Zymplify launch intent data platform Lead Onion

Zymplify | December 03, 2021

Portstewart firm, Zymplify Group has launched Lead Onion, a powerful intent-driven sales enablement platform that allows users to identify, prioritize and connect with leads and prospects in real time.

Lead Onion allows users to activate buyer-intent data with 17 dynamic intent sources giving them the ability to quickly identify companies who are ready to buy and their key decision makers.

Once identified prospects are prioritized into ready-to-buy sales leads allowing sales teams to connect with in-market buyers in real time.

The announcement comes on the back of Zymplify Group, a fast growing software as a service (SaaS) company, investing a further £1.5million and a commitment to create 26 jobs over the coming year working across its three brands Zymplify, Lead Onion and Zym.

Zymplify Group CE Michael Carlin said: “Lead Onion helps teams reduce sales cycles, accelerate sales and enhance their sales and marketing efforts by making available the world’s largest and most compliant database of 400 million business profiles and 4.2m identified in-market accounts.”

With Lead Onion users can see the companies who are actively searching for their product or service, get contact details of the key decision makers and send prospects to their tech stack for lead nurturing or use Lead Onion’s inbuilt cadences to connect instantly and quickly act on those buying signals.

Zymplify Group CE Michael Carlin said: “Lead Onion helps teams reduce sales cycles, accelerate sales and enhance their sales and marketing efforts by making available the world’s largest and most compliant database of 400 million business profiles and 4.2m identified in-market accounts.”

Zymplify Group chief marketing officer Debbie Rymer, continued: “The thing that makes Lead Onion really different isn’t just the company level intent or the contact details of the key decision makers in those organisations. It’s the fact that our platform is the only company on the market that takes into consideration first, second and third party data, and then highlights the people that are displaying intent across all of those channels.”

With Lead Onion companies can not only gather up to the minute, relevant and current data but can organise and prioritize that data efficiently in a manner that allows sales teams to act on the intelligence immediately right when the customer is ready to buy.

Michael Green, chief operating officer of Lead Onion, explained: “One of the biggest challenges companies have with intent data is making it actionable. That’s what we solve. For example, there’s been a lot of discussion in sales and marketing about third-party intent data and whether it’s useful…the fact that we make it actionable helps to solve that conundrum - we bring order to the chaos of there being so much data out there. Lead Onion provides contact details alongside the company-level intent. We’re the only platform that has first, second, third-party intent data at the company level.”

Lead Onion was originally created to fill a need for the Zymplify Group themselves. Michael and his team, frustrated by the prospecting and lead generation tools on the market, set out to find a solution that would streamline the prospecting and lead generation timeline.

He added: “Before we created Lead Onion it was my job to extract the data from various sources, be that G2 or purchasing large data lists, and populate existing sales CRM systems and platforms with that data for the sales teams to use. This was being done every week but, in some cases, by the time the data was collected, collated and uploaded to the system the intent was already a week old and in many cases the data had gone stale.

“With Lead Onion that process has gone from a few days or a week to minutes. Our sales teams are being fed live data on a daily basis that’s current, relevant and actionable.

“Sales teams no longer have to think about where they will go for their next lead – it’s there, it’s ready and waiting for them. Their days are planned out and if they need more the system can give them more.”

With Lead Onion’s suite of tools marketers responsible for delivering leads to sales, sales leaders responsible for growing revenue at scale and recruiters looking for their next hot hire can use up to the minute tools and intelligence to identify, target and connect faster with their target audience.

“Lead Onion gives your sales teams more talk time because we have removed repetitive admin and research tasks from their workflow,” added Debbie Rymer. “Supercharge your conversions by giving your team the hottest leads today looking for the solution that you offer now, not last week, not last month.”


With: -Stacy Gardner, Director, Marketing Programs, Bottomline Technologies -Julie Brewer, VP, Demand Generation, Bottomline Technologies

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TechTarget Archer Awards Recognize APAC's Best in Data-Driven Marketing and Sales

