TechTarget Set to Announce 2021 Financial Results on February 10, 2022

TechTarget | January 06, 2022

2021 Financial Results
On January 5, TechTarget announced that it would release its 2021 fourth quarter and full-year financial results on February 10. The results will be presented through a live conference call and webcast at 9 a.m Eastern time. The company will also provide updates on the business operations and current market conditions. The management will summarize the financial highlights and conduct a Q&A session. The shareholders will get the financial results and a letter before the conference call and webcast on the company’s website at

TechTarget, Inc. is a data and analytics leader and software provider specializing in purchase intent-driven marketing, sales data, content curation and creation to help businesses in B2B marketing. Their solutions enable businesses to identify, reach and influence key enterprise technology decision-makers with higher efficacy. They create high-quality editorial content across 150+ highly targeted technology-specific websites and 1,125 channels. It creates purchase intent insights that assist in efficient and effective marketing and sales activities for their clients across the globe.

TechTarget has offices in Boston, Paris, Munich, London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Sydney.

Conference Call Dial-In Information:
  • United States (Toll Free): 1 844 200 6205
  • United States (Local): 1 646 904 5544
  • Canada (Toll Free): 1 833 950 0062
  • Canada (Local): 1 226 828 7575
  • All Other Locations: + 1 929 526 1599
  • Access code: 946073
  • Please access the call at least 10 minutes prior to the time the conference is set to begin.
  • Please ask to be joined in the TechTarget call.

Conference Call Replay Information:
A replay of the conference call will be available via telephone beginning one (1) hour after the conference call through March 12, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. ET. To hear the replay:
  • United States (Toll Free): 1 866 813 9403
  • United States (Local): 1 929 458 6194
  • Canada (Local): 1 226 828 7578
  • United Kingdom (Local): 0204 525 0658
  • All other locations: +44 204 525 0658
  • Access Code: 251322



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With a Potential Recession Looming, Brands Want More Data: Merkle's Friedberg, Bombora Company Surge

Merkle, Bombora | December 12, 2022

The economy has been flirting with a full-blown recession for months, a fear that continues to influence business decision-makers. While the obvious signs, such as hiring freezes and employment stats, get splashed across the media, other indicators are more subtle, and potentially more helpful. Among business service brands with 10,000 employees, interest in "analytics and reporting" has increased 14 percent over the last three months, according to Bombora Company Surge®. There's no question that of all the core demand-gen functionality, reporting and analytics has had the slowest adoption. The reasons for this seem fairly self-evident and are probably topped by the fact that most marketers don't gravitate toward data because it's hard to do it well. It's relatively easy to run a report. The real question is whether you can leverage the information you capture to make meaningful changes to your business. Necessity is the mother of all invention. Intent data also show that across manufacturing companies, interest in "data-driven marketing" is up 616 percent over the past three months compared to the previous three. Recession-like economic conditions may be forcing these firms, traditionally slow to innovate in sales and marketing, to explore new and more effective ways of marketing using data. What does that mean for marketers as budgets become tighter? It's a little early for New Year's resolutions, but budgeting season is upon us. Here are a few ideas to consider as you think ahead for an uncertain 2023: Hire an analyst (or someone) with an affinity for numbers. Many marketers are not quant-jocks, neither drawn to nor excited about doing analytics work. (Disclosure: the author is currently subsidizing a soon-to-graduate candidate with a degree in Applied Math from U.C Boulder and would be happy if he were hired by someone. Anyone!) Reporting and analytics are necessary for success, but they aren't sufficient in and of themselves. It's insights that drive success, and to deliver insights you need to understand how they can impact business. Identify someone on your team that understands the business well enough to leverage the work of an analyst to derive better decision-making. Consider leveraging external expertise in the development of your data and analytics programs. That includes both the technology infrastructure and also KPI identification and ongoing insights. Working with an agency that provides services to a broad range of industries can bring a perspective to challenge your current thinking. Marketing ROI/return on marketing investment (ROMI) and validating the contribution of programs have always been important, but 2023 might be a do-or-die year for making it a reality. This column appeared first in ANA's Industry Insights: About the data this column cites Bombora monitors the average weekly interest, by company, in 12,000 topics across highly trafficked, research based B2B sites across the web in the Bombora Data Cooperative. The Data Cooperative enables Bombora to track in-depth content engagement of business professionals in a privacy-compliant way, with direct relationships with business publishers. The content engagement data covers multiple channels of business research, everything from news and blogs to white papers, directories, and product reviews. The millions of web pages and content types are aggregated into topics, with a Bombora proprietary natural-language processor. These topics incorporate context, meaning, and relationships in words. All this content engagement, surrounding 12,000 business topics, is aggregated to a company level, then measured against a 12-week baseline. This aggregation allows Bombora to identify when a business professional is simply reading an article, to when a company is signaling intent to buy a product or solution. Mr. Friedberg's column looks at key advertising topics as they are being researched at the top 500 brands and top advertising holding companies. Mr. Friedberg's industry experience makes him uniquely well positioned to interpret this business research, and to base actionable insights on the data. Malcolm Friedberg is demand generation practice leader at Merkle B2B.

