ACCOUNT-BASED DATA Raises $40M to Create the First Automated Operating System for B2B Marketing

Metadata | March 03, 2022

On March 1, announced a $40 million Series B funding round led by Resolute Ventures and Next47. Several other SaaS founders and CEOs also participated in the round.

This new capital investment will allow Metadata to develop a new software category as it triples its growth and expands its platform capabilities to become the first optimal operating system for B2B marketers.

Today, B2B marketers have to endure technical, repetitive, and mundane tasks while running paid campaigns. With the help of AI and machine learning, Metadata aims to free B2B marketers from these tasks to allocate their time to strategy, experimentations, and creativity.

Metadata automates tasks, optimizes campaigns to revenue, and scales their performances before needing more resources.

“In 2021, the Metadata platform executed nearly $50 million of digital spend for over 150 customers across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Quora, and Display, resulting in over $130 million in marketing-sourced pipeline and over $2 billion of influenced pipeline,” said Gil Allouche, Metadata CEO.

Metadata has grown tremendously fast.
  • In 2016, Metadata raised $2 million in seed funding
  • In 2020, Metadata raised $6.5 million in Series A funding
  • 711% YoY growth in the past 24 months
  • Added over 110 new customers in the last 12 months
  • Was awarded five patents for its technology and database of 1.5 billion business profiles categorized by technographic, firmographic, and buyer intent signals
  • Attracted nearly 2,000 live attendees and over 4,000 registrants to its first annual DEMAND conference
  • Has been named a leader in customer satisfaction and “time to ROI” by LinkedIn and G2. Has received the highest G2 satisfaction scores of any of its category competitors, with 99% of users rating Metadata at 4 or 5 stars, and 92% saying they would recommend Metadata to other B2B marketers.

“In 2021, the Metadata platform executed nearly $50 million of digital spend for over 150 customers across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Quora, and Display, resulting in over $130 million in marketing-sourced pipeline and over $2 billion of influenced pipeline,” said Gil Allouche, Metadata CEO. “No other technology was able to provide this amount of efficiency for B2B marketers. This funding validates the market demand for our technology and will help us develop this technology further.”

Matthew Cowan, General Partner at Next47, thinks that Metadata’s loyal customer base indicates success in the future. “When speaking with dozens of Metadata customers, it was clear that Metadata is a vital part of their operations. Metadata’s commitment to their customers is evident in their growth and the tangible results they’ve provided B2B marketers,” said Cowan. “Their vision of building the first operating system for B2B marketing is exactly what this industry needs. As we were looking to make investments in truly disruptive marketing technologies, Metadata's vision, combined with their current performance, and future trajectory, is what compelled us to lead this round of funding with them.”

Raanan Bar-Cohen, founding partner at Resolute Ventures, who led Metadata’s Series A round, has already witnessed Metadata’s impact on its customers.

“We’re not surprised by Metadata’s consistent ‘up and to the right’ trajectory,” said Bar-Cohen. “Gil and his team have shown a commitment to technology innovation and customer obsession, in a space that is busy with undifferentiated tech. Metadata has a true passion for making life easier for B2B marketers and has a track record of delivering capabilities that truly reduce the task load on B2B marketers while maximizing marketing performance – and that dedication is what will continue to allow their team to define their category as a new kind of operating system for B2B marketers.”

Companies like Mana Ventures, Gaingels, and over 30 other prominent SaaS leaders, including Erik Matlick (CEO, Bombora), Mark Organ (Founder/Eloqua), Gary Nakamura (CEO/Firstup), Megan Yen (Head of Operations/Ramp), Brian Cooper (VP Demand/Juniper) and many others participated in the latest round.


You’re hearing a lot about customer experience (CX) lately. You’ve probably heard that CX is an important factor — perhaps the most important factor — that separates you from your competitors. But do you really believe it? Has your business prioritized it? And are you delivering a good customer experience right now? Bold360 team


You’re hearing a lot about customer experience (CX) lately. You’ve probably heard that CX is an important factor — perhaps the most important factor — that separates you from your competitors. But do you really believe it? Has your business prioritized it? And are you delivering a good customer experience right now? Bold360 team

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Outreach expands its leadership team with the appointment of Melton Littlepage as Chief Marketing Officer