Archer Awards, TechTarget | September 20, 2022

TechTarget, Inc. TTGT, the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and marketing services, recognized exceptional technology marketing and sales leaders across Asia Pacific (APAC) in its 2022 Archer Awards. All the award recipients are running innovative digital marketing and sales programs across the region, all fueled by intent data. "Even at a time when some face-to-face activities have re-entered the marketing mix, these companies understand that most pre-purchase research is happening online and independent of tech vendors," said Michael Cotoia, CEO, TechTarget. "Even at a time when some face-to-face activities have re-entered the marketing mix, these companies understand that most pre-purchase research is happening online and independent of tech vendors," said Michael Cotoia, CEO, TechTarget. "They are leveraging intent data to identify and reach the right accounts, engage buying teams earlier and set their sales teams up to close deals faster." This is the fourth consecutive year that TechTarget has shined the spotlight on industry accomplishments in APAC as part of its global Archer Awards program. "While their programs are different, the winners share an understanding that data is the most powerful way to deliver breakthrough results and maintain a powerful edge for their organizations in a highly competitive market," said Jon Panker, Managing Director APAC, TechTarget. "We are extremely proud to recognize and celebrate their incredible achievements." 2022 Archer Award APAC Winners Digital Marketer of the Year – Molita Coelho, Head of Field Marketing APJ, Okta Digital Team of the Year – Red Hat Demand Center APAC Priority EngineTM Marketing Team of the Year – SoftIron Priority Engine Sales Team of the Year – CrowdStrike APJ Best Account-Based Marketing Program – DataStax APAC Best Demand Generation Program – SAP Southeast Asia Best Thought Leadership Program – AWS APAC To learn more about TechTarget customer success, visit About the Archer Awards TechTarget developed the Archer Awards to annually recognize innovative customers: sales and marketing leaders who demonstrate data-driven excellence and are driving remarkable results in partnership with TechTarget. In its fourth year, the Archer Awards program recognizes customers in North America, EMEA and APAC. About TechTarget TechTarget TTGT is the global leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services that deliver business impact for enterprise technology companies. By creating abundant, high-quality editorial content across more than 150 highly targeted technology-specific websites and 1,125 channels, TechTarget attracts and nurtures communities of technology buyers researching their companies' information technology needs. By understanding these buyers' content consumption behaviors, TechTarget creates the purchase intent insights that fuel efficient and effective marketing and sales activities for clients around the world.

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ACCOUNT BASED DATA expands its offering to be the first and only platform to help software companies build and scale their Cloud GTM to accelerate sales growth

Tackle | November 10, 2022, the leading software company dedicated to helping software providers generate revenue through the clouds, today announced expanded offerings to its platform to help software sellers build and rapidly scale their Cloud go-to-market (Cloud GTM). These capabilities provide ISVs with actionable pipeline data, a proven co-sell methodology and operating model to improve the experience, and sales workflow automation to accelerate and drive new revenue with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and IBM Red Hat. Despite economic conditions, cloud spend continues to increase. IDC found that $90 billion will be added to the total $500B of cloud spend this year, and in Tackle's 2022 State of Cloud Marketplaces Report, 68% of buyers said they are increasing their cloud budget next year. As buyers spend more with the Cloud Providers, they lean into purchasing through the Cloud Marketplaces to draw down on committed spend contracts, streamline the procurement process, and help them operate more efficiently. To ensure this pre-committed spend is being captured, Tackle's report also found that 82% of sellers will increase their investment in cloud as a GTM channel in the coming year. "Cloud Marketplaces and co-sell have become the center of how ISVs go-to-market with the Cloud Providers," said John Jahnke, CEO of Tackle. "Cloud Marketplaces and co-sell have become the center of how ISVs go-to-market with the Cloud Providers," said John Jahnke, CEO of Tackle. "We continue to innovate to help sellers build their Cloud GTM through a combination of product strategy, business strategy, people, technology, and process. All with the goal of driving revenue through the clouds and delighting cloud buyers without adding additional resources." Through a combination of the Tackle Platform and our people, Tackle helps to activate the Cloud GTM Flywheel—leading to greater and faster results for both sellers and buyers—with three new features: Tackle Prospect: Identify the right accounts in your pipeline to understand which ones are most likely to buy from each Cloud Provider. Tackle Co-Sell: Accelerate deals through streamlined co-selling workflows with the Cloud Providers directly from Salesforce. Tackle Offers now on the Salesforce AppExchange: Simplify the process for sales, finance, and operations teams to create, send, track, and book custom Marketplace offers in a single application. All of these solutions let software companies transact through the clouds in a way that matches how B2B buyers want to buy: leveraging cloud budgets, simplifying vendor management (fewer bills and consolidating spend), and buying from ecosystems they trust, like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and IBM Red Hat. To bolster these features, Tackle has acquired CORE Consulting, a software and services firm that helps high-volume ISV sellers become experts on the ins and outs of co-selling through the Cloud Providers. A strong co-sell strategy is becoming table stakes for anyone looking to be successful with their Cloud GTM strategy. Together with CORE Consulting, Tackle will help sellers drive revenue growth and reduce the complexity of co-sell. "CORE Consulting's people and technology have powered ISVs to the top of the Microsoft co-sell rankings both in the US and Worldwide since its inception and expanded support for AWS and Google Cloud as they each launched their co-sell practice," said Erin Figer, CEO & Founder of CORE Consulting. "We are excited to join forces with Tackle and look forward to continuing to help ISVs build robust Cloud go-to-market strategies that will not only provide the connective tissue but the muscle around successfully co-selling and reaching customers through Marketplaces." "To drive more value to our customers, accelerate our growth, and strengthen our Cloud GTM, it's key for us to continue to invest in optimizing our co-sell practice to support our Marketplace strategy," said Toni Adams, SVP Partner & Alliances at Starburst. "CORE Consulting has been critical to building and growing our co-sell practice, and Tackle has been critical to our success in helping customers take advantage of the Cloud Marketplaces. Bringing CORE and Tackle together enables Starburst to leverage a unified co-sell solution that will help us further manage these efforts across Cloud Providers and continue to optimize and scale Marketplace as a revenue channel." Visit to learn more about our new solutions. About Tackle Tackle is the leading solution built to help software companies generate revenue through clouds. Tackle works with more than 500 software companies including Auth0, CrowdStrike, HashiCorp, Lacework, New Relic, Snyk, VMware, and many more at every stage—from companies scaling their go-to-market to the largest software companies in the world. We are venture backed by three of the world's top SaaS investors—a16z, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Coatue—to execute on our mission to positively transform the way that software is sold. Tackle is available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace, Microsoft commercial marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, and Red Hat Marketplace.