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Outreach Introduces Quarterly Sales Confidence Index, Revealing Optimistic Forecast

Outreach | November 14, 2022

Outreach, the leading sales execution platform helping revenue organizations create and close more pipeline, today introduced the results of its first Quarterly Sales Confidence Index. Based on a survey of 504 B2B sales leaders in the U.S. and U.K. at the end of September, the index reveals that 85% of respondents expect next quarter's revenue performance will increase from the previous quarter. Respondents cited the following reasons for their bullish outlook: "introduction of new offerings" to sell, "introduction of new sales technologies", "change in sales processes", "customer buying intentions", and "overall sector performance." Increased Investments in Sales Technology The 2022 Fall report dove into the top question on sales leaders' minds – how will our company increase seller productivity in the current down market? Outreach's Sales Confidence Index revealed 94% of respondents are prioritizing investing in sales technology, sparking a trend that companies will redeploy headcount budgets to technology in order to help increase revenue and forecast accurately. Outreach also recently discovered in a separate survey that 50% of respondents are actively consolidating or planning to consolidate their tech stack and 73% of leaders agree with the statement "We strongly prioritize choosing sales technology vendors that offer multiple products in an effort to minimize the number of vendors we use." These findings pose a large opportunity for companies to look toward a strategic platform approach that will solve their challenges across the sales journey from the Sales Development Representative (SDR) to the Account Executive (AE) to the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). "In today's economy a global economic downturn has become a reality, and companies are looking to find ways to create and close pipeline faster," said Mary Shea, VP, Global Evangelist at Outreach. "In today's economy a global economic downturn has become a reality, and companies are looking to find ways to create and close pipeline faster," said Mary Shea, VP, Global Evangelist at Outreach. "Sales leaders are optimistic their sales teams will end the next quarter positively and a guiding force behind this success is a platform approach that helps companies close efficiency gaps and increase revenue. To prepare for what comes next, it will be necessary to equip every member of the GTM team with seller-first technology that has embedded automation and AI to maximize organizational efficiency and effectiveness." Continued Digitization of Sales Organizations across sectors had to digitally transform over the past few years and sales teams were no different. Sales teams were used to in-person meetings with clients and had to quickly adapt to digital selling. Approximately one fifth of respondents to the Sales Confidence Index survey are only meeting customers via video meetings, while more than half of respondents are mostly meeting customers through a video meeting platform with some in-person meetings. Only one percent of respondents are only meeting customers in person. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs Positively Impact Retention Additionally, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is becoming a more significant factor for Sales teams. In fact, 87% said their organization's DE&I policies have a positive impact on their sales and customer retention efforts. To help increase diversity in sales, Outreach launched the RISE and RISE UP programs; two leadership training programs created to help grow diverse talent from within. Now available for any company to use, these programs were designed to deliver opportunities and access to rising leaders, wherever their career journeys take them. The next Outreach Quarterly Sales Confidence Index findings will be revealed in early 2023. Outreach partnered with Dynata to survey 504 B2B sales leaders in the United States and United Kingdom across industries. 40% of respondents identified as VP of Sales, 27% as director of sales, 24% as sales team leader or manager, 5% as sales administrators, and 4% as individual contributors. The survey was fielded September 19-22, 2022. About Outreach Outreach is the leading sales execution platform that helps market-facing teams efficiently create and predictably close more pipeline. From prospecting to deal management to forecasting, our platform leverages automation and artificial intelligence to help revenue leaders increase efficiency and effectiveness of all go-to-market activities and personnel across the revenue cycle. Outreach is the only company to offer sales engagement, revenue intelligence, and revenue operations functionalities in a unified platform. More than 5,500 companies, including Zoom, Siemens, Okta, DocuSign, and McKesson depend on Outreach to power their revenue organizations. Outreach is a privately held company based in Seattle, Washington, with offices worldwide. To learn more, please visit

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Channel99 Debuts to Enable B2B Marketers the Ability to Measure and Benchmark the Performance of Channels and Vendors