Outreach | August 04, 2021

Outreach, the fastest-growing provider of sales analytics and engagement platforms, announced today the appointment of Melton Littlepage as chief marketing officer. Littlepage now manages the worldwide marketing strategy team, which includes product, brand, demand generation, communications, and technology alliances, in order to push business and extend Outreach's category leadership. Littlepage is a seasoned software marketing manager with a solid track record of driving business SaaS growth through innovation, creativity, and growth acceleration. He comes to Outreach from Tenable, where he was the marketing director for one of the most respected and creative cybersecurity firms. Littlepage previously worked as the senior vice president of marketing at New Relic and as the chief marketing officer of Schoology, the edtech pioneer acquired by PowerSchool. Prior to that, he spent more than a decade in a series of marketing leadership roles at Concur, a multibillion-dollar B2B SaaS company. Littlepage is an experienced software marketing manager with a proven track record of accelerating business SaaS innovation and growth, creativity, & growth acceleration. He joins Outreach from Tenable, where he was the director of marketing for one of the most reputable and innovative cybersecurity companies. Littlepage previously served as New Relic's senior vice president of marketing and as the chief marketing officer at Schoology, an edtech pioneer purchased by PowerSchool. Prior to that, he spent over a decade in marketing leadership positions at Concur, a multibillion-dollar B2B SaaS corporation. "Outreach is quickly becoming the indispensible platform for revenue creators, increasing efficiency, predictability, and growth," stated Manny Medina, founder and CEO of Outreach. "Melton is the creative strategist Outreach has been seeking for as we continue our digital transformation, growth, and domination in the sales engagement and intelligence area. He has already had an immediate impact, and we are delighted to have him on board." "Outreach offers real-time intelligence and automation to sales workflows, guiding teams on how to act in the moment to boost performance," Littlepage explained. "There is no greater gratification for a marketer than assisting sales teams in discovering what is genuinely working to drive their growth and stopping spending time on possibilities that will never close." Outreach recently welcomed Stefan Schulz to its Board of Directors, an accomplished financial expert with a strong track record of leading public software firms. Schulz will also serve as chairman of the Audit Committee. "Stefan is an important strategic addition to our board," Medina said. "His extensive experience leading successful public software companies, as well as his knowledge of how they plan, manage, and execute, will be helpful as Outreach enters its next chapter of expansion." Schulz is a finance executive with over 30 years of expertise. He is presently the CFO and Executive Vice President of PROS Holdings (NYSE: PRO), a leading provider of AI-powered SaaS solutions that optimise shopping and selling experiences. Schulz previously served as CFO of two additional publicly traded enterprise software firms: Digital River, a global provider of commerce-as-a-service solutions, and Lawson Software, a global enterprise resource planning software company. Prior to joining Lawson Software, Schulz worked at BMC Software at a period of rapid expansion and at Arthur Andersen, a public accounting firm. Schulz holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Lamar University. "Overall, Outreach has expanded at a remarkable rate in the last year because it provides solutions with measurable, concrete value and prioritises its customers," Schulz added. "True enterprise-grade software has the remarkable capacity to compound success across huge, geographically dispersed teams, and Outreach does just that. I am excited to join the Outreach board of directors and look forward to working with the firm to help it grow globally." About Outreach Outreach is the world's largest and fastest-growing provider of sales intelligence and engagement platforms, assisting businesses in substantially increasing productivity and driving better, more intelligent contact with their customers. Outreach is the sole provider of a system that combines sales interaction, conversation intelligence, and revenue insight into a single platform. Outreach was the only sales engagement and intelligence platform to be named to the Forbes Cloud 100, as well as the fastest-growing vendor in the sector on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500. More than 4,800 companies rely on Outreach's enterprise-scale, unrivalled customer adoption, and robust AI-powered innovation, including Adobe, Tableau, Okta, Splunk, DocuSign, and SAP. Outreach is a privately held corporation headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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Metadata.Io Account-Based Advertising Was Named A Leader In The G2 Summer 2021 Grid Report