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Common Room Introduces New HubSpot Integration to Bring Community Intelligence to the Modern Sales and Marketing Tech Stack

Common Room | September 12, 2022

Common Room, the intelligent community growth platform for today’s fastest-growing companies, announced today at INBOUND 2022 an integration with HubSpot to deliver actionable community user insight across the tools in today’s go-to-market (GTM) tech stack. The new integration is the first of its kind, offering revenue leaders unprecedented visibility into their community-led funnel to improve prospecting, lead qualification, sales velocity, and revenue growth. The integration is currently in beta; sign up here to participate in the preview program. Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way software is built, adopted, and procured. As the industry has continued to shift the software development lifecycle to the left, budgets for developer tools, SaaS, and other technologies have also shifted. As a result, the buyer's journey has expanded and the role of user communities in influencing purchase decisions has dramatically increased. This creates a challenge for modern software companies and digital-native brands who have less control over how and where their product and solutions are being discussed as well as less time for sales teams to engage with prospects before a purchase decision is made. Marketing teams have limited visibility into this critical part of their pipeline with no way to connect the work being done by developer relations and community teams to their marketing platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) tools to improve performance, deal velocity, and growth. Common Room solves these problems by bridging the gap between community and traditional GTM engines. Developer relations and community teams use Common Room’s machine learning-enhanced unified community intelligence, intelligent context, and informed action layers to understand, engage, and activate communities at scale. Common Room delivers critical insights that signal buying intent, uncover potential opportunities, and inform GTM strategies and sales plays. By bringing community intelligence to the modern marketing and sales tech stack, GTM teams can now: Understand community impact and take action using this data across their entire sales and marketing funnel. Increase seller efficiency by empowering them with a 360-degree view of prospects and current customers to identify new opportunities, increase lead score accuracy, and improve forecast precision. Tie community-focused investments to tangible business outcomes and ROI like impact on annual recurring revenue (ARR) and customer growth. This allows business leaders to make more informed decisions about where to invest to take advantage of market opportunities and how to best support their customers to increase retention. “Common Room has helped hundreds of organizations build and grow strong communities with the implicit understanding that these communities are and will increasingly be critical for business growth,” said Linda Lian, Co-founder and CEO at Common Room. “Bringing community intelligence into HubSpot makes this understanding explicit. Investment in community was something that organizations knew they needed to do—to benefit both their community members and their business. Now companies can clearly understand the business outcomes of those investments, improving performance across all functions from GTM to product development, support, and customer success.” “Common Room has helped hundreds of organizations build and grow strong communities with the implicit understanding that these communities are and will increasingly be critical for business growth,” said Linda Lian, Co-founder and CEO at Common Room Read more about today’s announcement on the Common Room blog. The HubSpot integration will be available to Common Room Enterprise customers at general availability. To participate in the Common Room HubSpot integration preview program please register at To access Common Room for free and start getting closer to your community today, visit About Common Room Common Room is the intelligent community growth platform that helps organizations deepen relationships, build better products, and drive business impact. Common Room brings together community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place, and uses intelligence to surface actionable insights so teams can discover what’s most important, nurture advocates, collaborate more effectively, and measure outcomes. Today’s fastest growing companies trust Common Room to power their community growth, including Asana, Chainlink, Confluent, Figma, Grafana Labs, HubSpot, Notion, Webflow, and more. The company is backed by Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, and Madrona Venture Group and is headquartered in Seattle. To learn more, visit or join Common Room’s own community, Uncommon.

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