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Demandbase Leads G2's Fall 2023 Reports with 62 Leadership Positions

  • Demandbase secures 62 leadership positions in G2's Fall report categories, reaffirming its commitment to B2B excellence and innovation.
  • The company achieves the top spot in 12 reports and ranks among the top three in 56, highlighting the success of its AI-powered solutions in driving revenue objectives.
  • Demandbase makes its debut in regional Grid reports for the Americas and EMEA, securing the number one position in five categories essential to B2B success.

Demandbase, the AI-powered Smarter GTM company, has announced it has been named with 62 leadership positions in G2's highly esteemed Fall report categories. The announcement underscores Demandbase's commitment to driving excellence and innovation in the business-to-business domain. With a sweeping display of competence, Demandbase has secured the coveted top spot in 12 reports and prominently featured among the top three contenders in an impressive 56 reports. These achievements mark a resounding endorsement of Demandbase's AI-powered solutions that empower B2B organizations to achieve their revenue objectives effectively.

Demandbase has secured the number one position in five categories in the regional Grid reports for the Americas and EMEA, marking its debut in these prestigious rankings. This remarkable performance reiterates Demandbase's standing as an unrivaled leader in key domains essential to B2B success. The accolades extend across various categories, with Demandbase emerging as a clear leader in account-based advertising, account-based analytics, account-based orchestration platforms, account-based web & content experiences, and account data management for enterprises.

Adding to this impressive list is Demandbase's acknowledgment of 'Best Usability' and 'Easiest Admin.' These distinctions reflect Demandbase's unwavering dedication to delivering excellence across its suite of services and its relentless pursuit of providing value to its clients.

Jon Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at Demandbase, said,

We see the G2 Reports as customer proof that we're successfully delivering real business impact as well as transforming the way B2B companies go to market.

[Source – Cision PR Newswire]

Demandbase expressed its pride in the accomplishment and conveyed its commitment to maintaining customers' trust through continuous product innovations. Added Jon, these innovations encompass introducing the first-ever B2B-specific connected TV advertising solution and incorporating multi-language intent capabilities. These advancements enable B2B organizations to capture accurate intent signals from global markets spanning 133 languages.

In the G2 report, Demandbase One receives high praise from customers who appreciate its user-friendly interface, extensive insights, process automation capabilities, and seamless integration with other systems. Users find it invaluable for identifying and engaging key accounts, its account identification features and Salesforce integration simplifies it.  Demandbase One is recognized as a game-changer, fostering sales and marketing alignment, enhancing visibility, improving business intelligence, and increasing marketing efficiency.



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Constant Contact Appoints New Leadership in APAC to Accelerate Growth in the Region

PR Newswire | October 16, 2023

Constant Contact, a digital marketing and automation platform that has helped millions of small businesses and nonprofits globally, today announced Renée Chaplin as its new vice president of Asia Pacific (APAC). Chaplin will lead Constant Contact's growth in the APAC region and scale its operations. Based in Constant Contact's APAC headquarters in Brisbane, Chaplin brings over 20 years of experience growing B2B brands, from Australian startups to multinational SaaS organisations. She will help drive broader awareness and adoption of Constant Contact's digital marketing platform and deliver value to customers in the region. This strategic hire represents Constant Contact's continued investment into growing its presence in Australia following the acquisition of Vision6 in 2022. International presence is a key objective for Constant Contact, and Australia is a major technology hub in the world's fastest-growing region, said Frank Vella, CEO at Constant Contact. "We've invested in APAC through our acquisition of Vision6, and we see an opportunity to build on that momentum to deliver even more value to our global customers and partners. I am confident that Renée's experience and local presence will help accelerate our efforts in APAC and make an immediate impact on our business objectives within the region." "Constant Contact is well known globally for being a pioneer of digital marketing innovation in the small business space, and the company's recent advancements in AI and marketing automation make this an exciting time to join the organisation," said Chaplin. "Our Vision6 product is already Australia's most reliable email marketing and SMS platform with sovereign onshore data storage and local customer support. I look forward to growing Constant Contact's APAC business and helping our customers and agency partners achieve their goals." About Constant Contact Constant Contact delivers everything small businesses and nonprofits need to build, grow and succeed. With powerful online marketing tools, contact management and sales features, and innovative AI capabilities, Constant Contact makes it easy to attract the right people, engage more customers, close more deals and grow.

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Demandbase Unveils Most Robust Multi-Language Intent Solution for B2B

