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Full Circle Insights Partners with Bombora to Help ABM Users

Help ABM Users

On January 24, 2023, Full Circle Insights, a provider of marketing and sales performance evaluation solutions that enable B2B marketers to enhance their marketing mix and generate more revenue, and Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data solutions, announced an integration that enables Full Circle ABM users to utilize the power of intent data to detect and track accounts from the identified stage of account activation to closed-won deals.

The integration with Bombora enables B2B marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of their ABM strategy inside the CRM, which acts as a single source of truth for data. In addition, this fosters tighter cooperation on account targeting, which is essential for B2B success.

The Company Surge® Intent data from Bombora tells customers which companies are studying the products and services they and their rivals provide. It employs data from the largest coalition of B2B publisher websites and a sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to detect the context of the content instead of merely scraping keywords.

Full Circle Insights uniquely records, saves, and utilizes the historical data directly inside Salesforce. This allows B2B marketers to compare ABM funnel information from different time periods, spot patterns, and optimize marketing expenditures. Additionally, users can track the buyer's journey from the first website click to the final sale.

About Bombora

Bombora is the premier provider of B2B marketing and sales intent data. Its data unify marketing and sales teams, allowing them to make decisions based on the information of which organizations are actively studying what products and the intensity of their investigation. As a result, marketers can use this data to drive more qualified demand through the sales funnel, while sales teams can prioritize accounts more effectively and have higher-quality conversions. This data comes from the first cooperative of over 5,000 premium B2B media providers. Members provide content consumption and audience behavior data aggregated into more than 10,000 Intent topics.

About Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights offers solutions for marketing performance management. It provides sales and marketing performance management tools to improve a business's marketing mix and increase revenue. In addition, the company offers multi-touch attribution, full-funnel data, and technology for lead management. Full Circle Insights' products are 100% built on the Salesforce Platform and complement major marketing automation solutions. The company was founded by former Salesforce executives, CRM implementation veterans, and marketing automation professionals with extensive experience establishing marketing measurement foundations for revenue growth.



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