Terminus Releases “MOVE,” A Modern Framework For Go-to-Market Strategies

Terminus | September 23, 2021

Terminus, the only account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipeline and revenue through multi-channel account-based marketing (ABM), today announced the release and availability of “MOVE: The 4-Question Go-To-Market Framework.” The new book is a modern framework for companies and GTM leaders looking to transform their go-to-market strategies.

Co-authored by Terminus co-founder and bestselling author, Sangram Vajre, and Terminus chief strategy officer, Bryan Brown, “MOVE” provides a comprehensive framework and actionable blueprint for companies seeking to revamp go-to-market strategies and best position teams for success.

“The most successful companies are built on strong go-to-market teams,” said Tim Kopp, Terminus CEO. “But, many companies just aren’t getting it right. It’s shocking how many leaders think they have a marketing problem when the truth is they have a go-to-market problem. Which is exactly what Sangram and Bryan tackle with this next book. Sangram wrote the books on ABM...this time it’s so much bigger. It’s about revenue. It’s about culture. It’s about transformation. Period.”

“MOVE” seeks to highlight common mistakes companies make when creating go-to-market strategies and to provide solutions that transform these weaknesses into an organization’s greatest strength. The modern framework is based on in-depth interviews with more than 50 top go-to-market executives and leaders.

“MOVE shares a new way of thinking. It’s literally a blueprint to achieve true business transformation,” said co-author Sangram Vajre. “MOVE is built on what we call ‘the three P’s (problem market fit, product market fit, platform market fit), and it will force leaders to think differently about scaling their business.”

Early reviews for “MOVE” include:
  • “M is for Market, and it all starts here. Customers are our true north. Set your compass to serve your customer and then let your Operations, Velocity, and Expansion roll!” — Geoffrey Moore, Author, “Crossing the Chasm and Zone to Win”
  • "The MOVE is the blueprint for modern go-to-market companies with customers at the center of it." — Nick Mehta CEO of Gainsight
  • “It hooked me immediately. The MOVE framework will make every revenue leader smarter and better.” — Meagen Eisenberg CMO of TripActions

“MOVE” builds on account-based marketing strategies. It is the third book authored and released by Terminus and Sangram Vajre. The first two books “Account-Based Marketing For Dummies” and “ABM is B2B” are both best selling resources on ABM. “ABM is B2B” specifically was an instant bestseller on Amazon in the Marketing and Sales category and is a ‘Best Book Awards’ winner by

About Terminus
Terminus is the only account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipeline and revenue through multi-channel account-based marketing (ABM). The platform, Terminus Engagement Hub, connects the first and third-party data needed to understand both customers and prospects, with the most robust suite of engagement channels—including ads, chat, email, and web—available. Terminus powers multi-channel ABM for thousands of brands globally including DHL, G2, Outreach, and TripActions. Terminus is proud to be a G2 leader in ABM for 13 consecutive quarters. Visit to learn more or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


2014 B2b Enterprise Demand Generation Survey.

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Total Economic Impact Study Finds Demandbase Customers Achieve 367% ROI

Demandbase | April 25, 2022

Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands, today announces the results of its commissioned Total Economic Impact™(TEI) Study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study's goal is to help enterprise organizations understand the costs, business benefits, and potential return on investment (ROI) they may realize by deploying Demandbase ABX and Advertising Clouds. With the analysis based on a $200 million, 650-employee composite organization, Forrester found that Demandbase delivered 367% ROI in three years, with a net present value (NPV) of $1.94 million, and payback in less than six months. The platform was also found to help increase revenue by close to $1 million and to enable customers to avoid the additional costs of third-party tools. "We've seen the impact Demandbase Ones has on customers time and again," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase. "We've seen the impact Demandbase Ones has on customers time and again," says Gabe Rogol, chief executive officer of Demandbase. "It's really valuable, though, to have a highly respected, third-party research firm like Forrester conduct an independent evaluation of this impact. Their findings confirm what we've seen to be true, which is that our customers' success in sales, marketing and overall revenue is wildly amplified by using Demandbase." In addition to discovering ROI and revenue potential, Forrester also uncovered further benefits that organizations can experience when using Demandbase, including: Marketing productivity gains — By leveraging Demandbase's Account Intelligence functions, ABM teams saved days determining which accounts were most likely to buy and what content would generate the most interest. As such, ABM teams increased their productivity and improved KPIs, such as a 3% improvement in the close rate for marketing sourced leads. Sales productivity gains — After implementing Demandbase, sales development representatives (SDRs) saw immediate improvements in their metrics, doubling their productivity. One ABM specialist said her team opened 22 new opportunities in just six months. Improved sales & marketing relationships — Interviewees noted that Demandbase drove sales and marketing alignment, with one reporting a 90% adoption rate of account executives (AEs) and SDRs using the tool. "Historically, one of the most difficult, but necessary, parts of growing revenue is a strong relationship between sales and marketing," says Allison Metcalfe, chief revenue officer of Demandbase. "It's clear through this study that Demandbase not only improves ROI and revenue, but also gets to the heart of an organization by building a bridge between these two essential departments. This creates cohesion and ultimately empowers them to achieve an aligned, optimized go-to-market that puts customers first. This is an incredibly important part of what Demandbase delivers, and what fuels its noteworthy economic impact." Click here to access the Total Economic Impact™ Of Demandbase: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Demandbase, April 2022, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Demandbase and sign up for the webinar taking place on Tuesday, April 26 in which the Total Economic Impact™ of Demandbase will be further explored. About Demandbase Demandbase is Smarter GTM™ for B2B brands. We help marketing and sales teams spot the juiciest opportunities earlier and progress them faster by injecting Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey and orchestrating every action. For more information about Demandbase, visit

