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Bombora Offers Visitor Insights With Real-Time Capabilities for Precise Personalization


Enterprise businesses and online publications can now obtain demographic, firmographic, and B2B interest data on website visitors. That’s thanks to a low-latency solution from Bombora called Visitor Insights (VI) with Real-Time Capabilities, the company announced today. At the same time, Bombora has begun a search for customers for its pilot program who will receive first access to a new solution, called Bombora Company Surge® Signals, or Signals, for short.

VI with Real-Time Capabilities is the only first-party visitor tag that connects visitors to Bombora’s proprietary Intent data so enterprises and publishers can conduct powerful on-site advertising while simultaneously analyzing their visitors to personalize the content shown and prove value to advertisers.

Signals will enable customers to create target account lists showing Intent that will incorporate sophisticated, proprietary algorithms using Company Surge® data, the user’s goals, and other custom inputs by the user. This new solution integrates results from the user’s Bombora Historical Buyer’s Journey Analysis, delivering insights that are easier to access and apply to their sales and marketing campaigns.

“We tested the competitors, and Bombora’s Visitor Insights performed the best,” said Snowflake Senior Director of Account-Based Marketing Hillary Carpio. “Our marketing intelligence teams appreciate the ability to enable site personalization with enriched visitor data, and particularly the enhancement of the sales signal: The power to know when your active prospects are on your website — at that moment.”

VI with Real-Time Capabilities helps companies accomplish a number of tasks. Among them:

  • Build and Deliver Audiences: Within Bombora’s Digital Audience Builder, companies can combine VI with Real-Time Capabilities data with Company Surge® data to create targeted ads using even more data points
  • Historical Visualization for Analysis: Companies can view historical first party data alongside third party data to better understand visitor interest and build stronger account-based campaigns
  • Javascript response to page: The tag shows companies which topics a particular visitor consumed, enabling the company to feed that data into a third-party tool to learn not just which topics interest them but exactly which pages contain content on those topics and should be used to personalize the homepage to each visitors’ exact interests

“Every business with a website wants to know who’s visiting and why,” said Bombora President Mark Connon. “As it gives new powers to B2B sales and marketing teams, Bombora continues to innovate to serve the growing needs of its enterprise and publishing partners. And as our team creates the next big intent solution, Company Surge® Signals, we welcome the pilot participants who can help us perfect it and shape the future of Intent data.”

To learn more about VI with Real-Time Capabilities, email or register for the upcoming webinar. To inquire about the pilot program for Company Surge® Signals, email

About Bombora

Bombora tells businesses which companies are researching their products and services. With this understanding, sales and marketing teams can be more relevant and consistent and improve performance across all activities. This intent-driven approach revolutionizes the way businesses market and sell to other businesses through transparent data built on an ecosystem of quality, collaboration and innovation. With direct integrations with dozens of leading data and media-buying platforms, Bombora is building a world in which business buyers value sales and marketing for its relevance, timeliness and accuracy. To learn more, visit



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