Metadata | July 14, 2021, the first demand generation platform for B2B marketers, today revealed its position as the top in the latest G2 Summer 2021 Account Based Advertising Grid Report. G2 consumers evaluate products in the Leader quadrant highly, and they have a significant Market Presence based on market share, seller size, and social effect. Metadata has regularly ranked high in G2 Reports over the last three years. The scores are based on actual customer input and cover the following factors: time to ROI, how well it satisfies criteria, user adoption, and likely to suggest. Metadata regularly has the best satisfaction ratings throughout the whole competitive field, with 99 percent of customers rating it 4 or 5 stars and 92 percent saying they would suggest to other B2B marketers. In addition, is a market leader in Lead Intelligence, Marketing Account Intelligence, Account-Based Analytics, and Account-Based Orchestration Platforms. “ Our #1 priority at Metadata is to client happiness, and our success is mirrored in our devoted customers,” stated Gil Allouche, CEO and creator of Metadata. “A customer's word will always carry more weight than how an industry analyst ranks you. G2 allows enterprises to be showcased directly from the mouths of their consumers. It is a wonderful honour to receive such nice feedback and recognition on a regular basis.” “Metadata is gaining traction as the #1 product in many G2 Summer 2021 Index Reports across Account-Based Advertising and Account-Based Orchestration,” stated Emily Malis, Market Research Manager at G2. “Metadata has also been recognised as a Leader in many ABM Summer 2021 Grid Reports, including Account-Based Advertising, Account-Based Analytics, and Marketing Account Intelligence. This verifies how consumers use its features completely as part of their account-based strategy. G2's reports are powered by the real voice of the consumer, and Metadata's reviews continue to get above-average customer response. There are new and inventive methods to perform account-based marketing, and Metadata is leading the way in tying B2B marketers to revenue.” B2B marketers utilise Metadata to execute large-scale sponsored marketing tests. Metadata's demand generation platform automates campaign launch, identifies the most effective trials, and self-optimizes based on what generates pipeline and revenue. Revenue marketers at Zoom, Okta, and ThoughtSpot have seen up to 4.5X ROI in as little as 90 days using Metadata. The G2 Grid is based on actual, unbiased user evaluations and algorithmically ranks platforms based on product reviews provided by G2 Crowd members and data gathered from internet sources and social networks. The G2 Crowd rating considers numerous criteria that purchasers should evaluate, such as product characteristics, vendor market presence, customer contentment, G2 Net Promoter Score®, and the quality and age of reviews. In both studies, vendors are evaluated based on customer satisfaction and market presence. About Metadata: Metadata is the first demand generation tool that runs sponsored marketing trials and self-optimizes to revenue. Metadata uses AI and machine learning to assist B2B marketers automate the repetitive and time-consuming elements of running sponsored campaigns, allowing them to spend more time on strategy, targeting, and creative. B2B marketers at Zoom, Okta, and ThoughtSpot rely on Metadata to get closer to revenue.

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LeadAngel releases Real-time API Based B2B router with Account Matching

LeadAngel | December 06, 2021

LeadAngel announces the release of its real-time, API based B2B router, where leads can be routed by invoking an API call on various factors such as pipeline stages, sales territory, lead to account matching, target account list in CRM or outside CRM. With LeadAngel’s API based B2B lead routing, businesses can engage in real-time lead routing and scheduling, with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Check out LeadAngel’s official website for more information.. Tech savvy B2B Enterprises are increasing adopting technology for sales and marketing. As Marketing Automation and CRM tools continue to improve, so are marketing and sales business strategies. There has been a very visible shift from batch and blast marketing to more targeted, context based marketing and sales. LeadAngel’s API based routing works with various CRM and Marketing Automation systems such as Salesforce, Marketo & Pardot. With real time routing, customers can now route lead in real time, as soon as prospect submits the contact-us form, and show the relevant sales person’s calendar for immediate meeting booking/scheduling. LeadAngel’s API based routing can integrates with any 3rd party forms and CRM. It acts as liaison between these two systems to help create real time routing (including account based routing) such as Round Robin Lead Assignment Account Ownership based routing Named or strategic account based routing Historical Assignment and Affinity based routing. Things like ability to route prospect, and provide them tools to setup a meeting could have huge impact on company’s growth and topline. About LeadAngel LeadAngel is a Sunnyvale, a CA-based company offering services in Lead Routing, Marketing Segmentation, and Lead to account matching. We use a set of complex rules, dictionary and machine learning to deliver business results. Our products are integrated with major marketing automation systems and CRM, as well as designed to work standalone using web services for custom use cases. We offer free demos of our premium product as well as 15 day free trials. Please reach out to with any questions.

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