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Terminus Launches New Certification to Improve ABM Maturity

Terminus | March 09, 2022

Terminus, the only account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipeline and revenue through multi-channel account-based marketing (ABM), today announces its new ABM course and certification program, The Account-Based Strategy Certification: Fundamentals. Designed to help B2B marketers create their strategic ABM roadmaps, this course enables go-to-market teams to build a business case for ABM, launch their first ABM program, or improve or scale their existing ABM program. According to Terminus’s 2021 State of Modern Marketing report, 87% of marketers agree that augmenting traditional lead-based strategies with a stronger focus on account-based strategies is the best way to maximize revenue generation. Despite this, 86% say that automated account engagement activities across multiple channels is something their organization needs assistance with. By enrolling in The Account-Based Strategy Certification: Fundamentals, marketers participate in a comprehensive, self-paced training course that focuses on the fundamental principles of an account-based strategy and provides tactical, real-life recommendations and examples for running successful ABM campaigns. “Every day, we come across experienced marketers who say they have their own ABM program already in place. But many times, they’re not maximizing their program with a proper multi-channel, data-driven strategy,” said Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus. “ABM has evolved from a nice-to-have to a necessity for go-to-market teams. With our new certification program, we’re equipping B2B marketers with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive their ABM success.” The course features five lessons led by seasoned ABM professionals in the marketing space. After the lessons are completed, participants have the option to earn a certificate and digital badge by passing a timed, multiple-choice exam. The course consists of the following lessons: The Modern Approach to B2B Marketing Operationalizing Your ABM Strategy Laying the Groundwork for ABM Assessing Your Readiness for ABM Launching Your First ABM Program The course is free to all existing customers and partners with their Terminus subscription and can be accessed directly via Terminus Academy. The course is also free with registration to any non-customers and partners. For more information about Terminus and its certification program, visit About Terminus Leaders of the account-based movement, Terminus helps Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success work better together to drive a winning go-to-market strategy and exceptional customer experiences. Terminus offers the best data, channels, and analytics all in one platform; powering high-performing go-to-market teams. We’re proud to be helping over 1,000 customers on this mission, including brands like DHL, G2, Outreach, and TripActions. We’ve been named a G2 Leader for 15 consecutive quarters. Visit to learn more or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Bynder Acquires Content Operations Platform GatherContent