Channel99, Jackson Square Ventures | December 01, 2022

Channel99 today announced the launch of a new marketing technology for B2B marketers to identify the vendors and channels that effectively drive high-quality website traffic from accounts in a company's total addressable market (TAM). By integrating vendor spend data to measure marketing's investment efficiency, Channel99's solutions enable businesses to level the playing field and understand which vendors and channels predictably impact the business outcomes most important to B2B marketers, like positively influencing pipeline and lowering customer acquisition costs. Channel99 is founded by award-winning and three-time software entrepreneur Chris Golec, who pioneered the account-based marketing (ABM) technology category while leading Demandbase. In conjunction with its launch, the company also announced it received $5 million in seed funding led by San Francisco-based Jackson Square Ventures (JSV) with participation by Norwest Ventures, Bloomberg Beta and GTMfund. "Many people don't realize that more than 90% of activity driven to a B2B website provides little to no value when it comes to driving new business," says Golec. "With investments across hundreds of vendors and channels, the industry desperately needs a single source of truth to consistently measure the efficacy of their efforts. That's exactly what Channel99 provides — transparency to pinpoint what's working and what's not." Free mobile app offers immediate insights to channel performance Channel99's launch offering includes a free mobile app that enables marketers to benchmark the performance of their digital channels against industry averages. Nearly 100 customers of various sizes and across industries — including F500 enterprises and middle market companies in technology, manufacturing, retail and financial services — are already using Channel99's mobile app to collect insights into which vendors and channels are driving quality traffic from their key accounts. "Channel99 gives my team a clear view of which marketing efforts actually drive quality traffic and, ultimately, the business outcomes we're looking for," said Nick Panayi, CMO at Amelia. "Channel99 gives my team a clear view of which marketing efforts actually drive quality traffic and, ultimately, the business outcomes we're looking for," said Nick Panayi, CMO at Amelia. "No more guessing games; Channel99's data and peer benchmarking makes it easy to decide where to invest budget and where to cut." Reinvesting in technology and talent JSV is known for investing in early-stage SaaS and marketplace startups with bold plans to transform industries, including B2B software standouts like DocuSign, Upwork and Seismic. JSV is also bullish on reinvesting in entrepreneurs with a proven ability to shape the market. Golec pioneered ABM with the founding of Demandbase in 2007, a company in which JSV is the largest shareholder. Demandbase is widely recognized as the industry's leading provider of ABM, which has evolved into a staple in all B2B marketing strategies. "Our decision to invest in a company is not based on the product offering alone; we must have firm conviction in the team," says Bob Spinner, Founding Partner at Jackson Square Ventures and lead investor in Channel99. "We believe Channel99 is uniquely positioned to pioneer the next wave of B2B marketing because we've seen firsthand how Chris can establish, manage, scale and lead a company to category ownership. We're proud to invest in him again." Early next year, Channel99 will release its full platform. The enterprise solution will integrate vendor spend and customer relationship management (CRM) data with insights to maximize pipeline, eliminate wasted budget and increase transparency into vendor and channel performance. About Channel99 Channel99 is a B2B performance marketing platform that unites marketing and finance teams to more effectively improve the value of marketing investment. By measuring the performance of vendors and channels driving high-quality website traffic, Channel99 helps B2B companies gain more meaningful and accurate insights into which investments reduce dollar inefficiencies, lower customer acquisition cost, and more predictably exceed sales pipeline numbers. Pioneering the next wave of B2B marketing, Channel99 provides the industry's only solution for measuring the quality of the channels generating pipeline. Learn more at About Jackson Square Ventures Jackson Square Ventures invests in early-stage software businesses that will be leaders in markets that matter in 10 years. Founded in 2011, the San Francisco-based firm primarily leads Series A investments in companies with a SaaS or marketplace focus. Its portfolio includes Alto Pharmacy, Artera, Cornershop, DocuSign, Jackbox Games, Seismic, Strava and Upwork, among others. For more information, follow the firm on Twitter or visit

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US based Nuivio Ventures onboards former Mindtree, Capgemini exec as Business Partner

Nuivio Ventures | December 06, 2022

Nuivio Ventures, a US headquartered venture builder, has onboarded former Mindtree and Capgemini executive, Manish Grover, as a business partner and advisor. Manish brings to Nuivio two decades of Go-To-Market (GTM) expertise and has played key leadership roles at Mindtree and Capgemini. Manish will enable Nuivio's aggressive portfolio expansion plans and advise portfolio companies with GTM planning. This includes current portfolio company Ignitho, which has a focus on AI led digital engineering with ambitions to cross $10 million in revenue by 2023; and Piqual, a marketing & growth agency serving B2B SaaS clients. Joseph Olassa, CEO says, "Nuivio will hugely benefit from Manish's industry & GTM expertise in designing and implementing impactful market expansion programs in the US and Europe." Welcoming Manish Grover to the leadership team, Joseph Olassa, CEO says, "Nuivio will hugely benefit from Manish's industry & GTM expertise in designing and implementing impactful market expansion programs in the US and Europe. Nuivio plans to incubate and scale up 50 B2B SaaS companies in collaboration with enterprises from US and India by 2030. Manish's expertise will be invaluable to achieve this vision." Scott Nugent, Partner at Nuivio and also Chief Commercial Officer for Ignitho added, "As Ignitho continues to onboard leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies in North America and Europe, our AI led digital engineering mission will be a key differentiator. This has helped Ignitho build an enviable track record of being a market disruptor in digital engineering. I'm looking forward to working with Manish to enhance our growth plans." "I'm excited about Nuivio's vision of bringing new product companies to market," says Manish Grover. "The unique model of Nuivio Ventures provides entrepreneurship-minded professionals an excellent platform to fuel their dreams. I'm looking forward to supporting Nuivio's ambitious portfolio expansion plans, and to guide the portfolio companies in realizing their full potential." About Nuivio Ventures Established and led by industry veterans from top-tier technology companies, Nuivio brings together an ecosystem of innovative enterprises, early-stage investors and passionate entrepreneurial professionals to build standalone software companies. Nuivio's model leverages Frugal Innovation methodology co-developed with Jaideep Prabhu, Professor at University of Cambridge. Read more at

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