EMEA, and APAC.

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Cryptocurrency broker uses Ada AI platform for better CX

Ada, LiteBit | December 29, 2021

With the growth of cryptocurrencies in recent years, LiteBit, one of the top cryptocurrency brokers in Europe, has had to scale its customer service response strategy. When the cryptocurrency industry saw record-breaking growth rates in 2017, more people started to click onto LiteBit's website, inquiring about the market. The Netherlands-based broker helps customers buy, sell and store more than 45 different types of cryptocurrencies. With only two people in its customer service department, the company realized it would need more people to answer inquiries. Although it had an integration with Zendesk, that wasn't enough. Turning to Ada This led LiteBit to partner with Ada, a customer service chatbot vendor based in Toronto. Founded in 2016, Ada provides a chatbot-based platform that helps enterprises automate customer experience. The platform automates the interactions between brands and their stakeholders, said Ruth Zive, senior vice president of marketing at Ada. "Ada is actually underpinned by machine learning models and natural language processing," Zive said. "We're able to recognize intent and really deliver AI-powered experiences." She continued that the chatbot anticipates customer needs and interacts with them in a customized fashion. Ada is a no-code platform, so users do not need to depend on their IT department. However, IT teams can go into Ada and tailor experiences and integrations to make it personalized for users, Zive said. The platform's multilanguage functionality appealed to LiteBit, a European company that serves customers who use localized languages, said Bas Lucieer, director of data and automated customer experience at LiteBit. LiteBit was also impressed by Ada's interface and simplicity. LiteBit needed a platform where customer service agents could create answers themselves, which Ada allows, Lucieer said. The cryptocurrency broker first implemented Ada by putting the bot on its FAQ page. When people clicked on the bot, they were able to see the top five frequently asked questions and quick responses in short text format. If those questions didn't fit the technical problems that they had, different flows could be created so that the customer's information could be gathered and sent directly to the Zendesk platform, Lucieer said. "Instead of ping-ponging back and forth three times asking for more information, [we can now] get all the information directly from the customer [once]," Lucieer said. He added that this reduces the agent handling time significantly. Ada enabled LiteBit's agents to go from full-time customer support to working part time on the Ada chatbot and part time on customer support. While some customers still choose to call customer service, others are happy to receive their answers more quickly using the chatbot. The training involved It took LiteBit about three months to fully integrate Ada into its websites. One challenge the company faced was determining how to fit large articles into short texts for customers. "You might think 'OK, I want a lot of text balloons coming up,' but you sort of overwhelm the customer," said Lucieer. Customer service agents also had to learn how to tune machine learning to improve Ada. They were trained on how to flag keywords so customers receive the right answer. LiteBit has shifted its focus from using Ada to help solve customer service questions to using it to proactively get messages to customers. "If something is wrong, for example, with an order or someone needs to do a customer protocol or anything like that, we want to give a signal on the website," Lucieer said. He said the company now uses the platform to ask customers for more information and give real-time data streams on LiteBit's website. Ada's new features Recently, Ada introduced new features on its platform, including language-agnostic natural language understanding (NLU), languages that are read from right to left, omnichannel extensions and A/B testing. The NLU features improve the understanding and intent recognition of multilingual customers. It helps LiteBit to recognize customers' questions better, Lucieer said. "Ada is trying to use more machine learning to help out our agents," he continued. This helps LiteBit improve their answers to customers' questions. Ada gives agents suggestions about which answers are best for customers. LiteBit also uses the A/B testing to track which answers fit which customer age group or location. Ada, which raised funding in May at a $1.2 billion valuation, said it doesn't publicly disclose how much it charges users, but it tends to be a higher-cost platform compared to other chatbot tools in the market. Other chatbot customer service platforms includes Zendesk, Kustomer and Intercom. Technology giants like Google and Amazon also have chatbot technology in their customer service offerings.

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Contentgine Unveils Groundbreaking Content Indication Platform Enabling Marketers to Gain New Insights into B2B Intent and Content Engagement

Contentgine | February 21, 2022

Contentgine® (www.contentgine.com), the world leader in content-based marketing, today unveiled its Content Indication Platform, also known as "CIP," for use by business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales teams across 120 major product categories. The online SaaS platform provides access to Contentgine's proprietary and 100% first-party account intent and categorical content insights that allow for expansion and prioritization of target account lists and content consumption intelligence. CIP mines one billion engagement signals quarterly from content interactions with the world's largest B2B library of more than 500,000 case studies, white papers, and eBooks to deliver advanced market intelligence. The platform identifies personalized content consumption patterns of tens of millions of professionals to create smarter target account lists, higher performing content, and better prospect engagement. The CIP platform captures these engagements to determine 360-degree intent—with complete contact, company, and content consumption visibility. In addition, because Contentgine knows the exact asset consumed, it provides industry-leading content intelligence, comparing performance within product categories to give organizations more insights into how their content compares to competitors. "There is a vast amount of actionable information on CIP for marketing and sales organizations to help drive opportunities and return on investment," said Tim Ribich, chief product officer. "There is a vast amount of actionable information on CIP for marketing and sales organizations to help drive opportunities and return on investment," said Tim Ribich, chief product officer. "This information includes which prospects are most active in a specific product category, the specific research behaviors within those prospect accounts, and which content is performing well in the market. These insights ultimately give teams a deeper understanding of product categories and a broader set of data to enhance their lead generation programs and hone their marketing efforts." Rebecca Carr, Chief Marketing Officer for Tangoe, said, "It is impossible to overstate how important a tool like CIP is to my content marketing team. We not only get transparent purchasing intent signals that allow us to understand organizations in the market for offerings like ours, but we can also derive content consumption data for ourselves and our competitors. This has led to having a data-informed approach to content marketing, something that just didn't exist at this scale before CIP." Noting that his company continues to blaze a trail as the first content-based marketing provider, Chief Operating Officer Paul Hong said, "Our express goal is to make CIP the premiere marketing intelligence platform for business-to-business marketing and sales professionals. The corpus of data that we create when our Perpetual Engine® methodology serves content from our library to interested prospects gives us information that no one is able to provide at this scale and depth." Hong added, "Our CIP platform holds great promise for accelerating insights for content marketers that we are now sharing with the industry. For example, we just announced our "Content Top 5" series in which each episode reveals the top five performing assets in a particular product category. Content marketing expert, Robert Rose, is hosting the series and the analysis is eye opening." CIP is already in the hands of several strategic clients and will be rolled out to Contentgine customers this quarter. About Contentgine Contentgine is a leader in content-based marketing, content syndication, intent marketing and demand generation. The company is witnessing explosive growth by utilizing a unique way of offering business solution information to business professionals. Its unique Perpetual Engine syndicates content from Contentree, the world's largest business-to-business (B2B) library to engage with the right audience at the right time. The industry's first Content Indication Platform (CIP) analyzes content consumption and intent to produce the most precise first-person intent data for advanced, actionable insights.

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Marketers are always on the lookout for the next great panacea, and account-based marketing (ABM) has been touted as such.B2B Marketing gathered some of the top client-side ABM practitioners for a roundtable, held in association with Pulse, to discuss:Tips on how to measure ABM,And what’s the one thing that separates great ABMers from the rest.