Bynder, GatherContent | March 07, 2022

Bynder, the global leader in digital asset management (DAM), has acquired GatherContent, a Content Operations platform, to expand its footprint in the digital ecosystem and provide a comprehensive platform for delivering content that creates powerful digital experiences. With the acquisition of GatherContent, Bynder will add collaborative workflow and editorial processes for content creation capabilities to its unique, centralized platform to empower teams across industries to easily manage the entire content creation lifecycle—from visual production, through text creation into approved structured content ready for distribution to all channels across an omnichannel strategy. Even as the demand for content has dramatically increased in the past few years, recent research shows that 60 percent of marketers either had no content marketing strategy or had one that was completely undocumented. This acquisition will help customers meet the need to create and assemble growing volumes of text and creative content to support omnichannel consumer buying journeys. Creating that journey requires a holistic view of content with a combination of text, images, and more structured into a cohesive story. While DAM is the single source of truth for storing, categorizing, and serving digital creative assets, the editorial process for content creation has historically taken place outside of that ecosystem. “Working within a secure environment is paramount,” said Joy Price, Head of Digital Marketing at Howard Kennedy & GatherContent Customer Advisory Board member. “However, for a marketing team focussing on podcast and video production, the speed at which we can share large files is prohibitive. A solution that can combine content and large asset sharing is very attractive.” GatherContent helps stakeholders across the process make sure content gets created, reviewed, and approved as quickly as possible. Uniting GatherContent and Bynder DAM removes the silos between content operations and DAM and offers marketers: A centralized platform for content teams to collaborate on creating structured content combining text and digital assets The ability to use templates and reusable components to scale up production of text content Custom workflows, allowing teams to maintain confidence in the quality of content as they scale up The capability to deliver content towards all channels used for your customer experience Based in the United Kingdom, GatherContent currently serves 1,100 customers, including Intel, NHS, Volkswagen, Vanguard, VMLY&R. As part of Bynder’s commitment to investing in other European-grown technology companies to serve a global customer base, GatherContent will be a standalone product within the Bynder product portfolio as GatherContent by Bynder. “When Bynder looked at ways we could further expand our footprint and enable our customers across the entire creation and distribution lifecycle, GatherContent rose to the top,” said Bob Hickey, CEO of Bynder. “When Bynder looked at ways we could further expand our footprint and enable our customers across the entire creation and distribution lifecycle, GatherContent rose to the top,” said Bob Hickey, CEO of Bynder. “The powerful combination of DAM and Content Operations will make a measurable impact allowing brands to execute with speed and accuracy in a complex digital economy. Alice Deer is an exceptional leader and role model for women in technology who founded and built a world class business. Alice in her new role will lead our strategy on scaling content operations for our combined 3200+ customers.” “I’m so proud of what this next chapter will bring for GatherContent, and how it positions Bynder to solve the wider Content Operations problem,” said Alice Deer, CEO of GatherContent. “During the past decade at GatherContent, we focused on creating a platform that brings together people, process and technology to improve their Content Operations. Now we are elevating that vision and enabling teams to collaborate on creating structured content, enabling mission critical KPIs like content time to market, content SLAs and content readiness - across all of their channels and content types. I look forward to continuing to drive forward this vision within Bynder, alongside Angus Edwardson, GatherContent’s co-founder, who will join as Technical Director.” About Bynder Bynder is a global leader in digital asset management (DAM), providing brands with the most powerful creative content engine to deliver personalized digital experiences. A scalable SaaS solution recognized for its intuitive user experience, Bynder helps more than 1.4M users across over 2200 organizations, including Spotify, Puma, and Icelandair, provide the right, on-brand assets across the enterprise. Founded in 2013, Bynder has since grown to over 450 employees in seven offices around the globe, including the Netherlands, USA, Spain, UK and UAE. The company is backed by Insight Partners. For more information, visit About GatherContent GatherContent is a Content Operations platform that brings together people, process and technology. GatherContent has helped thousands of businesses save time and money, improve content quality, and reduce regulatory risk. The platform replaces the broken status quo of docs, spreadsheets, shared drives, and emails. These tools weren't designed to manage high volume content production and workflow when many stakeholders are involved. Recognized as a Content Distribution Leader, Creation High Performer in G2's Summer 2021 report, GatherContent is free to try, quick to set up and very easy to use. Learn more at

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Demandbase Included in 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Revenue Data Solutions

Demandbase | December 16, 2021

Demandbase, the B2B go-to-market leader, today announced it has been identified as a Representative Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Revenue Data Solutions.[1] According to this report “revenue data solutions provide actionable context about customers and prospects, making planning, acceleration and engagement activities more effective.” As per this report, the six key factors that differentiate most vendors are data sources, intent data, predictive analytics, customization, integration and privacy. “We’re really honored to be identified by Gartner in this Market Guide report,” said Jon Miller, chief marketing and product officer at Demandbase. “We believe that the value of revenue data solutions in the B2B world has become abundantly clear, and Demandbase is one of the few vendors that delivers extensive breadth and depth in both data and functionality. We’re constantly working toward expanding all of this even more and continuing to give customers the most premium solution available on the market.” According to this report: One of the strategic planning assumptions is “by 2024, early adoption of RDS will propel progressive B2B organizations to achieve growth at three times that of those who delay.” The adoption of revenue operations will become more common. Intent data and other behavioral components will increase in value. Revenue data solutions (RDS) have progressed considerably in the last few years, moving from commoditized contact/company data enrichment and cleanup into predictive and multi-sourced solutions for actionable customer context across commercial silos. *Gartner, “Market Guide for Revenue Data Solutions,” Tom Cosgrove, Jeffrey Cohen, September 29, 2021. Gartner Disclaimer GARTNER is registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. About Demandbase Demandbase is transforming the way B2B companies go-to-market. Demandbase One is the most complete suite of B2B go-to-market solutions, connecting the leading account-based experience, advertising, sales intelligence, and B2B data solutions so Marketing and Sales teams at the biggest and fastest-growing companies can collaborate faster, share intelligence, and experience explosive growth.

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