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6sense Unveils Generative AI Email Writing Feature That Generates Pipeline


6sense, the leading platform to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create, manage and convert pipeline to revenue, today announced significant enhancements to 6sense® Conversational Email with the launch of its AI Writer functionality. This new functionality expands on the generative AI capabilities customers are currently using within 6sense Conversational Email to maximize the effectiveness of email outreach and marketing.

Leveraging the power of intent, predictive, and other first-party signals with the latest advancements in generative AI, demand generation teams can use AI Writer to efficiently create personalized, targeted, and on-brand email campaigns that engage prospects, and ultimately build pipeline.

Emails that compel a response are more engaging and targeted than the informational tone of typical marketing automation emails. Using AI Writer functionality within 6sense Conversational Email, demand generation teams quickly craft tailored emails aimed to trigger a response. The Conversational Email assistant then manages replies, routing conversations to the appropriate seller at the right time. This combination of personalization and scale allows demand generation teams to generate more pipeline more effectively and efficiently.

Today’s announcement builds on the 6sense Conversational Email launch in October 2022 which transformed one-way email sends into engaging conversations that book meetings at scale. Leaning on powerful AI models, including GPT-4 combined with intent data and predictive analytics, 6sense Conversational Email delivers hyper-personalized, hyper-relevant emails to qualify and convert leads to sales meetings.

“Conversion rates are down across industries, it takes more touches across more buying team members to advance opportunities, and prospect expectations for a deeply personalized experience feel unrealistically high with the tools marketers have been given,” said Latané Conant, CMO at 6sense. “Leveraging our 6sense Conversational Email product and this new AI Writer has been a game changer for our own demand generation team as the generative AI capability has delivered real results, building 10% of new pipeline from accounts engaged.”

Maximize Efficiency with Self-Service Capabilities

6sense Conversational Email with AI Writer functionality offers a self-service platform for demand gen teams to quickly create highly engaging email campaigns, saving time and energy currently spent on multiple rounds of writing and editing email content with low conversion rates.

Demand generation teams can utilize 6sense Conversational Email and its AI Writer functionality to:

  • Take on the heavy lift of creating contextual emails for various demand gen plays, such as educating low-intent leads, prospecting in-market accounts, and re-engaging lost opportunities.
  • Engage in back-and-forth conversations with prospects via email during hours when time zone constraints might otherwise hinder communication or early in the prospecting cycle, leading to more engaged prospects, better-qualified leads, and significant pipeline, allowing BDRs to instead focus on social touches and live conversations.
  • Link traditional marketing automation and sales engagement platforms together, without replacing existing systems or relying on generic mass-market emails

Establish Your Own AI Brand Voice

With 6sense Conversational Email and AI Writer functionality, email content always sounds on brand. Each customer trains and customizes their model by uploading their brand style guide, product messages, and contextual content. Designed with B2B sales and marketing email best practices in mind, AI Writer ensures that content is tailored to individual recipients by combining customized product and brand content with predictive intent data to improve the quality and relevance of email campaigns.

Next-Gen Email Metrics in the Age Of AI

Using 6sense Conversational Email with AI Writer functionality, demand gen teams finally have useful insights that have been difficult to access before, enabling them to evaluate and report on the actual effectiveness of email campaigns in building a net new pipeline. Measuring and reporting impact is critical as current email metrics, such as open rates, are misleading and don’t provide the useful information demand gen teams need to evaluate the efficacy of their campaigns and contributions to pipeline reliably.

"The team I'm working with is incredibly hardworking and dedicated, averaging 50 calls daily to new and existing businesses. But with the help of Conversational Email, we've been able to exponentially increase our outreach,” said Walker Smith, Custom Truck Manager of Sales Development. “It's like having five more of us working simultaneously - saving us time and allowing us to reach thousands more potential customers in a single day."

Use Generative AI in a Safe and Secure Environment

Teams can confidently upload brand documents, pre-release product details, and other internal communications in combination with intent, technographic, firmographic, first-party or other data sources, knowing that content and data are stored in segregated, highly secure environments and not used to train any other models. The systems that deliver 6sense Conversational Email and AI Writer functionality are SOC 2, Type II certified, undergoing rigorous third party security audits confirming infrastructure, systems, applications, data and networking controls.

About 6sense

6sense is on a mission to revolutionize the way B2B organizations create revenue by predicting customers most likely to buy and recommending the best course of action to engage anonymous buying teams. 6sense Revenue AITM is the only sales and marketing platform to unlock the ability to create, manage and convert high-quality pipeline to revenue. Customers report 2X increases in average contract value, 4X increases in win rate and a 20-40% reduction in time to close deals. Know everything. Do anythingⓇ, with 6sense.





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