Demandbase | September 11, 2023

Demandbase launched a cutting-edge multi-language intent solution that supports more than 130 languages, including non-Latin alphabets. The company already processes more than one trillion English intent signals per month, and the inclusion of non-English intent signals represents hundreds of billions of additional signals available to customers. Using sophisticated natural language processing (NLP), this innovation enables B2B organizations to collect accurate intent signals from global markets, thus accelerating revenue generation and sales alignment. Demandbase, a prominent Smarter go-to-market (GMT) company that leverages AI to assist B2B organizations in hitting their revenue goals has announced the introduction of an innovative multi-language intent solution. Utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP), this ground-breaking solution supports 133 languages, including alphabets other than Latin. It enables B2B organizations to collect precise intent signals from global markets, thereby accelerating revenue generation and improving sales alignment. Given that 46.1% of internet content is written in a language other than English, this substantially expands the company's intent offering. As the very first provider to offer non-English intent in such an extensive list of languages, Demandbase assists customers in identifying authentic buying signals from their target market, wherever their target market is in the world. With a non-English focus, Demandbase supports the most extensively used online languages around the world, including Arabic, French, Danish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Norwegian, and Swedish, among others. This solution offers multibyte assistance, which allows it to understand non-Latin characters. In addition, it utilizes natural language processing, which means it understands context and relevance, allowing the platform to not only assess one intent behavior over another but also reduce false positives while maximizing accuracy. Marcelo Lima, Brand Marketing Coordinator at Comau do Brasil, said, We are thrilled that Demandbase is now providing multi-language intent because we have seen how powerful Demandbase intent is in our English-speaking markets. Now we can tap into the significant Italian search volume and web traffic we have been seeing, and our marketing manager in Brazil will be over the moon to have Portuguese available. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Demandbase already processes more than one trillion English intent signals per month, and the inclusion of non-English intent implies hundreds of billions of additional signals available to customers. This means the company can now act as a worldwide intent data supplier for its customers, leveraging its roughly 550,000 English and non-English keywords to stimulate more efficient and personalized sales and marketing actions across global markets. Also, the Demandbase Piper B2B DSP will entirely utilize non-English intent. This will substantially boost the impressions of intent-based advertising that can be served in international markets. This makes all Demandbase campaigns even more targeted toward purchasing groups and ensures that digital marketers all over the world will reap the benefits of increased advertising effectiveness. Brewster Stanislaw, Chief Product Officer at Demandbase, mentioned, We have listened to our increasing international customer base and have delivered an incredible addition to our global Account Intelligence. This means that our customers can now target as accurately in non-English-speaking markets as they have been accustomed to in English-speaking markets, making their marketing and sales decisions more effective and accurate. It also means less waste in GMT efforts, increasing efficiency in budget, time, and resources. [Source – Cision PR Newswire]

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Highspot Launches Highspot Copilot for Sales Enablement

PR Newswire | October 23, 2023

Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases sales productivity, today announced its Fall '23 release, delivering Highspot Copilot, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant that accelerates companies' ability to equip, train, coach, and analyze revenue teams' execution. These new capabilities come as adoption of Highspot continues to accelerate worldwide, with the platform connecting more than 15 million users in the past 12 months. Businesses worldwide are prioritizing sales productivity, driving investment in sales enablement. According to research from Gartner® "The sales enablement subsegment grew strongly once more, rising 35.7% in 2022, after growth of 19.7% in 2021" (Market Share Analysis: CRM Sales Software, Worldwide, 2022, Oct. 2023. Gartner is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.) Highspot is accelerating the adoption of sales enablement technology by offering new generative AI and analytics capabilities, as well as expanded technology integrations that give customers a unified platform for defining, executing and measuring their strategic growth initiatives. Ease of use, governance and high adoption rates are key reasons why companies including Baker Tilly, Deluxe, Qualtrics, Ritchie Bros., and more have switched to Highspot. Sales productivity is a consistent board room topic but until now, sales enablement often hasn't been, said Robert Wahbe, CEO, Highspot. Today, that changes. Highspot Copilot injects powerful and easy-to-use generative AI capabilities into our unified platform, which, when combined with new analytical depth on leading indicators of success, empowers enablement teams to turn go-to-market strategy into revenue outcomes. Highspot Copilot turbocharges velocity and impact of enablement programs Generative AI is poised to take sales enablement to a new frontier of efficiency and impact in consistently turning businesses' growth initiatives into revenue performance. Highspot Copilot is a digital assistant that will help salespeople, marketers and enablement practitioners to: Automate:Generate accurate content descriptions, meeting summaries and action items, and much more in just seconds. Advise:Easily assess seller skills, delivery and readiness at scale with analysis of real-world sales meetings. Co-Create:Deliver personalized emails, digital room experiences and tailored meeting preparation documents with a single button click. Answer Anything:Leverage instant answers to questions in natural language based on your Highspot content. Initiative Scorecard drives growth initiative success by analyzing leading indicators in unified view Strategic growth initiatives – from launching new products to entering new markets – have historically been measured by lagging indicators, such as pipeline conversion and win-rates, which limits success and hinders agility. Highspot's new Initiative Scorecard shares the leading indicators of success for revenue teams, helping companies analyze the impact of enablement programs. This technology breakthrough unlocks new insight into how an initiative is performing to drive effective C-level strategy. Highspot's recently released Meeting Intelligence capability – which works with Gong, Microsoft Teams and Zoom – delivers meeting transcriptions, rubrics, summaries and more, and provides a key data source for the Initiative Scorecard to show how the initiatives perform in buyer conversations. Expanded Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration Highspot is delivering many new capabilities that improve its existing Dynamics 365 integration, including Engagement Genomics – AI-driven inferencing that automatically relates sellers' shared content to the appropriate accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities in Dynamics 365, delivering a complete picture of influenced revenue for content, plays and initiatives. In addition to bringing the entire breadth of Highspot's platform to Dynamics 365 users, the company is also expanding integrations across the broader Microsoft ecosystem, from Microsoft Teams to the Azure OpenAI Service.

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